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Walton Comprehensive High School
1590 Bill Murdock Rd
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 578-3225
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charter | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
Judith McNeill2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/10/2011otherIf you want your kids to be the best of the best send them to Walton. If you want your children to be Mediocre, any other Cobb school should do the trick.
11/2/2011parentIf I had it to do over again, I would not have sent my son to Walton. Walton is a good school for a lot of really, really smart and motivated kids, and their music programs are world-class. However, my son is highly intelligent but not self-motivated, with a learning disability(dyslexia), and this school has done absolutely nothing to help. Many teachers, staff, and especially the guidance counselors are condescending and outright rude to the students and sometimes parents. As others have said, some of the teachers are wonderful, but unfortunately they are overshadowed by a pervasive atmosphere of superiority and disdain for average kids. I personally observed a staff member berating a student in front of others - it made me very uncomfortable. My son's 2.5 GPA, which puts him in the bottom 10% of the class, would be a 3.0 somewhere else in the middle of the class, negatively impacting his college opportunities. If your kid is a superstar and you don't care how much pressure they're under, and you accept the suicide statistics, then go for it. But If your child falls in the middle, I advise sending them to another highly-rated yet more accepting school nearby.
5/20/2011otherI graduated from Walton and recently from UGA. Academically, the school is very good and prepares you well for higher education. However, if you are not smart enough for all AP and honors courses, your student will be taught by coaches and not be sufficiently prepared. The biggest problem with Walton is its lack of diversity and heavy drug culture among many of its students(Rich kids have money to buy drugs). Overall, I wished my parents had not saught out living in East Cobb to attend Walton and live in its cookie cutter bubble.
2/6/2011parentI'm a student at Walton and I love it. I'm in the band, many clubs, AP classes, etc. and there aren't too many bad things to say. The only problems are: some really bad science, math, and language teachers (but some are amazing, it's just which you end up with) and getting overstressed with 8-9 AP's a year. It's tough, but a lot of students go onto Ivy league schools.
10/12/2010parentIt is a great school for academics. There is a lot of school spirit!!
4/22/2010studentI am a senior here and I love it here! I will admit that this is not an easy school and isn't a great choice for slackers - good grades are not exactly handed out on a silver platter here so be prepared to work hard. But, my academic and extracurricular experiences have been phenomenal and as a result, I've developed a good sense of how to prioritize and meet several deadlines simultaneously. I will be attending Duke in the fall and firmly believe that the life skills and knowledge that I've picked up at Walton will prepare me well for college and the rest of my life.
3/4/2010parentWe moved into the Walton school district from Cherokee county last year so our children could attend this school. We have lived in the metro area for a long time so I wanted to share my perspective. In my opinion, what sets this school apart from others in the area is the expectations and vision of the school staff, the parents, and the students themselves. When we visited the school, we found that the school benchmarked itself against the best schools across the nation in determining curriculum and school priorities, which no other school did. The caliber of students and their accomplishments was also extremely impressive, with numerous sports titles, academic awards and kids that seemed to be all around well balanced and motivated. The college matriculation data feels like it comes straight out of a private school and sealed the deal for us.
1/9/2010parentAs a parent of WHS senior, I can say my son has had a great experience during his time here. Prior to moving to this district a few years ago, my son had been in private school his entire life so despite the school's solid reputation, we were still concerned if the school would be challenging enough for him. Very quickly we found that our biggest worry was actually if our son could handle his challenging courses and lacrosse schedule! To say this school has been rigorous would be an understatement but my son's hard work recently paid off in an early acceptance to an Ivy. As parents, we are grateful for the work ethic Walton has instilled in our son and would recommend this school to other parents like us who have high expectations for their children.
11/15/2009parentI had two children graduate from WHS and one there now. My daughter that graduated from UGA with honors, told me that WHS prepared her as well or better than some of her friends who attended the expensive Buckhead private schools! The parental involvement is extremely important and a big reason for the student success. The faculty is the other reason. There's no doubt why this is the premier school in the state and why our property values have risen even in this recession. Everyone wants to go to WHS...for good reason.
