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Pansophia Academy
52 Abbott Ave
Coldwater, MI 49036
(517) 279-4686
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charter | K-12
County: Branch


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Tom Dove2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/29/2012parentPansophia is an awesome school. They treat your child like a person and not a number. The Principle, Mr Palmer does an excellent job to try and put the student first yet still be "THE PRINCIPLE." They have many options that the Community schools do not have since they have smaller, more personalized classes. I recommend Pansophia to ANYONE not happy with the community schools.
9/30/2011otherThis school is not up to date with any of it's services. Moodle is a poor version of an interactive communication program. If you want your children to thrive, please look at the school's functionality and website before you enroll them here. Public schools that are not charter offer electronic grading; staff web sites that have all homework, tests, activities listed; and teachers who have been teaching much longer than those at Pansophia. Children need up to date schools with phenomenal technology to truly achieve their goals in life. Pansophia Academy caters to low income parents and children, and those students often leave only being able to read and write on a first grade level. Just because they GIVE your child an A, does not mean your chiles is EARNING that A or getting the education they need. Please stay away from charters such as this.
7/25/2011teacherIf you re looking for great learning environment then Pansophia Academy is the place for you. This is a small charter school that prides its self on having small class sizes (20 or less students in a class), lots of field trips and providing each student with individulized learning goals. The school has lots of new teachers that are ready to provide your student with the best education.
5/12/2010teacherWe do have a new web-site, however, we are not yet able to incorporate the features of a larger public school with parent's abilities to check attendance, grades and assignments. We are making strides to move to that for next year utilizing Moodle. We are constantly striving to improve the curriculum, the environment and the education the students receive that are in our care. With our two new administrators, Mr. Ruff and Mr. Ollar, we are striving to provide the most excellent environment in which your children can learn and grow. Thank you for your support.
1/12/2010parentThe Principal is excellant and contains issues within the school...Most of the Teachers are very nice and responsive..I have only had 1 issue with a Science Teacher..But over all the School is pretty good. My kid's just started going there this year. I just wish the School would have it's own website were you could check grades and classroom assignments and lunch accounts like you can at Communtiy schools
3/15/2009parentMy children attended Pansophia for 1 year each. I was thrilled with the schools ability to challenge my gifted children. The teaching staff is phenominal and the test scores show it. Pansophia is an excellent choice for anyone who wants what is best for their child.
9/2/2008parentLax discipline, and a rediculous dress code, that caused more distraction to my children's learning than it relieves.
6/4/2008otherI have worked at this school. My experience was that the majority of the students were very rude to adults, swore often, and had very low motitation to work. This school tends to take on kids that have been kicked out of other schools and they are the majority here. The discipline is way too lax and the kids have picked up on that. The elementary part of the school is ok. Many of the older kids have already been in trouble with the law and have that type of problems in their homes. The school is nice and new, the class sizes are small. but the family who really wants thie child to be pushed and challenged need to think twice before sending your child here. This school does have a lot of foriegn exchange students from unusual countries which is nice.
9/24/2006parentI recently enrolled my children into Pansophia Academy. I made this decision due to the fact that I was told my administration that there is a full time para pro in All classes. Much to my disappointment this is not factual information and I am struggling with the fact of one being 'Misled' and two the attitude of the staff. I am no longer comfortable with my decision of sending my children to Pansophia Academy. All intentions of putting them back in public schools by next week! Hope this is informative for all.
5/11/2006parentPansophia has been such a great expierience for my son. The classes are smaller. You can go in any time and talk to your childs teacher and find out whats going on. No headaches of trying to contact and playing phone tag with several teachers. And the principal Mr. Dove, is absolutely wonderful. He is so kind, caring ,understanding yet strong. I have the utmost respect for the man. I highly reccomend this school.
12/22/2005parentPansophia Academy was a great school while I attened there. I just graduated not even a month ago. The teachers and the principle were very nice and respectful to those who had medical problems like myself. The only thing I regret is not speaking up enough and being too quiet.
7/31/2005parentPansophia has a great student/teacher ratio, the teachers seem to really care about the children and I'm impressed with the quality of the teaching staff. I have gotten to know many of the teachers in the 4 years my children have attended, and I believe they strive to keep the best interest of the family in mind. I have a special needs child, and the support we've recieved is tremendous. Although I think that this is the best school in the nearby area, keep in mind that it is a small school and the extra - curricular activities are limited. The sports teams that they do have are small and there is a fair amount of traveling when going to the games because of the size of the school. I would recommend this school to anyone who places education at the top of their needs when choosing a school.
7/28/2005parentI know Pansophia is an excellent school. I have seen it succeed for MANY children when the public schools failed. I have seen it as a parent, and as a friend of other parents. Their children improved one and two grade levels! Some have 'graduated' from special ed! I've also seen gifted children FINALLY get challenged after years in the public schools of sitting around. Pansophia has teachers that care, take time for EVERY student, and communicate with the parents daily if necessary or desired. This school goes WAY beyond what is expected. We loveve it and our children will all graduate from Pansophia. Go PUMA'S!
12/1/2004studentI think that pansophia is one of the very best schools in the aeris. the do their best to help others and work wery hard at what they do.the best pare about pansophia is that they do teach the students.the parents work hard to make sure that their students succed.
11/11/2004parentI think that Pansophia is one of the worst schools that my children have attended. I have children with special needs and their needs were of no consideration of no interest of this school. They were able to have a better evironment in the public school system than at this school. I don't recomend any parent send their child here; especially if their child might need a little extra attention or love.

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