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Doctor Franklin Perkins School
971 Main Street
Lancaster, MA 1523
(978) 368-6522
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private | 1-12
County: Worcester


6/8/2012otherPerkins is horrible. I do not recommend sending your child here. I was a resident at Perkins for two years. I witnessed and heard about several horrifying cases that were shoved under the rug. Most of the staff members are young, unqualified, and should NOT be in charge of taking care of the mentally ill. It is as if they hire people off of the streets without running background checks. I've seen animals treated with more respect than these poor misunderstood children. Like the person that wrote below me, I also have experienced severe PTSD and constant nightmares from having been sent away (against my will) to Perkins. They often will shove you in a small cold room for hours just for something as simple as hugging or giving another peer a high-five. All I ask is that you please reconsider sending your children here, there are so many better options, why risk the safety of your child and risk scarring them for the rest of their lives? The only good thing about Perkins is the school, the teachers are amazing and they are very helpful with one on one schoolwork. Go ahead and send your child to the day program, but please do not leave your child in residential.
10/15/2011otherI currently attend this school. This is my 5th year. This school is not for everyone, because any child or parent knows, especially kids with special needs, that no one is the same. Perkins does the best they can do for all students AND families who choose their school. Over my many years of attending Perkins, I have bonded with the staff a great amount. They are trained to be compromising and caring while still applying structure and consequences (when rightly deserved). When a student is put into a restraint, or seclusion ( which is not a four by four, don't be dramatic) it is to keep the safety of the student, their peers and the staff. I have tourettes, bi polar, ADHD, OCD, and 3 different forums of anxiety. When my mother and I heard that I could be medicated, attend therapy and learn in a safe environment, we where thrilled. I have been supported through my journey here. my grades immediately went from failing to passing. Yes sometimes I hated school, and wanted to leave, but no where else that fit. My name is Haley Sottile and at last graduation I got to sing a solo and got to make a speech. I was awarded these privileges because I have succeeded with the help of Perkins.
7/24/2011parentMy child was at the Franklin Perkins School for four years as a resident. And while not perfect (what school is?) I give them extremely high marks in several areas. The teachers there are some of the most dedicated and creative educators I have known. And my child has really grown there. Enough so that we are now looking at a new placement that can prepare our child for college. We love the school and are very glad our child could have the opportunity to attend.
6/27/2011other i wouldn't recommend this school to anyone, The way they treat children and teenagers like zoo animals is sickening. i was a student there for three years, and what seemed to happen is i just developed a decent amount of P.T.S.D, from having a lot of anxiety issues i was very scared and overwhelmed when i got there. being thrown in 4 by 4 plastic rooms didn't help.
7/6/2010parentthis school should not be recommened to anyone they show you at the tour all of these wonderful thing like a pool fitness center a stable dont be fouled they dont let your child do any of this and for your child to be able to ride the horses or go to the stable they make you pay unafforable prices that are absoultly riddiculous these staff are suppose to be trained to help your child but alls they do when a child acts up is put them in a restraint in put them in there time out room there restrainst often leave your child with bruises i strongly suggest putting your child in another school sincerly, a very angry mom
10/2/2008parentMy great nephew has been attending this school and has benefited greatly. We couldn't ask for better Staff. My nephew absolutley loves being here. We have looked around to try and find a better placement for him and we couldn't find one. The staff/student ratio can't be beat. The determination of the staff and students is unbelievable. We thank god everyday that there is such a place as Dr. Franklin Perkins School.
2/25/2008studenti have went to this school and it helped me so much i got my life on track plus i done stuff after this school i couldnt have done if it wherent for there help from Andrew Lloyd a former student
4/18/2007parentI am legal guardian to my 15 year old niece who has benefited tremendously from this program. She entered the program almost a year ago with significant emotional issues due to trauma and losses in her life. The staff has been more than supportive and she has made significant progress there. My niece would say it is terrible there with too many rules but it is just the environment she needs to keep her safe and to help her face her problems. We could not do this for her at home a year ago but she is now on her way to be ready to return home within a few months. This school is not for everyone but it has been a life saver for her. Remember this is a therapeutic boarding school where the social/ emotional and behavioral issues must be dealt with before children are ready to learn.
10/4/2006staffI have to say as a n employee of Dr. Franklin Perkins school that i am horrified by the review i just read anyone reading this same review please note that Perkins school Is a school for DSS children and children with Mental/Emotional Trauma. It is not a 'private school' in the context of being known for outstanding education it is known for being able to help children who are mentally/emotionally scared who need help with there issues.
5/16/2006former studentI would not recomend this school to anyone. When you go to tour they will show you a pool and stables and many other things. But when your child goes there tehy will not have access to any of it. The school does follow the general education requirements, but they will not provide your child with the education needed to get into a four year college. The school is meant for children with behavior problems, and learning disabilities, but it has a tendancy to do more harm than good.

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