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Streamwood High School
701 West Schaumburg Road
Streamwood, IL 60107
(630) 213-5500
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public | 9-12
County: Cook


  Class SizeGradeYear
17 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Terri Lozier2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/3/2009parentMy daughter is in her 2nd year at Streamwood, she loves it. She has joined many clubs and sports....She loves to participate and if more kids would particpate I think they would make a difference in the schools spirit. You get out what you put in!
10/16/2009teacherThe students and staff are really dedicated to trying to make a difference.
10/16/2009teacherStreamwood High School is dedicated to helping our students realize and maximize their individual potential to become responsible, productive and contributing members of our community and society.
10/14/2009parentI love Streamwood HS because the teachers really seem to care.
10/14/2009parentWe love the Acadamy which is really strong and helps our son to achieve his best!
10/14/2009parentI love Streamwood High School because it gives my son a great chance to learn and grow as a young adult in a variety of ways such as: academically, socially and athletically. There is always something for him to do. The teachers have also been wonderful. They have been easy to communicate with and have a strong desire to support my son's success. Teacher's are trained, highly qualified and it is evident that administrators are working together to solve problems.
10/6/2009parentThey have an awesome college prep program that is really preparing my daughter to succeed in college!
9/16/2009parentThey have such limited resources but they keep doing the best job that they can.
9/12/2009parentI have had 5 successful children go through SHS! This school provides so many career and technical classes. Including computers, foods, fashion & interior design, health occupations and CNA, industrial technology, autos, and many others. The experiences at SHS were positive and the outcome was awesome!
9/23/2007studentI love shs it is a very good hs and I look forward for 3 mre yrs. there.
5/23/2007studentAs a former Streamwood High School student, class of 2006, I would like to say that Streamwood High school is a fantastic school. However, I will mention that there are two different aspects to this school. There are the good kids and the bad kids. Obviously, if you hang around the bad influence people then you will be caught up in bad grades and bad situations like drugs. I was part of the World Languages and International Studies Academy there learning Japanese. It was a great experience. You are surrounded by people who constantly challenge and apply themselves. Because of that, you want to excell. The after school activities are so many and they are really fun. I never attended any of the dances but many of my peers enjoyed them very much. The principal and office secretaries were kind. I know from being a page in the main office.
10/4/2006parentAs a parent of a current student who is a senior at Streamwood High, I believe you get out of it what you put into it. My son received a 26 on his ACT and has been in the U46 school district all his life. Other kids I know in the school district have received perfect scores in the Math portion of ACT and as high as a 34 overall score on the ACT. The kids my son hangs around with participate in all the activities there and have really enjoyed the high school experience. I attended a high school in a very rich, competitive suburb, Glenbrook North, and I got a 21 on my ACT. Like I said, you get out of it what you put into it -- anywhere! Safety is a non-issue there. Students' safety is put first.
8/3/2006parentAs a parent of a former student, I have worked with many teachers, counselors and others at this school. They are not really invested in their students and I speak from experience. You can find some, but they are rare souls. They do not have the necessary security to ensure the safety of their students nor do they have other resources to effectively run the school and provide for all students needs.
6/28/2006former studentAs a former student, I would rate my experience here as mediocre. Although the school has some opportunities for the honors track (i.e. the World Languages Academy and some honors/AP courses), it doesn't offer a wide variety of classes nor higher level classes for students looking to get ahead. Aside from homecoming week, Streamwood lacks school spirit. The students in general are uninterested in joining activies and the environment is pretty dull. Athletics have a low to middling participation rate in terms of the school's decent sized population. The art and music departments are noticeably underfunded and inactive, with low participation rates as well. For instance, the drama/music departments had musicals in 2002 and 2005 with a 3 year difference in between, while the other U-46 high schools had musicals every year. On a positive note, the business and health occupations clubs were most successful and encouraging to Streamwood's reputation.
6/20/2006studentDecent. People don't care enough at this school. There is no school spirit and most teachers don't make an effort to connect with the students.
1/19/2006studentCurrently i am a student at Streamwood High School. It is not as bad as everyone is making it sound. Honestly, it depends on who you hang out with. As a community we try to make things better each year and it has been working. There is so much to do at Streamwood High. All you have to do is make an effort to get involved. Start playing sports, get into a club, or just do something that you enjoy and will make you feel more involed with your school. I love Streamwood High School and i hope that you just get to realize there is more to us than what people are putting out there!
8/5/2005studentNO I am not a parent, but right now I am a student of Streamwood High School. I think I have a better inside opinion then the people sitting here trashing our school. Yeah there are gangs and drugs, but what school doesn't have that. At least there aren't any gang shootings in the middle of the day. And we do have a police liasion and teachers that are dedicated to the students and their safety. Even if there is danger in the area they lock all doors and aware teachers and keep students away from any harm. I know many schools in the area that are in worse condition than we are in so don't even say that Streamwood is a bad place to send your kids because if your kids have that many problems it isn't the school's fault it is the parent's.
4/29/2005former studentStreamwood high school has massive problems including gangs & drugs. I know i went to school there. My mother was a single mom & she saved every cent she could to get us into a better school district! I would never send my kids to such an unsafe school!
1/5/2005former studentI went to school there in the 80s. And when I came back for A visit. I could not believe my eyes, within 20 years it is run down, dirty, and the lockers had the same paint on them from when i graduated from there. I even herd that the school even got rid of the mascot(or retired it). What is going on with this school distrect? the teachers dont care, schools are like prisons, schools are discustingly dirty. It just wants me to move out of state. Ive seen ratings for A couple of schools in the area and it makes me want to reguritate. We need to get people in u-46 who knows what they are doing!!! streamwood high WAS A beatufil place to be.
4/27/2004parentDist U46 has taken an outstanding school and turned it into a terrible place for children to learn. The blame lies with irresponsible financial planning, hiring and management practices. It is truly a shame. I had to move from my home of many years in Streamwood to out of the area just so my kids could receive a decent public education. The most pathetic of all departments is the special education group, which has concerned teachers that are under-budgeted and are ruled by management that has little concern for parents' wishes. The district needs financial reform and upper management needs to be replaced with personnel that understand that to receive parents' fiscal and various types of support, they need to appear to recognize the value of the parents' and students' rights and concerns. Again, it is such a shame this happened to such a beautiful school.
3/14/2004studentStreamwood High School is a decent school, but the district is very much in debt which means that a lot of extracurricular activities and elective classes are cut. Class sizes are very large.

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