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Greater Atlanta Christian School
1575 Indian Trail Rd
Norcross, GA 30093
(770) 243-2274
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private | K-12
County: Gwinnett


6/26/2012otherI hope to travel America and complete educational secondary and get to the highest certificates
6/11/2012parentMy daughter just completed her first year at GAC as a first grader. She LOVES her school. She is receiving a stellar education while being groomed to be a well-rounded person and growing in Christ! We're a Happy GAC Family!
5/9/2012parentMy son has attended GAC and LOVES it! This is the first time he has actually looked forward to going to school. I think that the academic portion of the school is easily at least a year to two years ahead of the public school in our area. Thank you, thank you GAC!
3/11/2012otherI'm a former GAC student -- attended the school for 14 years. I thought that I received a fantastic education, despite the occasional sub-par teacher (I think that's likely at any school, though). There is more than enough opportunity to grow and participate in different activities. Students must take some initiative. If they choose to play on their computers and iPod Touches through lectures, then they are responsible for any missed opportunities in the classroom, and I think it's fairly ridiculous to blame teachers. The amount of work assigned to students helped prepare me for the honors program at the University of Georgia. There is an emphasis lately, unfortunately, on status and money, but no institution is perfect, and I still believe this is a great school. At least tour the place or shadow for a day. Not a match for everyone, but I wouldn't take back a day.
12/15/2011parentMy child started GAC in the 6th grade and is now a freshman. I feel she is getting a much better education than the public school. She has participated in several sports programs and is in all honors classes which I believe will ensure her college success. I really like the fact that they have a chapel every Thursday and are taught about the real world (drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, etc) so they will realize that they can stand up to these pressures when they graduate from here. Excellent grades are one thing, but learning how to act in life is far more important for our childrens futures.
9/25/2011parentI have had a child at GAC for over 11 years. It is a great school, but it is not a good fit for eveyone. It is academically fast paced, and confident children seem to thrive there. The school is innovative and visionary. Each year (in my memory) their senior class has been 100% college bound, and their students have attended some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. We love the fact that the high school students are encouraged to be involved in missions where they minister to others either in their own communities or in other countries. The students I have interacted with have been polite, poised and friendly young men and women. My daughter has a wide circle of friends who are all strong students, goal oriented, and involved in athletics or academic clubs. We are thankful our daughter has had the opportunity to attend GAC. It has been a financial sacrifice, but well worth it. She has benefitted educationally, socially, athletically and spiritually.
7/14/2011otherI went to GACS for high school. And while I agree with most of the reviewers (the technology is not used in an innovate or helpful way, the classes are too easy) I would like to say that you can get an adequate education here. I went to the University of Chicago on an academic scholarship. GACS is what you make of it. If you study hard and take the opportunities, it will get you places. But if you expect them to hand you anything on a silver platter, you re out of luck. Also, to answer a previous reviewer, sports are not the biggest extra-curriculars. GACS has nationally ranked math, debate, speech, quiz bowl and chess teams.
5/19/2011parentI'm a former parent. Our child attended GACS from K3 through middle school. Our experience in the Village and the Elementary school was exceptional. Things changed beginning in middle school. The focus seems to be more on how much money you can contribute to the school. Although technology is pushed, it seems to be more for the spotlight and not for the educational benefit. Parent input was encouraged but I don't believe that the input was even considered. Discipline is a problem in middle school and unless you are are part of the social elite, your child may or may not survive the bullying. Although discipline was handled appropriately in the elementary school, middle school is different. Serious bullying is only addressed with slight reprimands. We supported GAC financially and by volunteer work for all the years were there but we didn't feel like GAC supported us when we needed them. The majority of the staff and some of the families seem to turly care and support the students. We've decided to move to a covenant Christian school that supports the whole child and familly in education, spiritual growth which is a better fit for our family.
5/6/2011parentGACS has been a positive and well balanced experience for our family (9th and 6th grade rising students). Aside from articulating their evolving vision, the leadership achieves it and then reaches further. They are successful because they are intentional and strategic about getting there in everything they do (from designing innovative curriculum, tackling new construction, to mentoring our children who are emerging leaders themselves). Specifically we have found the President, teachers and administration to be excellent stewards of the resources and trust imparted to them. They are responsive to parental input and concerns without sacrificing the integrity of proven leadership and educational principles. We especially like the warm, loving/friendly and diverse community (social economic status, ethnic/racial, cultural and spiritual). The education is top notch, relevant, comprehensive and integrated; academics, sports, dramatic/visual arts, faith and service are woven together seamlessly. As a result, our children are living out the GACS mission statement by growing in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man .
