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Wheeler High School
375 Holt Rd NE
Marietta, GA 30068
(770) 578-3266
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public | 9-12
County: Cobb


  School Head OfficialYear
David Chiprany2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012parentWheeler High School has just been named one of 4 schools in the entire state of Georgia, and only the second high school to be awarded STEM status by the Georgia Department of Education, recognizing Wheeler's tremendous focus and effort on preparing students for math, science and technology backgrounds and post secondary success. That along with terrific teachers, a positive school climate and now with all the new buildings, Wheeler is the high school to emulate in the Cobb system. So many students beg to get in but are turned down. Wheeler is the place to be in Cobb.
10/20/2011parentWheeler is one of the best high schools around in cobb county. Of course every school has its ups and downs, but in general wheeler is a great school. Kids are evaluated to the extreme by their instructors, I personally love love love my teachers. They enforce my teammates and I to succeed in everything we are tasked. I enjoyed every semester I spent here at wheeler, and now I'm ready to graduate. I will miss this school dearly.
10/20/2011parentThis school has offered our children an amazing educational opportunity, with strong academic programs that also teach our kids about becoming life learners and contributors to the world around them.
10/20/2011studentAlthough I am in district for Walton High School, I decided to attend the magnet program at Wheeler and I am so glad that I did! The magnet program is a great program because you are still involved with the rest of the school. As a senior this year, there are so many cool activities that I get to share with the entire senior class such as the ice cream truck that was brought in last week to give us all free ice cream! I feel so proud to be graduating from this school! Love it!
10/20/2011parentWheeler is ranked high on many "best high schools" lists and I can certainly see why! They offer a wide variety of programs to the very diverse student body. My child is extremely involved in their band program and journalism class and I could not be more happy with their academics! The teachers are amazing and the guidence office is always helpful!
10/20/2011parentBoth of my children attend Wheeler having come from private schools in Atlanta. The education they are receiving is exceptional thanks to the professional, dedicated teachers and support personnel. Many are there very early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening to assist the students or sponsor clubs. Wheeler's block schedule has allowed them to explore additional interests. Rather than the bubble a private school might offer, Wheeler gives them the opportunity to get to know a diverse group of students.
10/20/2011studentWheeler is a wonderful school for me personaly. As a senior here in wheeler, I can say that the past 3 years spent in Wheeler has been great. I've had the most amazing, dedicated and supportive teachers. They sacrifice alot of their time to help us students into getting alot of our work done. The schools programs and cool activities such as clubs and sports are so fun. I'm so glad and proud to be graduating from Wheeler.
3/4/2011parentMy students love this school. No school is perfect but this one has given them the chance to learn about the whole world through their classmates. So many different nationalities, so many terrific kids.
6/11/2010studentI attend wheeler high School myself, and I would strongly recommend the school. The teachers are excellent, and we just received a new principal that is outstanding. The school is VERY diverse, and the students all different . Yes, there are the usual conflicts, but what school doesn't have these problems. I love Wheeler . Great School. Plus the school will soon be rebuilt. Great School . :)
3/15/2010studentI attend Wheeler High School. I pretty much hate it here, it's dirty, it's ugly, I feel uncomfortable here. There are too many conflicts (fights). It's a place you look foward to leaving. The principal and staff are great! Just..the students are horrible, that brings the whole school down.
12/9/2009parentI would say that Wheeler is an excellent High School. My daughter who is now in her 2nd year of College was well prepared for college. All students have to do a Senior project as part of their grad requirements, by far the best idea that this school could have come up with. They have to actually choose a career and work with a mentor in that field. My daughter wanted to major in Accounting and was paired up with an excellent mentor who gave her a lot of information. She later realized that she loved math, but instead of Accounting have choosen to Major in Chemical Engineering. Without the Senior project she may have choosen the wrong career. This school prepare her on all levels. The parents are very involved on all levels. School spirit, is a WOW! LOVE THIS SCHOOL...
7/29/2009parentI like this school. teachers and counselors are very helpful.
4/17/2009parentOutstanding high school with happy students and a great teaching and adminstrative staff.
2/21/2009parentI rate the magnet program as good as any in the country
1/24/2009parentWe have 2 sons in the special education program at Wheeler and have gotten to know the teachers and school very well. We're totally impressed with the dedication of the teachers and the friendliness of the students. I've never seen a high school like this. While a lot of people in East Cobb favor Walton, they don't know what they're missing at Wheeler.
