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Grace Brethren Christian School
6501 Surratts Rd
Clinton, MD 20735
(301) 868-1600
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private | PK-12
County: Prince George's


8/21/2012parentI like to describe the school in two way, (1) the environment is learn through mistakes and punishment and (2) if your child doesn't fit the mold they will be weeded out. I would not recommend this school to anyone because at the end of the day the complete atmosphere needed to educate and raise a child is not one condusive to produce the idea citizen. Parent involvement was NOT encouraged
4/22/2012otherI have been attending GBCS since K4 and am now in 9th grade. The teachers show test the students to the best of their abilities. I have shown interests in many subjects that I did not appreciate until now. I have also shown interests in sports and made many friends. Overall this school is safe, a good learning environment, and a great school.
2/27/2012parent I am impressed with GBCS. Staff & teachers are friendly, know almost every kid; at least by sight, & as an involved parent I see many great things. However, I have noticed more students who are more "public school" behaviorally; exhibit poor work ethic and speak & act in ways which made public school education distressing for my child. When the bell rings classes are focused on learning. I have complimented many students who are, in my opinion, future leaders & successes on their professional behavior & excellent communication & social skills. The downside about the school is the fees. I understand that a school runs on tuition, but the myriad fees are nonsensical. Renewal fees were over $600 for two children; e.g. reapplication fee (a four page application: updated contract, emergency contact page & declaration of tuition payment method $150 each.) Then more fees for activating payment plan & all non-refundable if for any reason kids can't attend next year such as job transfer. But if not paid early no guarantee of seat. Also students starting late (1/2 yr) pay same full fees, no pro-ration. Even some staff were astonished! Please rethink the fee structure.
4/13/2011parentThis is my daughter's first year as an eight grader at GBCS and she absolutely love it! She previously attended a public school so it took a little time for her to get acclimated. With missing old classmates and friends she found only negative things to say. After about 2 months, I only hear great things about her new school. She has absolutely no regrets with the transition. I find that my daughter is doing very well academically as public school students are usually a tab behind. This is due to the fact that the teachers really work with the students and provide the tools they need to excel. I decided to enroll my daughter at this school because of the positive feed back from other parents of kids who also attend. My daughter was always an honor roll student, but as she entered middle school (6th & 7th grade) things started to go downhill. I'm so glad we made the decision to enroll her in this school as we honestly have not had to deal with peer pressure or lack of interest as we did with her previous school. It's truly a blessing! Thank you so much GBCS. I look forward to a new year as she enters high school.
11/2/2010parentGreat School! Show true concern for the children's education and growth.
1/13/2010parentOur son has attended BGCS since Pre-K and he is now in the 4th grade. We love the school and our son loves the school. No school is prefect but you get out of it what you put into it. A very important part is the involvement from the parent being a part of the child's education. You can not just drop your child off at school and expect the teachers to do it all, you must get involved. You have to get in involved with their school work, homework and extracurricular activities. My husband and I are very involved and we have been since our son started at Grace Brethren. We know all the kids in his grade, a lot of the kids in the other grades and most of all the teachers in the elementary grades. Our child has matured and is excelling well academically. Get involved!
7/20/2009parentAs a parent, enjoy GBCS and am willing to make the financial sacrafice for the tuition. My son will be entering the 3rd grade in the fall. I am very satisfied with the extra curricular activities. I feel like the school makes efforts to keep the programs affordable and there is a good amount to choose from. Compared to public school where I feel my child learned nothing, I found the curriculum challenging. Some of the ways his teacher graded for the second grade I thought was hard for a 7 yr old but the push for excellence was there. I also found his teacher very interested and caring about his well-being and often called, e-mailed or sent some sort of message when she had concerns. I am glad the school goes up to the 12th grade. I plan on keeping him until he graduates high schoo.
6/17/2009parentIf parents are considering summer camp I would not reccomend Grace Brethren Christian School. The staff and program is unorganized. They will collect your tuition without having camp materials available for camper. The school facilities need updating and the school should hire counselors and assistants who are qualified and shows attentiveness towards the campers and their surroundings. I find it hard to consider GBCS as a school for my child to attend.
5/28/2009parentAfter reading previous years reviews, it is disappointing to read that in 2009 concerns are repeats from previous years and still unresolved. Grace Brethren has the potential to be a wonderful school if the priority is switched back to educating students first. Rules are enforced haphazardly with little consideration for students. Most of the people are very nice, but niceness does not prepare a student for college. Some teachers are more experienced than others which is a disadvantage to the student. More staff and faculty should reflect the demographics of the student body so that no child will be left behind.
