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School Profile

Westgate High School
2305 Jefferson Island Road
New Iberia, LA 70560
(337) 365-2431
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public | 9-12
County: Iberia


  School Head OfficialYear
James E. Gray2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
8/29/2006studentI was supposed to be a senior at Westgate this year 2006-2007. I have had Mr. Gray as my principal ever since 7th grade. He is a wonderful person and cares more about everyone then anything I have seen before.
5/5/2006studentI think that they need to ease up on the dress code a little... How are we supposed to get a good education if the staff is worried about dress codes and such... How do outside pockets and rivets keep one from learning?
5/2/2006studentAs a freshman of Westgate High, I strongly believe that Mr.Gray is a great principal. The problem is that he treats the school like a correctional facility, and it ruins the high school experience. He needs to worry about issues that actually are a detrement to the students well-being and education. He needs to address important problems. Aside from this, Westgate High offers wonderful extracurricular activities. For the most part, the teachers are friendly and polite. Westgate staff does a great job of helping to organize extra academic incentives for the students. There should be more school dances (maybe once a month). Overall, this is a great school to attend.
3/24/2006parentTo the parent whose son got in trouble for having his shirt hanging out of his pants, I think you should be happy that he has someone who cares. Yes, some teachers shouldn't be teachers but Some parents shouldn't be parents. Without Mr. Gray Westgate would have no discipline. Maybe you should try to spend one day in Mr. Gray's shoes. If students were allowed to just sit and talk with friends at the lunchroom table they would never go to class. Maybe its ok with you if students come in late for class, their underwear is seen if they are sagging, and students do as they please. How many times have you been to Westgate for activities or just visiting the school. Thank goodness for Mr. Gray. He is awesome.
6/9/2005parentMr. Gray was my son's pricipal during middle school. I was really concerned about my son going to Westgate after hearing about the previous principal. I was excited to know that Mr. Gray would be transferring to Westgate. He is a wonderful principal. Kids today need discpline. After all, high school is one step in preparing our kids for the real world. Kids need to learn respect for their peers as well as other adults. They are attending school knowledge. Not to be sloppy, disrepectful, or play around. Its a disgrace to see the way some kids are raised. I applaud Mr Gray for leading my son down the right path while also teaching him that his goals are achievable and his future is bright. My only concern is that my younger son will not have the advantage of having Mr. Gray as principal in 7th grade.
3/6/2005parentOur child will be attending Westgate next year & the thing that impressed me the most on my visits was the discipline that the principal has in this school. Today our young adults do not (for the most part) respect adults or the authority they have & it shows. The lack of respect for authority, self & others shows up in dress, words & actions. I think it is wonderful to see Mr. Gray expect better of them & set standars high after all if they know the rules and are following them they won't have a problem.
1/21/2005parentI agree with the first review. The principal could ease up alittle, my son got three days in the AC for his shirt being untucked only twice. The first day he wrote lines and missed all class work that day, the next day he finally recieved class work after lunch time. I find this a bit stupid. I wish they could stick to real problems. And as with most schools, there are a few teachers who shouldn't be teaching in my opinion.
12/10/2004parentWestgate high school is pretty much a new school. Howevever this past year they recieve a new principal. The current principal is all about disipline. Children there feel as if they are getting punished for things they only are a custom of doing. This includes hanging out at lunch tables, getting needed restroom breaks, receiving academic rewards, wearing passed academic issued shirts, and so forth. School pride is much lower compared to the last five years. Students need somthing to look forward to and encourage them to do better. They are going to school to learn, not a correction center to improve behavior. I believe this school could be great if only the children can get encouraged to succeed and get involved. Thank you Parent

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