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Chocksett Middle School
40 Boutelle Rd
Sterling, MA 1564
(978) 422-6552
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public | 5-8 & ungraded
County: Worcester


  School Head OfficialYear
Marguerite Snow2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
12/15/2009studentI completely disagree with the parents who say their kids get 2-3 hours of homework EACH night. When i was in 5th grade, i got very little homework and it was easy to keep up as long as i paid attention in class. I am now in 8th grade, still at chocksett, and i love it. They're preparing us for high school, and those who try(like me) can easily get straight A's. I'll admit, some of the teachers are less qualified than others, but overall, this school is pretty great.
6/1/2009otherI used to b a student at this school and I now attend Monty Tech. Although I was an A and B student I did often struggle at Chocksett. I definitely agree with the November 2008 comment that there is very poor communication between the teachers and parents, or even the teachers and students when it comes to requirements or homework and projects. These teachers assign a lot of work to these students. They start preparing the students for high school in the 5th grade when they should be preparing them for the grades ahead in middle school.
1/12/2009parentcaring staff excellant education format, sports are focused on school representation not only ahletic prowess.
1/7/2009parentI agree with the post of November 2008. So far, our 5th grader has experienced 4-5 hours of homework every night, including weekends. Although there is a tremendous amount of work required of the student, I am uncertain as to how much effort is put in the other end. Research projects are required, yet there is little library time and basic mechanics of creating reports are are not reviewed. Our class' website often requires updating, and errors are found both there and in notes handed out in class. I've been witness to students receiving failing grades in 5th grade as well - students I've known to be quite good at Houghton. There is a problem here.
11/16/2008parentOur daughter was an A student until she started school here. Many other parents I have spoken to have the same experiences with this school where their kids are struggling to get even average grades. This is a VERY important transitional time in these 5th graders' lives. The teachers have done nothing to help these kids with organizational skills - they are just expected to take on everything that is thrown at them from many different directions and are given 2-3 hours of homework EACH night. I have seen my daughter come home with well below failing grades on tests and were shocked that there was no note from the teacher to prepare us for it. There is poor communication with the parents. These failing grades have left our daughter with feelings of low self esteem at this transitional time when we are trying so hard to build her confidence.
6/17/2008parentI am extremely happy with this school and their leadership. I have always been most appreciative of the attention and attitude of both the asst. and the principal.
11/8/2007parentI agree the administration is lacking, but the teachers are doing a good job. My son and daughter both attended Chocksett and did well at the high school because of the high demands of their teachers.
9/5/2007parentI'm very disappointed in many aspects of Chocksett. My kids attended another school in the area and were much more focus. At Chocksett, there is a very scant reading program. The principalship seems very disorganized. No school supply list is sent home at the end of the school year. Students must wait until school starts to know what supplies to get, when the stores are running low. This is very frustrating and inefficient.
4/25/2007parentI don't agree with the previous comments about how terrific this school is. My child had a great time in the Houghton Elementary, but the Chocksett Middle school has been a big disappointment. Some of the teachers are great, but some of them really seem burned out and unprofessional. The principle allows this to happen. She seems to judge kids by how they look or present themselves and is easily taken in by 'kiss up' type kids.
1/6/2007parentI think this school is very well put together, I love it! The children are nice, and the teachers are wonderful. Mrs.Snow and Mrs.Sab are fantastic.
1/6/2007studentI am a student at Chocksett, and any parent considering this middle school for their child sure is lucky! This is a great school. It has great teachers, and good kids. Mrs.Sab(Asst. Princebal) and Mrs.Snow (Pricabel) are great. Chocksett has great tst scores, and it also has great after school programs. I'm on the cheerleaing scwad and I love it~ There's basketball, soccar,baseball, softball, field hockey, track, sewing, cooking, so many more! I look foward to comming to school each day!

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