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Severna Park High School
60 Robinson Rd
Severna Park, MD 21146
(410) 544-0900
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public | 9-12
County: Anne Arundel


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/26/2012otherThe academics are amazing, however if you take the time to meet alumni you realize there is something a little off about a homogeneous white-bread culture fixated on status symbols... If you can't "keep up with the Jonses," don't waste your money on a house in Severna Park. There are plenty of academically outstanding schools in the area that don't almost require parents to make six figures and spend half of it on their kids.
6/28/2011otherGreat teachers help to really motivate the kids! I feel that a very high level of education can be obtained at this school - as not only do the teachers care the students do as well.
6/20/2011otherBased on one of the comments from a student, who mistakenly identifies herself/himself as a Teacher, I do not get a warm and fuzzy about this school. The review had many spelling and grammar errors. Is this student an example of a 10-rated school's education?
3/1/2011otherThey really prepare you well for future endeavors. having recently graduating and now attending college I realize all the opportunities that the school has to offer. send your kid here and encourage them to branch out around school.
11/24/2010studentI would NEVER send my child to this school. I graduated from this school in recent years. Severna Park Senior High School students wear rug burns on their knees as if they are trophies and drink their way through high school. The appearance is deceiving. There's sex, drugs and alcohol at any school, but unfortunately it is to an extremely high degree at Severna Park Senior High School. There is also a large amount of bullying within all grade levels. I would not recommend this school to anyone and I will certainly not send my future children to this school.
11/4/2010teacherIn acadmetics, this is a good school. I now am a college bound senior. Right now, the school is getting to parniod with things students to. At homecoming, they prevented anyone from acutally dancing. Those who danced were kicked out. Mean while, wikapedia has been blocked. The information is useful only to use pictures and get started with the serch, but not for using as an acutal source. Parniod. Now, the school has threatened to suspend or even arrest seniors who stay behind after early relise, even if it's just to get worked done. This is turning in to a big police school. Meanwhile, Mr.Perry, Mrs. Biberly, Mrs.majoran, and Mrs.Garzon are alful teachers who do not belong in a highscool setting. Most of the teachers are good thought. Mean while, many of the media center employies are rude for no good reason. College here i come.
11/1/2010studentgreat school. the is the land of overachievers. so prepare to study and don't expect to breeze through on natural intellect. you need to work :)
1/23/2010otherAcademically and athletically, this IS a great school. As others have noted, however, the infrastructure is crumbling, and that is the fault of the county that SPHS depends on for support. As an outside observer, I'm also aware that bullying is a problem that, while episodic, has been given lip service, but has, to all appearances, not been confronted aggressively by the administration. That is a big detraction from the school's many excellent qualities.
8/25/2009parentBoth of our children entered SPHS on a high note and ended far exceeding our expectations. Get your ducks in a row before entering! -Parent
11/4/2008parentThis is an excellent school academically and has a strong tradition of competitive sports programs and VERY active families. Higher performing students will have many opportunities to pursue advanced programs that are not available at even some of the best local private schools. The only reason this school is not a 5 in my opinion is the facilities. AA County's procrastination with both maintenance and replacement of it's aging school facilities threatens the future success of this school, but it goes to show it is the motivation and involvement of the students, parents, staff and community that make a school successful, even if it has inadequate facilities. So if you look beyond the crumbling classrooms and some overflowing toilets you will find an excellent school, one of the best in the state.
1/4/2008studentI am a proud alumni of SPHS. I participated in both the music and athletic programs. I had a sibling particpate in music and drama while another chose to participate in no after school programs. While I agree with the student who said everything is a competition at SPHS, it is that competition that leads Severna Park to develop student who are ready for challenging college programs. If you are looking for a great school, public or private, where your child is expected to perform at a higher level, Severna Park is the place to be!
12/6/2007parentgreat kids, parents, teachers !
5/22/2007parentSPHS has an outstanding academic tradition, leading Anne Arundel County in AP/SAT/HSA test scores year in and year out. If I were shopping for a school for my child, SPHS is high on the list and 1st in Anne Arundel county. The academic program is highly regarded, highly rewarding and competitive. Academic programs are supported by a very knowledgable faculty. The honors/AP program is exceptional. Extracurricular and sports programs are highly successful, especially the women's programs. SPHS is a college prep academic institution. AP classes are available in all academic areas of study. The level of parent involvement is moderately high. This is a fine school with a long standing academic history.
2/8/2006parentAcademics are top notch and Honors and AP programs are significant here.Student abilities run high. This school had 9 National Merit Semi-Finalists-the highest no. ever this year. Strong extracurricular programs exist. There is a strong choral,band and orchestra program. Sports are popular zand dramatic arts.The girl's field hockey is usually tops in the state. Teachers arehighly experienced and have a solid administration team.Class sizes could be smaller,but typical of today. This is mostly a college preparatory high school though other programs exist.it is a suburban school-relatively safe and there is strong parent participation through PTO and Booster organizations.Many people move here because of the school reputation.
10/9/2005studentI am currently a student of Severna Park. The students, teachers and administrators all get along. The only thing is that everything is always a competition. The sports teams are so competitive and political. If it was down to two people; one person having amazing skills, and one person having ok skills but parents knowing the coaches, the second kid would make the team. Academically, SPHS is a good school, but not in other areas. There are 2 different groups; preppy, and other. If your not in the preppy group, your an outcast. I think you should rethink sending your child to this school.

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