5/19/2009parentAfter seeing that most reviews are from previous years, I felt compelled to write a more current review. My son has been in attendance at Grace since elementary school. I have witnessed significant changes in the quality and professionalism of the administration and teaching staff. I have also witnessed the transformation of the school from a caring, nurturing, and disciplined environment to a unreasonably strict, rigid, inflexible, legalistic, and somewhat institutionalized environment. Further, the lack of diversity is a major issue, primarily because the staff at the school do not seem to know how (nor have an interesting in learning how) to deal with children from various ethnic backgrounds. Parental involvement seems to only be welcome to help raise funds for the school. If the Administration does not make significant changes, enrollment will continue to drop, and not because of the recession and bad economy.
4/30/2008studentI have gone to Grace Brethren for about 3 years now, the school is okay but it could be better. The academics at Grace are good just because you must work hard to earn the grades. Some teachers at the school are very strict but some need to work on their skills. Overall the school is fair.
3/26/2008studentI am a high school graduate from GBCS. I attended the high school during a time when the racial demographics were changing. I have no ill feelings towards the academics because there are great teachers who instruct on a college level. However, they do not possess enough diversity in their teachers or staff to inform or encourage their minority students to attend colleges. I remember a day when I wanted to learn about attending an HBCU and they could only provide me with information about Prince Georges Community College. I as a 3.8 GPA student was insalted and not only did I graduate from Spelman College ( #2 for sending women to med. school) but, I am also on a track to complete my PHD. Out of the 14 African Americans to graduate that year, only 5 went completed college. You decide!
11/1/2007studentI am a student at Grace and this is my third year attending. For me personally, the school experience really depends on the child. Many of the teachers have attitudes but there are a few that truely care like Mr.Wulff and Ms.Fulwillie(so if you come in contact with them known that they really do care). When I arrived I was slightly disappointed by the lack of diversity among the teachers and to me there certain rules enforced that are a little uneeded. On another hand the school has a wide-spread athletic program from soccer( yay!) to golf. The only acception is the school does not have football. The school does have a very open enviorment for Christians and most students are friendly. Students there are actually very silly and open. I would have to say that your experience at Grace is really up to what you prefer.
3/28/2007parentI love the preschool program! The teachers really care about the kids! They are the teachers to the children and a 'second mom' to many of the kids who are in school for long periods of time. Learning through play is so important when kids are four, five and six years old and I like the balance between learning opportunities using curriculum and learning opportunites through structured, play-based time. I highly recommend the Preschool/Kindergarten program at GBCS! If in doubt, check it out!
7/17/2006studentI am a student at Grace Brethren. I have attended there for 7 years. The leadership of the teachers is just so wonderful! They have helped me alot through time were I really needed help. Their organization with the discipline is right on key and is very safe.
5/7/2006parentMy child attended kindergarten at GBCS. I was not impressed. I expected my child to read at the end of kindergarten; however, she only knows lots of sight words and not enough phonics. I plan to put her in a special reading program. Information sent home displayed poor writing skills in the staff. Some of the administration/staff have attitudes that are not becoming of a Christian. I am displeased with the lack of diversity in the staff, and I believe they are ill equipped to deal with the new demographics of the school.
1/7/2006studentThis school is great. The academics are great they also have great school programs like there is a middle school singing program called jam and a high school program called wog.they are excellent. The dress code is good because it allows the students to wear clothing that expresses their own personality(collared shirts and cackies)overall this school is great and gives the students a well-rounded environment to grow up in.(from a 7th grader).
5/22/2005parentMy child was in the high school program. It is very legalistic and very money oriented. It seems to care more about rules and money then education. My child became very depressed attending this school. My child loved some of the teachers in the school and these few teachers are the ones who kept our child somewhat on track until we could make other arrangements. Some of the teachers truely care and some only care about rules and who is followiong them. Homeschooling was suggested to us so that is what we are doing now and our child is thriving in education and happy. Finally! God is Good!
4/7/2005parentThis is my daughters second year at Grace. She is in the high school and had some trouble adjusting to the discipline and higher standards expected of he,, however, she has made that adjustment and is doing quite well. Grace is an outstanding school with much to offer. I encourage any parent who wants the bes for their child to consider Grace.
1/25/2005parentGrace is an 'Outstanding Christian school! The students, staff, and parents truly care about developing strong, positive, and responsible young Christians.
12/4/2004parentThis is a great school. Teachers have high expectations for their students. My son was failing in the public school system and had become disinterested in learning. My son encountered no disciplinary problems and was able to focus on learning. He graduated with a high GPA. My son and I loved this school. I recommend this school to anyone wanting a quality education for their children.
11/27/2004parent'This school has been a great choice for my son. My child is finally getting the challenged that he needs. The teachers really work with the children and I like their teamwork. If your child is falling behind, the teachers instantly call you regarding your Childs grades. I am the type of parent that likes to stay on top of things when it comes to my son education. I fell it s imperative for parents to play there part too. Education truly comes first and I a proud that I as a parent made the right choice.

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