4/13/2011otherI attended GAC for one year (Ninth Grade). At first, it was dreadful. My classmates' attitudes were unexpected in the least. Toward the end of the year however, I found myself enjoying school. The good thing about GAC is that you're not being exposed all the junk you see in public school. But the education I recieved there was less efficient than the education I am receiving now in a larger public school. The technology used there was unnecessary. I found myself doing bland powerpoints every day in every class using nothing more than Google. The worst was the technology used in math class. That is one class in which the macs were completely unneeded in the least. It was difficult having to type numbers onto a webpage then click around to solve problems. Everything done on macs could have been done with a simple sheet of notebook paper and a yellow pencil. When I heard that GAC would be completely switching over to the mac system, I wanted to leave. Now I am receiving a quality education and am being challenged day-to-day. I loved the atmosphere of GAC and the friends I made while attending there, but I don't think the education is worth the money.
4/11/2011parentWe love GAC! I have an 8th grader and a 4th grader and have been so happy with the school. The academics are wonderful and the school offers so many activities and extracurriculars. It's a great place to be.
3/28/2011parentGAC does not prepare your child for college. Do not go there. Public schools will serve you much better. The main emphasis at GAC is how much money the administrators can make under the guise of christian education.
2/6/2011parentI am a parent of a sixth grader. I can not begin to explain how blessed I feel to have GAC in our lives. They focus on making the child a whole individual. They focus on allowing the children to develop their strengths and also to be aware and loving to the world around them. I do not live near the school but the long drive is far worth the rewards!!!!!!
1/24/2011otheri'm a student here and the mac/itouch program is not all it's cracked up to be. the technology is supposedly amazing but we don't do anything on them that you wouldn't do on a regular piece of paper, except play games the whole class period, of course. and honnestly, no one ever uses their itouches/iphones for anything but texting and playing games as well.
1/24/2011otherHonestly, do not go to this school for a quality education. It's much too easy and honestly, I don't know why I go here myself. You can get away with using the itouch or mac with a sad excuse for a whole class period and honestly, the way they teach math is very uninnovative and it does not make math fun at all. Sometimes I think some things they put on are for a show, and some kids here are not as nice as you think they are. Usually in a public school at least 5 kids go to Stanford, MIT, etc. but here? The best is UGA. Don't know if you totally want that...
10/24/2010parentThe teachers always go above and beyond to assist any student that wants to do well. They work before school, after school and during their planning periods freely. There is such a positive atmosphere and resources for all students at any level. It has been the best blessing for my children. They are now prepared to accomplish whatever they need to at the college level.
10/20/2010otherA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AAA A A A A
5/12/2010parentGACS provides an experience to children that I have not seen duplicated in the Atlanta Metro Area. The children are exposed to a variety of learning experiences in all areas of education; academics, sports, arts, and socialization. The environment supports children's growth, challenges them while at the same time making enjoyable and truly teaches children how to learn and become life-long learners. We are thrilled and can not be happier with the experience we are having at GAC.
5/11/2010parentOur kids get a well-balanced education and truly enjoy every aspect of the learning process. We couldn't be happier!
4/30/2010parentOur son started here in Kindergarten and is now in the 2nd grade....we would not go anywhere else. He is friends with the same people he met in Kindergarten and we became friends with his friends parents at the same time...We enjoy the fact that a Christian school, Christianity is taught in the manner it should be....in a joyous manner...the principal of the Village and Elementary Schools are so positive and friendly...and the President, David Fincher is just a dynamic person....everyone is so friendly and approachable and one definitely feels a sense of family....we couldn't be happier for our son to be there and look forward to the next 10 years!
3/9/2010parentAs parents of a high-schooler, we've been disappointed by GAC. The education level is only comparable to the public school in our district. Extra-curriculars are heavily dominated by sports, rather than a balance of sports, arts and academic teams (they exist but receive minimal school/teacher support, except for dramatic arts). The teachers are good and generally well-qualified. The attitudes among the students are typical of an exclusive private school, rather than being typical of a Christian school. We're glad that other people have found this to be a great school, but that is not our experience.
2/17/2010parentMy child is in Junior High. The school has an excellent campus and atmostphere. The environment is safe and the Administration is somewhat responsive. The teachers are very responsive to parent emails and requests. Although the class sizes are small, the teachers may not be prepared or equipped to work with students who may need 'one on one' assistance. The school is fantastic for the child who does not require any additional assistance or tutoring outside of class. However, if your child does not have a learning disability, but, may require additional assistance or tutoring, be prepared to hire a tutor. The school recently launched a Learning Center for kids with diagnosed learning differences. However, this does not address the needs of students who only need additional instruction or 'one on one' assistance. The launch of the digital learning initiative is awesome.
8/28/2009parentSecond year at GAC - we have a 6th grader and a 9th grader. Very academically challenging. Love knowing that the teachers are praying for my children by name, and guiding them to make good choices.
5/21/2009parentGACS is a excellent school. The teachers, administration and support staff have been amazing to my child and my family. This is a Christian school that makes no apologies for their beliefs. We have had a wonderful experience at GACS!