9/25/2009studentI graduated from Walton two years ago and am attending college in California right now. From my experience, in order to understand Walton you have to understand the community it serves. This is an area filled with lawyers, doctors, CEOs, etc. and their high expectations for their own children are reflected in the school's academic and athletic accomplishments. As several posters have already pointed out, there were no shortage of people aiming for (and gaining entrance into( Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, etc. (myself included) during my four years there. Not surprisingly, this school has been cited by Time, U.S. News, Newsweek, and Atlanta magazine for its high parental involvement as well as highly intense student body. Of course, this intensity can also have its downside - too many students over stress themselves by trying to be 'perfect' in everything they are involved in (whether AP classes, sports, clubs, community service, etc.)
8/30/2009studentThis is a great school. This is my first year here, and I'm a sophmore. I love it. Pros: Great teachers, WEB days, not extremely cliquish, very rigorous Cons: Too many bratty kids, too many kids: over 2,000??
8/26/2009parentMy son just started Walton as a freshman after attending private school in Buckhead for the past three years. From what I've seen so far, I am INCREDIBLY impressed with the academic environment in Walton. His classmates/new friends are all high-achieving and many would like to go to Ivy League type universities. While each child is different, I can vouch that any parent with highly ambitious children will feel right at home in this district.
4/14/2009teacherWalton is wonderful. I am proud to be a Walton Raider! I've grown up in East Cobb all my life, and never have I felt such school spirit, or the determination to succeed until I entered Walton. I love it.
12/22/2008studentI am a senior at Walton, and have attended there since my freshman year. I'm not going to say it's easy because it isn't. Walton's tough, but excellent nonetheless. Your child will be extremely prepared for college upon graduation. However, one con would be the impact the reputation has on some students. Being that it's a very tough school, and that the top 15% of the class all have 4.0's, it is very easy to let yourself believe that you aren't as good of a student as others because of your GPA or SAT score. The main advise I give to that is not to worry, and to do your personal best. Many colleges in the southeast know Walton's reputation and understand that a student can have a 3.5 and have worked just as hard as other students from other schools with 4.0's.
11/19/2008studentPros: not extremely cliquish, rigorous curriculum, many students are driven and dedicated, heavy emphasis on college prep Cons: large and impersonal, too much competition, large portion of spoiled, bratty ric teenagers
8/13/2008studentMost reviewer seem to have a problem with the state curriculum and not the school itself. I have been to many schools in the US and this was by far the hardest, best, friendliest, and all together great school have ever been to. This is not a school for parents who want their kids to be 'coddled' by the teachers. This is a hard school that prepares students for any type of college. If students have a hard time here they are not ready for the challenges of a top ranking college.
6/24/2008parentMy son graduated from Walton a few years ago and will graduate from a top university this year. He will be applying to law school later this year. As his mother, I was/am a bit surprised at how my son was able to succeed in such a rigorous environment where half the students attended private school - I remember being worried sick his first year in college over how well he might adjust. Indeed, like some other parents here, I had some concerns about the competitive nature of Walton a few years ago when I noticed my school falling asleep while doing his homework. In hindsight, while I do agree the workload at times at Walton is a bit excessive, I am grateful that Walton prepared my son for the real world, where the ability to work well under pressure is a must.
2/20/2008parentA very good school for students who respond well to pressure to perform academically. A map outside the guidance office pinpoints where Walton grads end up...Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford are not uncommon. Kids less academically inclined can easily fall through the cracks.