1/18/2009parentWheeler High School provides qualified teachers and capable and available administrators. Our daughter recieved a top-notch college prep education as a student in the Science Magnet program. The science magnet provides the latest technology in labs and classrooms as well as an accelerated math and science cirrculum including over 6 years of science by the end of high school. The school also does an excellent job providing a quality education for all members of our diversified community.
1/17/2009parentWe chose Wheeler when we moved to Marietta. It has both ethnic and economic diversity as well many excellent teachers and advanced courses. My children were educated in the 'real world' and are grateful that we made the right choice. There is a place for everyone at Wheeler as well as the opportunity and support for success.
1/16/2009parentAverage school at best. I had two children attend Wheeler and was disappointed with the results. The magnet program raises the scores for the school and covers for some of the less visible issues, e.g., increasing transient population. One of my children went the entire four years and did not write one research paper, and the senior project was a joke! If this is a great school in Georgia, no wonder we are ranked at the bottom in the country for education.
1/15/2009teacherI've taught at Wheeler for 20 years and have never failed to love being part of the Wheeler family. There's an abundant of faculty and student pride - - well warranted.
1/9/2009parentExcellent school! It's like getting a private school education at a public school. Caring teachers and staff. Wide array of classes to meet the needs of a diverse population. Great magnet school for math, science and technology. The best in the county.
1/8/2009parentLove this school!!! Great academics, fine arts and athletics and diverse (over 69 ethnicities/languages represented)! Friendly and caring staff and administration! Wouldn't want my child anywhere else!
10/24/2008studentAs stated, a very diverse school. Lots of opportunity. Some courses lack rigor, and most of the teachers are superb.
8/14/2008studentAwesome school, the teachers are really good and I have yet to meet a teacher I did not respect.
6/30/2008parentIncredible school! A super diverse student body with a teaching staff that is top notch and wants every child to be successful! I am proud to be a Wheeler Wildcat!
2/15/2008studentthis is easily the best school i have ever been in in my whole life, i grew up in east cobb but i went to dickerson middle school and then onto walton for my freshmen year, dickerson and walton do not compare to the learning environment at whs, wheeler has a good amount of every kind of student every student will feel socially excepted, the academics are amazing and the teachers really do care! unlike the other east cobb schools i have attended the teachers will do whatever it takes to help a student succeed when i went to dickerson and then walton, m parents had to hire a private tutor and even then i was failing one or more classes, the teachers at wheeler are like a family to me and so are all the students my grade itself is like my family. GO WILDCATS!
11/4/2007parentVery diverse and still a great school. I love that my children get a chance to meet students from all over the world and think outside the box about certain situation for the future so that they can no how to handle the real world. My children also attended walton but they loved wheeler even more I highly recommed this school for every student.
9/17/2007studentthis school is very diverse. it's more than a learning experience.
6/3/2007teacherThe Wheeler faculty is like a family. They care about kids.
11/7/2006studentI am currently a freshman at Wheelere High School and I have resently transfered from Bunkie Louisiana and the school system is much better here than is was in Louisiana, the teachers here take there time with you and they don't rush, my lest favorite subject before I got here was Math,but with the help of Mr. Furstien I've grown to like it. So overall Wheeler is a great school and it prepares you for college. Go Wildcats :)
1/13/2006parentI have three daughters- two that have graduated from Wheeler and one who is presently attending- and I continue to be impressed by the quality education they have received. The teaching staff is exceptional- if you investigate their qualifications you will be impressed. My older daughters have had great success in college and beyond, and I believe this is largely due to the excellent education they received at Wheeler. This is not your typical East Cobb school- the population is diverse- but that is one of the qualities that makes Wheeler great.
3/30/2005parentMy son graduated from Wheeler last year. He started at the elementary feeder school and progessed thru Wheeler when many others were leaving the district. He is now a freshmen at UGA making the Dean's list his first semester. All of this in a culturally diverse environment giving him excellent lessons in life as well. My daughter is now a sophomore and we still love the school. It is diverse, academically challeging and the kids can get as much involved in athletics and school clubs as they want to. I highly recommend Wheeler for all students, not just the magnet program.