1/12/2009parentI have two children at GAC. It is both challenging for them and personally rewarding for me watching them grow as people and as Christians. As to not getting its students into 'top notch' colleges, the administration will tell you they are not concerned with getting your child into Harvard or Princeton. Their mission is to get your child into Heaven. You can't find a more diverse (in every sense of the word - economical, social, racial, political, etc.) private school in the state. But at the beginning and end of the day, it's a Christian School and that's why it is so special. P.S. Hand sanitizer removes 99% of germs, hand washing only about 50%.
9/26/2008parentOur child is in K4 this year. We are not wealthy people and struggle to pay each month. He is getting a good education, learning the basics and that education is Christ-centered. Teachers are very nice and easy to talk to. My major problems with the Village so far are the lack of communication between the teachers and the parents, the over-scheduling of the children and the constant want for more and more money! Since we pay for aftercare, we are in the 13K range and the push for more and more money is quite irritating. Magazine sales are pushed hard and I found it totally inappropriate for children of this age. Children are encouraged to use hand sanitizer instead of soap and water to save time, they are only given 25 minutes of actual sit down time to eat lunch. Just a little disappointed.
8/12/2008parentAs a graduate of GACS and a current parent of 2 GACS students, I can speak for the great history of the school and the amazing growth in both academic and athletic programs and tha actual campus itself. The faculty and staff are extremely dedicated, the religious education is the best in our area, and the student's test scores and post secondary education and successes are an impressive matter of record. The school is large enough to provide a variety of activities and academic programs but small enough to give attention to the individual. I appreciate the fact that while all students are welcome at GACS, it is a christian school first and foremost, so it may not be for everyone.
8/11/2008studentI love going to GACS. I would give it 4 1/2 stars. It is academically very challenging but I'm sure I am going to be very well prepared for college. The Christian atmosphere is great and they have made a ton of changes for the upcoming 2008 school year in regards to chapel and bible classes which many students are excited about. The sports of course are excellent and the fine arts are great too. I thoroughly enjoy the overall atmosphere and people here. You can never please everyone but they try very hard to make sure each and every student is treated with respect. Overall GACS is a great place to be I've been attending there from junior high now through high school.
8/7/2008parentI've watched Greater Atlanta Christian expand beautifully for several years now. It is one of the finest total programs in the state. If a family's not particularly interested in spiritual development as part of their children's learning, it's probably not the right school. If that matters, the combination of GAC's academics, very strong programs, and focus on Christian life make it difficult to match.
6/13/2008parentWe have been disappointed with the academics and would not have picked this school if we had realized that there is a huge difference in the way certain kids are treated vs those of different beliefs. Very interested in building big buildings and less so on improving course options. Kids do not get into big name colleges.
2/24/2008studentIn response to the military-like atmosphere, maybe your child is just not able to cope with the demands of a real education. The school is fine, my complaint is that the Christian atmosphere is a bit too much. The teachers are okay, another issue for sports is that all the money goes to football and nothing to the other sports. But the education is pretty good here, and teachers are mostly all very approachable.
2/23/2008parentI'm saddened to read the previous negative comments. GACS is one of the top 2 or 3 Metro Atlanta private schools with a nearly 30 to 1 waiting list. Studens at GACS receive SAT scores well above the state average and are highly prepared for college. Dedication to hard work, sports and homework is necessary to prepare our children for competition in the global economy, all the while rooted in the teachings of Christ. My children will not need government assistance once graduating from GACS.
2/23/2008parentSpeaking as a public school teacher who has taught for 18 years who has had my child at Greater Atlanta Christian since K4 and is now in 3rd grade I know the students at GACS are getting the best education available. The campus has a christ-centered feel with teachers and administrators that truly care about the students. Although my husband and I have had opportunities to move to other locations related to our careers we will not consider it because we refuse to take our daughter away from the excellent education that can be found nowhere else except on the campus of GACS. We feel blessed to have our daughter at Greater Atlanta Christian School.
11/26/2007parentThe middle school/6th grade at GACS is a military style environment. Homework each night ranges from 4-5 hours and all weekend long. Projects never end, sometimes up to 6 a week. Teachers demean students and teach a curriculum suited for a much older child. The elementary school is fine.
2/8/2007parentThis school has excellent teachers and a great princable. I love having my kids there because they give the appropriate amount of homework. I love the idea of having chapel in the morning because they will start thier day off with God and and will have him with the kids the rest of the day.
2/2/2007parentThe quality of education has been a disappointment, especially in the upper grades...too much emphasis on rote learning, and regurgitation. Students are not encouraged to think!
10/18/2006parentGAC is an excellent school, with its art, science and college prep corses. There is one thing I would not expect from a Christian school and that is to put sports in front of academics. Do we have to be so political correct? Get involved parents,its your school!
9/11/2006parentWe are amazingly pleased with GACS. We just started in the Elementary school at the beginning of this year (06) and the experience thus far has been perfect.

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