11/12/2007parentWalton is a college prep school, and it's probably not the best choice if your child needs a gentle, nurturing school that's geared to individual attention. Walton is an established institution that cranks out students who can succeed in large, prestigious colleges. Walton is a highly competitive school, with students who are backed by high-achieving parents. Be warned, your child will need to have above a 4.0 GPA to be in the top 10 percent at Walton, and a 3.5 graduating GPA is about average. My oldest son, a top 10% Walton grad, took 12 AP classes and was well-prepared for Ga Tech. He says that some of the Ga Tech classes are easier than Walton's AP classes! Our math/science oriented son enjoyed the teachers in the honors/AP classes. Walton offers Multivariable Calculus after AP Calc BC, and over thirty AP classes, which is rare for public high schools.
10/17/2007studentI went there and absolutely loved it. the teachers challenged us and that was incredible. the extracurricular activities are just as outstanding as the academincs. I would highly recommend sending your child here.
10/10/2007studentI went there and wouldn't recommends it at all. Teachers were way too hard and made things way too complicated. I graduated with a 2.5 went to college after graduation and started out with a 3.5 and 3 years later still have a 3.5 gpa so if is easier for me to do better in college than I did in this high school it tells you something.
10/8/2007parentIf your child needs a little extra help, you can forget it. We have four kids, been in some of the best public school system in the country. Walton has the potential to be great for every student. But, they are only great for those who 'get it' very easily. Our child had been a mostly 'a' with a few 'b's' student through middle school at Dickerson. Had some trouble adjusting to the pace and needed some extra attention at Walton her freshman year and did not get it. Moved her to a private school her Sophomore year and she is doing great. Also, homework is out of control! Spoke to the Principal about it. He was very nice but nothing has changed. Teachers need to do their job in class and stop sending the kids home to be taught by tutors and parents for 3-4 hrs/night.
9/23/2007parentthis is one of the best school i could of put my childrn in. they love going and i ovve how much they are learning. Walton is a wonderful school.
7/14/2007parentThe following statement made by a former parent is right on target. 'The former Principal was one of the best in the country. His legacy has been sabotaged by the present administration. I had a child with difficulties that graduated in 1999 and Walton and its Principal made sure he succeeded. I now have an above average child that is falling through the cracks because the administration refuses to listen to me. A great school has fallen on hard times.' As a former parent, I have had a similar experience. I had one child graduate in 1994 and one in 2005. Both of them did exceptionally well but the second one would not have been successful without the help of the Associate Principal. This lady is the reason that Walton High School has achieved recognition but she gets absolutely none. What a travesty!
6/29/2007parentA child with ADD will slip through the cracks at Walton. They may be a great school if you have no problems with your child but if they have special needs I think you should think twice about sending them to Walton. We had a child tested professionally and we still had trouble with Walton even though I tried to stay on top of things.
6/20/2007parentA terrific school with loads of school spirit! Academically, can be as challenging as you could ever need. The math department is the weakness of the school. Extra-curricular activities are many!
6/4/2007parentWalton is a great school, coming from many other schools around the country none compare to this fine establishment. Future leaders are being produced at this school. Peer pressue is to succeed!
5/14/2007parentThis is a top notch school and many families are trying to move into East Cobb just to get their kids into it. Many future doctors and lawyers, etc. are being taught here. The only complaint I have is with the drop off situation in the mornings. When the school was renovated it would have been great if the loop was designed in such a way as to not have to exit at a three way stop sign that jams up every morning. Perhaps a traffic cop or crossing guard would help. All in all a A-1 school and we couldnt be happier!
2/12/2007parentBest public high school in Georgia, evidently. Excellent academics including AP and honors courses (why we moved here), lots of opportunities, including music and extra-curricular, lots of parental support for orchestra, band, athletics, clubs, etc. behind the scenes. Parents also welcomed to volunteer in media center, distributing textbooks, helping at events and performances. Can't figure out why this school only requires one semester of P.E. in four years tho; that seems just wrong. Tho the student population is vast, things seem well-run overall. The new facility improvements are great. Too much obscenity and acting out in the hallways on the part of some students tho. But most of the teachers so far seem very professional, focused, and devoted. I would like to see more classic literature assigned, less trendy, ephemeral modern stuff.