3/30/2005former studentI am a recent graduate of Wheeler, and I found my overall experience to be extremely positive. I am a hard-working (but not necessarily brilliant) student, but I still found that the school provided many opportunites for me to excel. I wasn't terribly interested in studying science or technology, so I decided not to pursue the magnet program, but despite that I scored well on the SAT and was accepted into several academically-competitive colleges and universities. I also participated in many extra-curricular activities, which allowed me to meet many people and create many memories of my time there. I found that Wheeler equips EVERY student with the knowledge and tools they need to be successful in life after high school. I highly recommend Wheeler to anyone.
3/30/2005studenthi I am a currently a sophomore at wheeler. Wheeler is a great school. I recommend every one to come join this school. Wheeler wildcats. There is also a great magnet program for advanced students. We are the only schools that offer post-AP classes in the state of Georgia. thank you. GO WILDCATS!
3/28/2005parentWheeler High School's Magnet Program is fantastic! My daughter is not what I call a 'brainy' youth; however she believes in studying hard and combining social and athletic activities. The Magnet Program looks for well rounded, committed youth. No just the super A+ student. They have lots of resources to help each child excel in their programs; which will prepare them for College and beyond! I highly recommend parents and youth - who are looking for a challenge and don't mind doing the hard work to prepare them for the future - look into this program. And the Administrative Staff is more than you could ask for - sometimes I forget it's a PUBLIC School!
3/28/2005parentThe Math and Science Magnet program at Wheeler High School offers outstanding learning opportunities for all Wheeler students. The academics are rigorous, the staff attentive and caring, the student body engaged and diverse, and the learning experience unmatched. My son graduated from Wheeler Magnet and is experiencing success in the engineering program as Georgia Tech, with over $6000 a year in scholarships. The Wheeler Magnet program motivated my son to learn skills for success, such as leadership, initiative, and perseverance.
12/21/2004parentGreat magnet program - average SAT in 2004 was 1322. Go to magnet site at: www.wheelermagnet.com to learn more. Amazing diversity with students from around the world.
8/9/2004parentThis first day in registration, was bad for me and my son. We had him in the Georgia Home School programs for 63 days to date. Prior, to that experience he had completed his middle school experience, but his grades were questionable so we place him into some strong home school programs that helped significantly. The guidance counsellor told me to get attendance records at the middle school, which was already on his report card. So, I don't understand the logic here.... A parent time is taken for granted it appeared at will and a child s education experience is not taken seriously, so far it appeared. Such an experience on the first day of school is not a good indicator to project excellence in academics at that school and as the parent I desperately hope, I am wrong.
6/19/2004former studentWheeler! It's the best school in Cobb County at the time. It is a place where students are accepted for being who they are not what they are. The school allows for personal growth as well as educational growth. Wheeler has produced some of the most incredible and accepting people. The academics here are outstanding. They offer all types of classes and clubs. I recommend Wheeler to everyone in Cobb County. It is truly the ideal experince of high school for students. Go Wildcats!
5/3/2004parentIf your child is in the magnet program the quality of education seems to be very good. Otherwise, students can get lost. The response from teachers and administration is sporadic at best. Of my 3 children who attended public school in this district, none of them will have graduated from Wheeler. If your student is motivated from the beginning they will do fine-if not, be prepared to have them disappear into the woodwork (unless they encounter disciplinary problems- then that will follow them the rest of their days at the school...).
11/25/2003parentAs an out of district student, we did not know exactly what to expect. We have found the school to be excellent, the administration very supportive, the teachers go the extra mile and the overall atmosphere to be safe and academically challenging. The Magnet program is outstanding as is the rest of the school. Things are very well organized, student oriented, parent friendly and there is a desire to continually strive for excellence. Some of the extracurricular activities are tremendous opportunities. But students are expected to stretch themselves, which is what I expect as a parent too! We love Wheelerand are proud to be Wildcats!
11/25/2003parentI have two daughters at Wheeler High School in the Center for Advanced Study of Math, Science and Technology. The curriculum is impressive and both girls are very happy and challenged by their course work. In addition, I am very impressed by the cultural diversity at Wheeler.
