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Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic81.472011
Black, non-Hispanic5.102011
Native American or Native Alaskan0.532011
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.142011
Students per TeacherYear

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School Cities
  Edgewood Elementary School - Muskegon, Michigan
  Longwood, Florida
  Clarkdale Elementary School - Austell, Georgia
  Durango, Colorado
  Singing Meadow Amish School - Airville, Pennsylvania
  Holloway, Minnesota
  Morales-Sanchez, Texas
  Rocky River Elementary - Monroe, North_Carolina
  Fremont, North Carolina
  Plattsburg, Missouri
  North Side Middle School - Elkhart, Indiana
  Montessori At Roseborough - Mount_Dora, Florida
  Chamlian Armenian School - Glendale, California
  Avon, Colorado
  William H Golding Middle School - Cobleskill, New_York
  Danube Avenue Elementary - Los_Angeles, California
  Helena, Montana
  Avalon, Georgia
  Bradenton, Florida
  Evant, Texas


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