12/2/2006parentI think the school is great! They offer something for everyone. The band, football, soccor, baseball and lacrosse are wonderful. Academically they can't be beat. Although I do think the math dept. could use a little help. They expect the kids teach theirselves math. If your child loves math-they could lose interest.
10/2/2006studentThis is a great school. I am a student there in 11th and have been there since 9th grade. They really care about you as an individual and make sure that they help you pave the way to a succesful life.
4/16/2006former studentAs a former student, all i can say is they don't prepare kids for real life. They force the students to follow rules, not learn to make good decisions for themselves. Kids may have problems in college when they are on their own, and out of the authorities grasp. They do little to motivate, only punish for poor acedemic performance.
4/5/2006studentWalton High School is a great school. The academic environment here is great, and so are the extracurricular activities. However, certain departments, like the math and the science departments, need to train some of the teachers well to be better able to teach students so as to make them better understand the materials. I like the rules and regulations here, too. Though a bit strict, they provide great safety and discipline to our students. This does have a significant effect on fostering learning.
3/14/2006parentI am thrilled with the education my daughter is getting at Walton. The courses are tough, but she is taking all honors or AP classes. This is a challenge, but she gets help when she needs it and she uses the special WEB days to get one-on-one help. Grades and comments are available on-line to parents all the time and the counselors are good. The Science and Social Studies and Foreign Language departments are great. Math is a little dry, but my daughter is now in Multivariable Calculus which is a course beyond AP levels. My son is taking pre-engineering and loves it. My other son is involved in football and works hard to keep his grades up. I would recommend looking into coming to this district if you are moving into Cobb County. There is plenty of room for parents to become involved in the school, you need to!
2/24/2006former studentWonderful! Parents and teachers are great. I love the extracurricular programs. My child loves going to this school!
2/7/2006former studentThe student body at this school is composed of teenagers who are highly motivated to learn and achieve high standards in academics. The administration still treats the students as though they are immature and in need of babysitting. As a former student I found that the administration did very little to assist the students in the learning process and even often times hindered student's creativity and learning. This high school provides a challenging curriculum which is almost unmatched by the large majority of schools in the nation. It is a privilege to attend such a great school and to have these types of opportunities available.
1/31/2006former studentThis is a great school in desirable East Cobb County named one of the best schools in the entire country. Walton consistently scores in the top 5% of Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties in SAT scores. This school also has state level ranked music programs and championship sports teams. Parents are very involved with their students here and teachers are top notch as well.
1/9/2006studentOk. First of all I'd like to say Walton is an excellent school. The teachers are great and the academic atmosphere is very competetive. However, there are also a few things Walton needs to improve one such as creativity and listening to the students' questions. The English department at Walton is well educated but very dull and uninteresting. They do not see that all students area equal; instead, once they dislike a student, they continue to do so no matter how hard the student tries.
12/18/2005parentA good school overall. Excellent college preperation. My daughter liked it mostly but felt like she was just another number because she was and average student she did not get the attention she felt she needed to be a good student. The schools is not overly excited about parental involvement. Liked parents to just help out behind the scenes.
11/15/2005parentWalton serves only their high academic achievers in order to keep their standing in GA high. The 20% of the students who are not high achievers slip through the cracks. The math teachers are driven strictly by curriculum requirements, not what the students need. The English teachers are totally lacking in creativity and help very little in developing students' appreciation of their language and literature. If there is a problem, the administrative response boils down to 'We're perfect and will not change, it's up to your child to change to fit our molds.'
10/8/2005former student'I graduated Walton in May of 2005. I moved to the Walton district my Sophomore year and loved going there. Because it was so big, it was hard to make friends at first. But eventually I found my niche and loved it. All of the students and teachers really care about the school and show lots of spirit. There are so many activities its almost impossible to get involved. The acedemics are great and very competitive here. Because Walton is in such a wealthy area, you almost get a feeling of being at a private school. It is nationally recognized as one of Americas top public schools, and it really shows that it is.'