11/25/2003parentWheeler H.S. has an exceptional math, science and technology magnet program. Being a student in the magnet program is like being in a small private school rather than a large public high school. Counseling in both the magnet program and the main building is caring, individual and professional. Magnet administrators provide extraordinary leadership in a loving environment.
11/24/2003parentI believe Wheeler is the best Cobb County has to offer. My daughter is challenged in her classes, has a huge variety of extracurricular activities to choose from and has benefited immensely from the diversity here. The diversity allows every student to find a place to 'fit in' and it is rare to find a student who feels they aren't a part of the family. The PTA consistently wins numerous awards for their involvement and the administration strives to meet the needs of all students. You get a 'small town' atmosphere when you enter the building even though it is in a large public school setting.
11/24/2003otherI'm a Junior at Wheeler High School. WHS is one of the greatest schools in the entire country. We are one of the most culturally diverse schools. Although our guidance counselors are not the best, that does not reflect the quality of the majority of faculty and staff. Every teacher that I have had in the 3 years I've been here so far, has been able to stay long hours after school and skip their lunch break to work with me. The fact that Wheeler is so diverse is such a great learning experience in itself. I believe, and other students do as well, that we are such a great school because of the fact that we are so diverse. I don't think I have met one descriminating teacher or student. Mr. Boland couldn't be a better principle. He gives us ice cream for being a good audience! How can he be a discriminating? Last week at lunch, he passed out little packets of the new Juicy Fruit gum to every student that went to the lunch room. Last year, he gave out those cool 'flash strip' breath fresheners at lunch. TO everyone. We are one of the best schools because if something happens at school, we become a student body, not a body of students. The students today at Wheeler High School are so wonderful. Wheeler High School is one of the greatest school ever. I hope all of you read this. Thank you.
11/18/2003parentTerrific science, math, technology magnet school. Learn more at www.wheelermagnet.com - I have 2 kids in the program and am amazed that they can choose between 21 AP classes and 5 post-AP classes. Great robotics club/over 70 kids involved.
11/1/2003parentExcellent School! My son attends the Magnet School and I have never seen a more dedicated group of teachers and staff. We live in the Pope High School district, but my son chose to attend the science, math and technology magnet at Wheeler. We are so glad that he did. He is able to take twice as many science classes and higher level(post AP)math courses. The students in his classes are all high achieving and share his enthusiasm for learning. We couldn't have asked for a better educational environment. There is a huge variety of clubs and after school activities available at Wheeler. Along with all of the sports activities, there are numerous academic clubs such as robotics, math team, science bowl, academic bowl, odyessy of the mind, leadership club, foriegn language clubs, and so many more.
10/9/2003parentMy son is having a very difficult time with Algebra, Learning Links is making a huge difference as well as the extra effort put forth by his math teacher, Ms. Grier.
9/9/2003parentWhile I have not always agreed with the administration at Wheeler,I have found that the teachers have been very caring toward the students and in contrast to the first parent response I have found that Wheeler teachers are better teachers who present material inseveral different ways rather than lecture.I believe the principal does try his best to produce a caring environment within a very diverse setting. I have found guidance lacking and I have had some situations with disorganized and unprofessional teachers but my overall experience has been extremely positive and I do recommend the school.
9/1/2003parentPrincipal relates well to students, not necessarily to parents. Teachers, for the most part, do an outstanding job teaching students when you consider all the distractions that can take up class time. There are plenty of extracurricular activities available--something for everyone. Parents really care about this school. The diversity at this school is a plus.
8/26/2003otherThis school provides a safe and friendly environment or children to learn, while the staff is helpful and friendly. This school also offers the Magnet program which enriches gifted students in the fields of Math and Science. I would definitely recommend this school.
8/26/2003parentI'm African American and my daughter graduated this year with honors. I also have a son in the 10th grade that's doing so much better @ Wheeler and think it's because they teach the kids as individuals and not as ethnic groups. The kids that want to learn will be aggressive about it and the teachers use that as a teaching tool.
8/10/2003former studentGuidance was helpful but had to keep on going back to get an answer. Teachers favored other students, and the students that were not like by the teacher, had no help offered or given if needed. Principal not very encouraging or helpful unless you were in some kind of after school activity like football or track.
6/13/2003 Guidance not very helpful. Principal discriminating. Teachers disorganized and unable to reach students with the subject they teach. Teachers do not teach but lecture.

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