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Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic68.052011
Black, non-Hispanic8.242011
Native American or Native Alaskan0.252011
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.112011
Students per TeacherYear

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School Cities
  Martell,Martell, California
  Sanford B. Ladd Elementary School - Kansas City, Missouri
  Roseau, Minnesota
  Freeport Kdg Center - Freeport Township (Greene County), Pennsylvania
  Central High School - Cheyenne, Wyoming
  Norwich Elementary School - Hilliard, Ohio
  Yantis, Texas
  Meadowbrook Elementary School - Novi, Michigan
  Cimarron Elementary School - Aurora, Colorado
  Keicher Elementary School - Michigan Center, Michigan
  Mobile City, Texas
  Ironton, Ohio
  Round Hill School - Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania
  Brookhaven, New York
  74438 - Hitchita, Oklahoma
  Catasauqua, Pennsylvania
  Charleston Park, Florida
  Not - Piney Woods, Mississippi
  37882 - Townsend, Tennessee
  Hamilton Parsons Elementary School - Leonard, Michigan


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