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John Hanson Montessori
6360 Oxon Hill Rd
Oxon Hill, MD 20745
(301) 749-4052
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public | PK-8
County: Prince George's


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8/16/2012parentThe Montessori method of teaching has been completely lost due to the poor administration and leadership of the school. Most of the teachers are sub-par or average at best and the principal that just left as well as the new principal (who was the former vice-principal) both are apathetic in their approach to motivating the staff and fighting for the needs of the school. Numerous parents have had to get tutors for their kids because the teaching is so poor. The restrooms are a nightmare; you almost need a hazmat suit to use them. Thank goodness their is a strong PTA in place that actually cares and is willing to try and improve the school. Think twice before putting your child in this school. The test scores may be decent, but a child's safety and being in a sanitary environment are important as well. Parents should have a peace of mind that their child is in a safe, healthy environment when at school. John Hanson Montessori is not it.
1/10/2011parentJohn Hanson Montessori has and continues to exceeds my expectations. My son is doing an outstanding job and is even learning how to read, as a 3 year old. His teachers (Ms. Tuano and Ms. Avery) are great and partner with me in educating my child.
12/31/2010parentI wrote an Rating of 5/5 APPLES on 06/11/2010 - informing readers of email that stated: " I am a TRUE BELIEVER of the program at this school; because they provide a warm, loving environment where your child can feel comfortable and safe. They encourage children to discover new knowledge, to create and work out relationships with others; therefore, openly allowing their students (with guidance) to express and acquire new skills and interests with one another !!! The teachers at this school "Primary Goal" is Caring For The Children :) Shirley Swinson"Battle :)
11/1/2010parentThe Montessori method of learning teaches children to be analytical and independent thinkers, lovers of learning and highly self-motivated. John Hanson as one of only a handle of public Montessori schools in our nation embodies Dr. Maria Montessori teaching methodology and yet balances the rigors of required state testing for a public school. Our students excel on every level: academics, arts, instrumental, sports, and languages. We're proud to be eagles.
9/13/2010parentI took my son out in the middle of his first year at John Hanson. Coming from Bowie Montessori school to John Hanson was a shocking, at JH there was no reports of incidents at the school at all, his teacher Mrs. Koronowski was a nightmare, she failed to report when two other children groped my child, even though my child told Mrs. K she did nothing at all, when I reported the incident to the principal Mrs. Chappelle she was all to familiar with one of the perpetrators. Mrs. Koronowski was absent much too much. On one of her absents, two students were fighting over a pencil and my son got stabbed in the forehead, again no notice of anything from the school. In my opinion this has been the worst school we have experienced. My son was constantly bored at John Hanson, he loves his new school St Marys
5/20/2010parenti love my son's teacher Mrs. Ross who goes that extra mile to make sure my son is on task. We work as a team to get him what he needs to get it done.
4/28/2010parentI must say, I was not sure how well my three, now four year old son would do in school. Being that he was always with grandma. Since going to JHM he has truly developed to be a little man. He is learning and picking up on thing that surprises me everyday. He loves his teacher Ms. Brooks, she firm but patience with her students. I can't wait for next school year when he will be going to school on a full day schedule.
4/27/2010parentMy three, now four year old loves this school and more importantly her teacher (ms. Tuano). I do too. She is generally a shy child and i see her coming out of her 'soft' shell. Blossoming so the speak. So far...........Love this school!!
4/27/2010parentThe teachers are wonderful. Although they have limited resources, they manage to do a superb job of educating the students so much so that the school's test scores are among the highest in the county. My children adore their teachers (Ms. Davis and Ms. Bannat). The school is an absolute jewel in the county.
2/5/2008parentI find this school to be excellent!
8/24/2007parentJohn Hanson Montessori have teachers & staff who are dedicated to their children. The children are learning things at an early age that many of us didn't learn until we were in middle/high school.
6/10/2007studentThis school is #1 in Prince George's County. I go to this school and I just love it. The Montessori program helped me succeed in many different ways.
5/30/2007otherI worked at John Hanson for 3 years and it is a wonderful school for bright, independent thinking students. Rachelle Crawford Speech-Language Pathologist
1/8/2007parentI've been a Montessori parent at John Hanson since 2002. This year has absolutely been the worst of the four. The Montessori program (except the primary program) is steadying losing it's identity. What we have is a Montessori title with a tradition program. We no longer have the fusion of Montessori and comprehensive that worked so beautifully the first two years. In order for this program to be truly be successful, we need a separate Montessori certified principal; a Montessori certified staff from primary to 8th grade. More importantly, we need our teachers to do what they know and that is to be Montessorians.
5/31/2006parentThis has been the first year my son has attended this school and I am so excited about the experience. He started the 3 yr old program and he is able to count to 100 and identify all of his numbers. His teacher is outstanding and takes major interest in him she even holds meetings for parents on her own time. The principal is excellent along with the other staff. I feel as though my son is in a private school setting although it is a public school. Kudos to everyone at John Hanson.
11/17/2005parentMy son has been attending John Hanson Montessori School ever since he was 3 year old....he is now 6 years old. The Principal, teachers, hall monitors, cafeteria workers, librarians, nurse, etc. take such a personal interest in the students that they know each student by name. My son has learned so much at the tender ages of three and four, so, by the time he entered Kindergarten, he was prepared to take on the challenge of reading books and writing in his journal. I would especially like to thank Ms. Bannat, Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Quasius for challenging my son 'Q' to do great things. SSavoy
5/5/2005parentJohn Hanson has a good program that is lacking support from parent. My son is having difficulty adjusting to some of the children in the school. I've been to the school 5 times for issues involving his behavior. A lot of the problems are caused by him but, most of the time it involves some other student bothering him in some way. If my son can't adjust at this school, I may have to place him in another. He's been at John Hanson for 3 yrs and this is by far his most trying period. As parents we make sure we address his behavior and offer as much support to his teacher as possible. I'm not sure if the other parents are as involved or concerned as we are. I wish he could be in class with more children who are there to learn and not cause disruptions.
12/14/2004former studentI think this school is great for the kids they are learning and having fun and enjoying time with there class mates.
6/23/2004parentAll I can say is this school is so great.This school is one of the best. The teachers here are so very concerned about the students education. Also providing the parents with information to better our children perparing our children for the state wide test and all other test. The take the as much time as needed to get these ready for there future. The Adminstration is also the best. Time is everything and they do give this to our children. It give the parent a piece of mind when we know our children are being cared for. This school is k-8 and it is well organized. I just wanted to say that John Hanson Mont. South in Oxon Hill Md. that you job is well done and that I wish you the best in the future. Thanks Again for everything. My family wishes you the best!!!

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