Indianapolis, Indiana 

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Name Grades Type Rating
A Children's Habitat Montessori Preschool and KDGNPK - KGPrivate
A Weekday Childrens Ministry of Southport UMCPK - KGPrivate
Abraham Lincoln Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Abundant Life PreschoolPK - KGPrivate
Achieve Virtual Education Academy09 - 12Regular
Algebraic Institute for Human ExcellencePK - 12Private
Allisonville Elementary School01 - 05Regular7
Amy Beverland Elementary01 - 06Regular8
Andrew AcademyKG - 08Regular2
Andrew J Brown AcademyKG - 08Regular2
Anna Brochhausen School 88PK - 06Regular3
Area 31 Career and Tech Center11 - 12Vocational Education
Arlington Community High School07 - 12Regular2
Arlington Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Arlington Woods Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Arsenal Technical High School09 - 12Regular1
Avondale Meadows AcademyKG - 05Regular3
AYS First Meridian HeightsKG - 03Private
Baptist AcademyPK - 12Private
Belzer Middle School07 - 08Regular6
Ben Davis High School10 - 12Regular1
Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center09 - 09Regular3
Ben Davis University High School10 - 12Regular9
Bishop Chatard High School09 - 12Private
Blue Academy01 - 06Regular4
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School09 - 12Private
Bridgeport Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Broad Ripple MGNT HS for PRFM Arts09 - 12Regular3
Broad Ripple MGNT Junior HS-PRFM Arts06 - 08Regular2
Brook Park Elementary School01 - 06Regular1
Brookside School 54KG - 06Regular1
Brookview Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular4
Bunker Hill Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Burge Terrace Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
Calvary Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Capitol City Seventh-Day Adventist SchoolPK - 08Private
Cardinal Ritter High School07 - 12Private
Carl Wilde School 79KG - 06Regular3
Carpe DIEM - Meridian Campus06 - 12Regular
Center for InquiryKG - 08Regular7
Center for Inquiry IIKG - 08Regular9
Center for Inquiry IIIPK - 08Regular3
Central CatholicPK - 08Private
Central Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Chapel Glen Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center07 - 08Regular4
Chapel Hill Christian SchoolPK - 03Private
Chapelwood Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular3
Charles A Tindley Accelerated School09 - 12Regular6
Charles W Fairbanks School 105KG - 06Regular2
Christ Church Child Care and Christian AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Christ Temple Christian AcademyPK - 05Private
Christ the King Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
Christel House Academy SouthKG - 12Regular3
Christel House Academy WestKG - 02Regular
Christel House DORS South09 - 12Regular2
Christian Park School 82KG - 06Regular2
Clarence Farrington School 61KG - 06Regular1
Clinton Young Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular2
Cold Spring SchoolKG - 06Regular4
College Park Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Cornerstone Baptist AcademyPK - 12Private
Covenant Christian High School09 - 12Private
Creston Intermediate Academy05 - 06Regular3
Creston Middle School07 - 08Regular3
Crestview Elementary School01 - 06Regular2
Crispus Attucks Med MGNT Junior HS06 - 08Regular2
Crispus Attucks Medical Magnet HS09 - 12Regular4
Crooked Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Crosspointe Christian AcademyPK - 12Private
Curtis Wilson Primary School OKG - 06Private
Damar Charter AcademyKG - 12Regular2
Daniel Webster School 46KG - 08Regular2
Decatur Central High School09 - 12Regular2
Decatur Middle School07 - 08Regular4
Decatur Township School for Excellence08 - 12Regular3
Deer Run ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Department of Correction Adult Schools07 - 12Special Education
Douglas Macarthur Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
Eagle Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Early Learning CenterPK - KGRegular3
Eastbrook Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular3
Eastridge Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular3
Eastwood Middle School06 - 08Regular5
Elder W Diggs School 42PK - 06Regular1
Eleanor Skillen School 34PK - 06Regular2
Eliza A Blaker School 55PK - 06Regular1
Emma Donnan Middle School07 - 08Regular3
Emmaus Lutheran SchoolKG - 03Private
Emmerich Manual High School09 - 12Regular2
Enlace AcademyKG - 04Regular2
Ernie PYLE School 90PK - 06Regular7
Excel Center for Adult Learners09 - 12Regular
Faith Christian SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Fall Creek Academy06 - 12Regular1
Fall Creek Valley Middle School07 - 08Regular4
Fishback Creek Public ACAPK - 05Regular4
Flanner House Elementary School (Charter)KG - 06Regular9
Floro Torrence School 83KG - 06Regular1
Forest Glen Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular4
Fortune Academy02 - 12Private
Fox Hill Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Francis Bellamy Pre-School CenterPK - PKRegular2
Francis Scott Key School 103PK - 06Regular1
Francis W Parker School 56PK - 08Regular6
Franklin Central High School09 - 12Regular7
Franklin Township Middle School East06 - 08Regular7
Franklin Township Middle School West06 - 08Regular8
Frederick Douglass School 19PK - 08Regular3
