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Effingham County High School
1589 Ga Highway 119 S
Springfield, GA 31329
(912) 754-6404
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public | 9-12
County: Effingham


  School Head OfficialYear
Yancy Jason Ford2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/10/2012studentThis school is going down the drain. Our AYP hasn't been met in a few years and its sad that our principle cares more about AYP than backing up his words. I know several people that have missed 25+ days due to skipping and being "sick" and he is still allowing them to graduate even though he told all the seniors he didn't care why if you missed alot of days you WILL NOT WALK. AYP is more important than quality education and many kids who take AP classes and Honors classes don't get any special recognition from the kids who take support classes slept through them and the teacher allowed them to make stuff up. It should be if you don' do it you fail no third and fourth chance to make it up. Is it necessarily the school? Some may say yes but I believe its the school,administration, teachers, and the BOE for making our school system as poor as it is.
11/30/2011otherECHS is a joke. There are good teachers here and there, but there are only a few. Coaches, football and baseball athletes, and popular rednecks are favorites with the administrators. The valedictorian or salutatorian of 2010 actually commented on this in his graduation speech along with the high attention to dress code rather than education. The counseling is 1.5/5 at best. Dual enrollment is rarely discussed though it is an excellent opportunity. Counselors also rarely get involved with their students on a personal level. Some parents will say this is a good school; that is only because the administrators act nice on the phone. Take it from a former student. If you are coming to Effingham, your best bet would be to go to SEHS.
10/31/2010parentOur child is new to the school this year. Yes, the dress code is strictly enforced. Much needed becasue some kids where their clothing below their waste and shirts untucked, posslibly concealin weapons. I agree w/strict dress code. The school and staff were very welcoming - We're not rednecks - stereotyping - a typical - we're giving the school & staff a chance. It's paid off so far.
9/2/2010parentThis school is horrible. They care more about "illegal" dress code, than they do education. My son got a detention the second he walked into 1st period on the first day... What for? because his shirt was untucked. The school discriminates against people who are not "rednecks." Do not believe these reviews below me. Effingham county high school needs some serious help.
9/19/2009parentOur school has the greatest group of kids!! The teachers and staff are so wonderful and caring. Our parents are involved in their childrens' education and after school activities. We always have plenty of volunteers for fundraisers, chaperoning, etc. We have great school spirit!! Go Rebels!!
9/18/2009teacherWe care about our students. We talk with parents and are envolved with the stdents in the community as well as during school.
9/18/2009otherI am the Attendance Office and I thing our Faculty, Staff, Students and Administrators are the tops in the county. We are bless to Yancy Ford as our Principal and leader.
9/18/2009parentThe teachers genuinely care for the students.
9/17/2009parentIt is very family orientated. The staff works like a team when trying to help students exceed in their education.
9/17/2009parentIt's awesome! Great administration!
9/17/2009teacherSince I was a student here, I've thought this to be the best High School in America. Now that I teach at ECHS, I know that to be true.
9/17/2009parentLoved it as a student-- oh, so many years ago. Great to now be here teaching. Administrators are fantastic, family atmosphere.
9/17/2009parentECHS has a superior faculty and staff! Coach Ford, the principal, is an excellent leader. The department I work in has become my family since I live so far from home. I can't imagine working in a better school.
9/17/2009parentMy school cares about it's kids! We are a family!
2/6/2009parentHi everyone,i have a 9th grader at effingham county high school.The school is ok,but the focus on uniforms over learnig is getting out of hand,if kids have to wear them shouldn't teachers too,and set an example.I realy don't beleave how you are dressed has anything to do with learning! to me uniform rules and getting in constant trouble over a shirt untucked is crazy,cut the kids some slack,clothing does not make them smarter.
1/20/2009otherthis school has a very long list of rules against the wearing of ones own dress style. i think that giving a child the oppertunity to be him or her self is very important. it helps them understand what is or isn't acceptavle
9/27/2008parentI have been in Effingham all my life as well as my mother and grandmother. This is by far one of the best counties to live and and schools to attend in Southeast Georgia. My only problem is that I personally feel that they pay too much attention to the way the children are dressed moreso than the actual education they are recieving.Im not against uniforms, but I really don't believe the way you are dressed, as long as its decent, has anything to do with how and what you learn. We just need to put that energy more towards the learning instead of the appearance. Also, stop the teachers from telling the students that South is better than they are and smarter because it is so not true.
6/14/2007parentWe moved to Effingham 21/2 years ago from chatham county. We have really enjoyed effingham county middle school and our first year at Effingham High School. I feel like parents like to know what is going on in the kids lives here. My childrens teachers keep in touch and let me know if there is a problem. We are involved with sports and other activities and feel like they have a lot to offer. We have no more problems than any high school does.There are always kids that will break the rules,I feel like we needed to enforce the dress code we have instead of going to uniforms.This too will have to be enforced. Overall we could not be happier.
6/17/2006former studentI graduated from effingham county high school in 2004, and i miss it so much. the teachers here really try their hardest to help the students excell as best as possible.
2/20/2006parentWe have just moved into the area from New York, and I must say I am really excited about my daughter being educated here. We love the structure and quality of classes offered here. If you are looking for good quality education for your high school student, move to North Effingham County. My daughter has never excelled or enjoyed school as much as she has since starting here.
2/17/2005parent' This is a great school to attend , I attended this school, Now my Son attends this school. He is the Coordinator of their dance team and he enjoys of having support from other teachers an espicially the principal....'

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