8/5/2005parentMy child goes to Walton. I think students are able to get a good education there if they are self-motivated or their parents are on top of their every move, otherwise, forget it. It's such a big school that students slip through the cracks. The teachers and staff there have NO IDEA if a student even attends class. Students skip and 'hang out' all the time. It is just not a well managed school. If you send your child there, YOU must make sure they get what they need and are doing what they should be doing, which is very hard since you cannot attend school with them.
5/22/2005former studentsimply the BEST high school in GA! graduated may 20th, 2005! we all are hard working people and teachers never give up on their students. the school tries their best to give all the students what they need in order to succeed in high school. i will recommend students to go there!
5/1/2005former studentI graduated from Walton in 2001. I loved my high school experience. I was in Camerata Choir and ran the TV station. I was involved with SGA, Powder Puff, and I was 2nd runner up for Mr. Raider. Walton provided a great atmosphere for me and I made friends that I shall keep for a life time. It is not the school's responsibility to make every student fit in. In a school that has so many cliques, a student is presented with choice. They choose which clique best fits them. The former principle left a great legacy. But many of the great teachers have left Walton and work at other schools in the area. Walton prepared me for college, and although growing up in East Cobb didnt prepare me for the real world, Walton at least prepared me for college. I am a senior at Hampton University in Hampton, VA.
3/24/2005former studentI am a 1995 Walton graduate. I was speaking with a high school friend of mine the other day and we were remembering all of the great things that happened to us at Walton. We really enjoyed our education there and had fun while learning. It is all in the choices that students make. The teachers were great and the administration was great. Excellent school!
2/19/2005teacherMath is abysmalhere. It's the uglysecret no one speaks about. English is a poor joke - no writing program, no classicliterature.My son had a full Honorsschedule - the material was junk - but there wasalotofit! We pulled out after one semster and they didn't even know we were gone! Education doesn't happen here; training does. If you want to play a part in your teen's education, forget it. You cannot arrange a meeting with a teacher. Buy a home in this district for the resale value only. School spirit covers most of the flaws, but an independent thinker will hate it here. Walton is not set up to support the truly gifted, or the very weak for that matter. Educate your kids yourself or live cheaply and find a great private school. Those heading to the all-inclusive UGA will do fine; Hillsdale, e.g., hopefuls will founder.
12/2/2004studentI never attended Walton, but I had to compete with the students there when I was in high school through various extra-curricular activities. They were the best and the brightest in everything- I hope to put my children through a school like Walton. Kids from area high schools know about the Walton kids, and they are viewed as academically beyond their peers.
11/20/2004studentGreat School. Wonderful Athletics and education is top notch.
9/30/2004parentI agree with the previous review. Walton is a great school for self motivated children. However the size alone causes many students to be overlooked and for those that do not fit into a 'category' it can be very hard. I do not feel that the new principal is at fault. He had to overcome previous faulty priorities. The emphasis on athletics and money I believe hurt the overall climate at the school. I had three children there, one with success, one who struggled and one who I removed and placed in a private school. Their intentions are always good but their follow thru wasn't up to par.
9/7/2004parentWalton is a great school, but is not the right school for every child. Academically, they have a good mix of AP and honors classes for the gifted child. Socially, the school is very clique-oriented. With 2500+ students, you'd think there would be a place for everyone, but some kids have problems fitting in. The facilities are in horrible shape; the kids learn in spite of cramped, musty trailers and classrooms. Most of the teachers are enthusiastic about their work; some are truly inspiring. But there are poor teachers, also, particularly in the math department. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get a child out of a bad teacher's class. If yur child is new to Walton, it is important to listen to him/her about the quality of his/her life and education. This school is not for everyone, and a move to a different school can be a life changer.