Gambold Preparatory Magnet HS09 - 11Regular3
Garden City Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular2
George H Fisher School 93KG - 06Regular1
George S Buck Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
George W Carver School 87PK - 08Regular2
George W Julian School 57KG - 06Regular4
George Washington Comm Junior HS07 - 08Regular3
George Washington Community HS09 - 12Regular2
Glenns Valley Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Gold Academy01 - 06Regular2
Grassy Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular4
Gray Road Christian SchoolPK - 06Private
Greater Morning Star Preparatory Christian SchoolPK - 05Private
Greenbriar Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Guion Creek Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Guion Creek Middle School06 - 08Regular3
H L Harshman Middle School07 - 08Regular7
Harrison Hill Elementary School01 - 06Regular2
Hasten Hebrew AcademyPK - 08Private
Hawthorne Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular5
Herron High School09 - 12Regular7
Hilltop SchoolPK - PKRegular7
Holy Angels Catholic SchoolPK - 06Private
Holy Cross Central SchoolPK - 08Private
Holy Cross Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Holy Spirit Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Homecroft Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Hoosier Acad. Virtual Charter SchoolKG - 12Regular1
Hoosier Academy - IndianapolisKG - 12Regular4
Hope Academy09 - 12Regular
Imagine Ind Life Science WestKG - 08Regular2
Immaculate Heart of Mary SchoolKG - 08Private
In Math and Science Acad. NorthKG - 12Regular4
In Math and Science Academy - SouthKG - 08Regular2
Indian Creek Elementary School01 - 06Regular3
Indiana Achievement Academy09 - 12Regular
Indiana Connections AcademyKG - 12Regular4
Indiana Math and Science AcademyKG - 08Regular2
Indiana School for the BlindPK - 12Alternative Education1
Indiana School for the DeafPK - 12Alternative Education4
Indiana Virtual School06 - 12Regular
Indianapolis Junior AcademyPK - 10Private
Indianapolis Metropolitan High School09 - 12Regular2
Indianapolis Southside Christian Academy01 - 08Private
Indpls Acad. of Excel-Chlng Fnd ACAKG - 03Regular
Indpls Lighthouse Charter SchoolKG - 12Regular2
International School of IndianaPK - 12Private
Irvington Community SchoolKG - 12Regular5
J Everett Light Career CenterPK - 12Vocational Education
James A Garfield School 31KG - 08Regular2
James Russell Lowell School 51PK - 06Regular1
James Whitcomb Riley School 43KG - 08Regular2
Jeremiah Gray-Edison ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
John Marshall Community High School09 - 12Regular1
John Marshall Community Junior HS07 - 08Regular2
John Strange Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular4
Jonathan Jennings School 109KG - 06Regular3
Joyce Kilmer School 69KG - 06Regular1
Key Learning Community Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
Key Learning Community High School09 - 12Regular2
Key Learning Community Junior High School06 - 08Regular2
KIPP INDY College Prep. Middle05 - 08Regular3
KIPP INDY Unite ElementaryKG - KGRegular
Lakeside Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular3
Lawrence Central High School09 - 12Regular4
Lawrence North High School09 - 12Regular4
Lew Wallace School 107PK - 06Regular1
Liberty Early Elementary SchoolKG - 01Regular3
Liberty Park Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular5
Lillie Idella Kitley ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Lincoln Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Little Flower Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Louis B Russell Junior School 48PK - 06Regular1
Lowell Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular6
Lutheran High School of Indianapolis09 - 12Private
Lynhurst 7th and 8th Grade Center07 - 08Regular4
Maplewood Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular2
Mary Adams Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Mary Bryan Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
Mary E Nicholson School 70KG - 05Regular2
Mary Evelyn Castle Elementary School01 - 06Regular4
McClelland Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular2
McKenzie Career CenterPK - 12Vocational Education
Meredith Nicholson School 96KG - 06Regular2
Merle Sidener Gifted Academy02 - 08Regular9
Montessori CentresPK - 03Private
Montessori Garden AcademyPK - 03Private
Monument Lighthouse Charter SchoolKG - 11Regular2
Mount Zion Academy 2PK - KGPrivate
Muhammad's SchoolPK - 06Private
Nativity Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Neighborhood AcademyKG - 11Private
New Augusta Pub ACA-SouthKG - 05Regular4
New Augusta Public Academy-North06 - 08Regular5
Nexus Academy of Indianapolis09 - 12Regular
Nora Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular2
North Central High School09 - 12Regular5
North Madison Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular5
North Wayne Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular1
Northside Montessori SchoolPK - 06Private
Northview Middle School06 - 08Regular3
Northwest Community High School09 - 12Regular1
Northwest Community Junior High School07 - 08Regular2
Oaklandon Elementary School01 - 06Regular2
Orchard Park Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Our Lady of Lourdes SchoolPK - 08Private
Padua AcademyKG - 08Regular2
Paramount School of ExcellenceKG - 08Regular2
