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Ideal Elementary School
9901 West 58th Street
Countryside, IL 60525
(708) 482-2750
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public | PK-6
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Steven Bahn2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/19/2012otherIm not sure if my last letter made it through but my name is steven smith and I started in sept of 1960 with miss Good and finished in 1966 then went on to Gurrie then to LT anddid my duty in the Marines for four years. I went on to six more years after the service and I will always remember Ideal in my heart more than any other school. My class mates were all like family and I would sure like to hear from any of them. I hope you are all doing well and please stay off your cell phones when your driving because 5 years ago I was hit head on by a person playing with there phone. Hospital bills were well over a million but im getting better. Please drop a line if you Fruse and I dont remember 6th. But any way Ideal was the best!1!!
12/31/2008parentIdeal School has improved so much with the new principal. Some of the teachers need improvement, but in all the school is run great and my daughter loves going to school every day. Keep up the good work Mr. Bahn!
12/30/2008parentIdeal Elementary is a great school. The entire staff, especially the principal, is warm and welcoming to both students and parents. With such an ethnically diverse community, it provides a wonderful mixed cultural atmosphere. Just like any and every other school, students will be socially challenged at times. The staff at Ideal works in partnership with parents to solve any problems. I cannot say enough great things about Ideal. So far, it's been a wonderful experience.
10/5/2007parentTo the parent who gave Ideal 1 star. Your child must not go to Ideal because the teachers care alot. The pricipal who is a he not a she does not allow bullying to go on at the school. The school has implimented many new academics for the children including Power Hour which is a great new reading program. My child's reading skills have changed dramatically since the program started last year. Private school may be the way for some, but Ideal is a great school.
7/21/2007parentI heard great things about this school and hence took my child here. However, to my dismay the teachers did not seem very interested in the well being of the child. When there was harrassment from school bullies, my child was afraid and the teachers did nothing especially out in recess. They do not care at all, the academics were not challenging enough and the principal....well there was nothing positive to say about her so I will just keep my negative comments out of it. Private school is the way to go after this experience.
3/5/2007parentAs parents, we always strive to find excellence in the schools our children attend. Ideal school provides an excellent education to its students. The staff exhibits a genuine concern for the kids, and offers an open line of communication between home and school. Ideal also offers a gifted education program that more than challenges students to excel in their abilities and to reach their full potentials. The new principal, Mr. Bahn, is a great addition to our school and district. He maintains discipline while offering an environment that is safe, friendly and welcoming. We are so happy with the growth in education our children receive @ Ideal year after year.
2/20/2007parentMy son has been going to Ideal for 2 years now. The teachers he had and has now are wonderful!! Anytime I have to communicate with his teacher she responds immediately. They have started a new reading program and I see great progress from my son. He has fun at school and has learned a lot. The only thing I see a problem is the lack of parent involvement. The new principal is doing a great job. He is always there to listen and help out if there is an issue. I really appreciate when I go to the school he is always around.
2/8/2007parentMy daughter is falling behind because she needs extra attention and doesn't get it. My son is gifted and there's no program for him and he gets bored in class. The teachers are indifferent and the staff just doesn't seem to care nine times out of ten. I'm very disappointed in this school, I had heard rave reviews about it and now I'm just tired of all the stuff that's been going on. I feel my children are getting inferior schooling. They are only allowed FIFTEEN minutes to eat their lunch and then 30 minutes for recess. They allow the children to go outside as long as it's not below zero out. Parental involvement isn't really a big deal there.
1/16/2007parentI am very disappointed in the absence of opportunities for my gifted child. My child received the top possible score in the ISAT tests, but a program for advancement is unavailable.
8/27/2006parentI agree with the previous review. Ideal has been a great school up until 2 years ago. The lack of attention to students who are not doing well is a disgrace. I begged for extra help for my child and my cries were not heard. I am glad to see there is a new principle, I hope he will take the control that the principal from last year did not. My child had several issues last year and I felt like we were just brushed off. I would NOT recommended this school AT ALL.
5/4/2005parentMy child has attended this school for 5 years now. This used to be a #1, great school but has really gone down hill over the past two to three years. I am very disappointed in my child's lack of progression and lack of interest in school now over the past few years. If I had a choice I would send my child elsewhere for their education.

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