8/28/2004former studentAdministration at Walton is not what it used to be- it requires a very strong and insisting parent to insure that their student gets decisions made that actually help them (such as getting into important electives, or winning arguments against pushy administrators). The current principal is nowhere near as personable or helpful as his predecessor. Teachers like Mrs. Waters are the forces that keep this school great because they care about each student and about teaching in a manner that the students absorb and retain the material. Walton teachers cannot avoid the shadow of standardized tests that seek programmed test answers from students, but they still manage to lead creative, interesting classes that form a solid foundation of knowledge to support students entering college. I graduated Walton in 2002.
6/16/2004parentSome of Walton's programs are really good, but others are not. For example, the Fine Arts program, the Gifted Programs, and the Foreign Language Department is excellent. The Special Ed. programs need a lot of work, and the Guidence Programs also need much improvement. There are many extracurricular activities at Walton. The inside of Walton is disqusting, and needs so much work. Overall Walton is a good school, but could use some improvement.
3/30/2004former studentWalton High School provided me with an excellent education and preparation for my college experience. The teachers were superb, the counselors were involved and informed, and the classmates were high achievers. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years at Walton, and wouldn't have traded them for anything. I'm now a pre-med major at a small private school in Florida, and I look back at my times at Walton fondly.
10/9/2003parentI have a sophomore daughter who attended a small Christian school (K-8) with 10 students in her 8th grade. She is now in a class with over 600 students and is in all honors or AP classes. Walton exceeds all our expectations for a school! There is a high level of concern for students shown by all faculty and staff and they provide an outstanding quality of education.
8/19/2003former studentWalton is an amazing school with an amazing marching band. Although the school is in quite poor condition, the students and teachers have overcome this and have extremely high standards. I was also involved in 5 different clubs, one of which I was the vice-president of my junior year. The club, UNICEF, raises thousands of dollars in donations each year. Also, I was in the national ranked marching band for my entire high school career and it was a life changing experience for me.
8/18/2003parentBoth of my children have had a great experience at Walton. My son was in the band and my daughter was in the athletic program. The teachers are great and really care about the students. Most kids excel because of the teacher and parent support. This is really a public private school.
8/11/2003former studentI was a student at Walton. This is a horrible school. Save your children and do not send them to this school. I wish I could get back the years I wasted there. The average student falls through the cracks. This school is so bent on being perceived as great it fails to recognize the work needed for greatness.
8/10/2003parentThe former Principal was one of the best in the country. His legacy has been sabotaged by the present administration. I had a child with difficulties that graduated in 1999 and Walton and its Principal made sure he succeeded. I now have an above average child that is falling through the cracks because the administration refuses to listen to me. A great school has fallen on hard times.
8/10/2003former studentThe teachers work well with students. The school could use a lot of work but over all a great school to be at. It is also home of a great marching band.
7/21/2003parentOur son has had a learning disability since 4th grade, he is now a junior. We did live in the Woodstock middle/high school district of Cherokee County and he was doing very poorly. We moved to East Cobb because of the schools....and boy! What a difference. Dodgen was great and Walton helps him every step of the way. The faculty that teaches him daily lets us know where he needs help and improvment. We all work together to help him daily. We love being able to access his grades daily through the internet. We always know if he is keeping his grades up or slipping. It's like a daily report card. Though they have a great special education department it takes the parents participation when there is a learning disability involved.
5/5/2003 I have a student in his Junior Year. He was tested and confimred to have ADD, but has been in GA's gifted program since 2nd grade. I advised the school, but gotten nowhere as far as the 501plan is concerned. They do very well with students who have no problems. Their gifted program and their foreign language department, as well as their Art programs are very poor. Athletics are great. If you have a child that is gifted and has ADD, I would not recommend this school. I did not know this about Walton until I moved into the neighborhood to ensure a good school. Little did I know that all good schools have a down side. This school has failed to help my son.

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