Park Tudor SchoolPK - 12Private
Paul I Miller School 114PK - 06Regular2
Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy06 - 06Regular5
Perry Meridian High School09 - 12Regular3
Perry Meridian Middle School07 - 08Regular4
Peter Rabbit Nursery SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Phalen Ldrshp Acad. - in Inc.KG - 03Regular2
Pike High School09 - 12Regular3
Pleasant Run Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular4
Providence Cristo Rey High School09 - 12Private
Purpose of Life AcademyPK - KGPrivate
Ralph Waldo Emerson School 58KG - 06Regular1
Raymond F Brandes School 65PK - 06Regular2
Raymond Park Intermediate05 - 06Regular5
Raymond Park Middle School07 - 08Regular4
Rhoades Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular3
Rise Learning CenterKG - 12Regular4
Riverside School 44PK - 06Regular1
Riviera Children's CenterPK - KGPrivate
Robert Lee Frost School 106KG - 08Regular2
Robey Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular7
Roncalli High School09 - 12Private
Rosa Parks-Edison ElementaryPK - 05Regular8
Rousseau MC Clellan 91KG - 08Regular6
Scecina Memorial High School09 - 12Private
School of KnowledgePK - 12Private
Se Neighborhood School of ExcellenceKG - 08Regular2
Shortridge Law and Pub Pol Mag Junior HS06 - 08Regular2
Shortridge Law and Public Policy MG HS09 - 12Regular1
Skiles Test Elementary School01 - 06Regular2
Snacks Crossing Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular4
South Creek ElementaryKG - 05Regular8
Southport 6th Grade Academy06 - 06Regular5
Southport Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Southport High School09 - 12Regular2
Southport Middle School07 - 08Regular5
Spring Mill Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular5
St. Barnabas SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Joan of Arc SchoolPK - 08Private
St. John Evangelical Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Jude CatholicKG - 08Private
St. Lawrence Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Luke Elementary SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Mark Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Matthew Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Michael-St. Gabriel Archangels Catholic ElemePK - 08Private
St. Monica Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Philip NERI SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Pius X Catholic SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Richard's Episcopal SchoolPK - 08Private
St. ROCH Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Simon the Apostle SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Thomas Aquinas SchoolKG - 08Private
Stephen Collins Foster School 67PK - 06Regular4
Stephen Decatur Elementary School01 - 06Regular4
StonyBrook Intermediate Academy05 - 06Regular2
StonyBrook Middle School07 - 08Regular3
Stout Field Elementary SchoolPK - 06Regular2
Suburban Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Sunny Heights Elementary SchoolKG - 04Regular3
Sunnyside Elementary School01 - 06Regular4
Sycamore SchoolPK - 08Private
The Childrens HousePK - 07Private
The Oaks AcademyPK - 08Private
The Orchard SchoolPK - 08Private
Theodore Potter School 74KG - 06Regular6
Thomas Carr Howe Comm High School07 - 12Regular2
Thomas D Gregg School 15PK - 06Regular1
Thompson Crossing Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular7
Tindley Collegiate Academy05 - 08Regular3
Tindley Preparatory Academy05 - 08Regular3
Tindley Renaissance AcademyKG - 04Regular3
Tindley Summit AcademyKG - 03Regular
Trinity Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Trinity Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Turning Point SchoolsPK - 06Private
University Heights Preparatory ACD06 - 12Regular2
Valley Mills Elementary School01 - 06Regular3
Village Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Vision AcademyKG - 06Regular
Walker Career CenterPK - 12Vocational Education
Warren Central High School09 - 12Regular3
Warren Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular4
Washington Irving School 14PK - 06Regular1
Wendell Phillips School 63PK - 06Regular1
West Newton Elementary School01 - 06Regular5
Westlake Elementary SchoolKG - 06Regular1
Westlane Middle School06 - 08Regular5
William A Bell School 60 Reggio Acad.PK - 04Regular6
William Henry Burkhart ElementaryKG - 05Regular5
William McKinley School 39PK - 06Regular3
William Pennsylvania School 49KG - 06Regular2
Winchester Village ElementaryPK - 05Regular2
Winding Ridge Elementary School01 - 06Regular2
Worthmore AcademyUG - UGPrivate
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Indianapolis    148 Reviews
Beware all who enter this dark hole - 1/25/2020
Indiana is a place where ideas go to die. The people here think creativity is a personality disorder. Yes, the cost of living is lower. Yes, there are material comforts... Read More

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Bottom feeder city - 7/13/2019
I've been to just about every big city and with the exception of St. Louis and Baltimore, Indianapolis is at the bottom of my list of America's urban places. It's a... Read More

Do your homework before moving here?? - 4/16/2019
Every comment on this feed is true about Indianapolis. I’m just adding my two! This city has jobs yes. Decent housing yes. Public transportation is becoming... Read More

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