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Detroit Edison Public School Academy
1903 Wilkins St
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 833-1100
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charter | K-12
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. Ralph Bland2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
9/14/2012parentThe school is so unorganized and under-staffed. There is a lack of communication that bothers me especially with my child being in kindergartern.
8/22/2011parentIf the way I was greeted (of lack there of) and the fact that my vmail message, email message and a note at the front desk for the superintendent went ignored, is any indication of how my children will be ignored in this school, I will NOT be interested in sending them there. You would think a simply phone call would be returned to an inquiring parent. If this is how those in charge would run a business, that business would fold right after it opens. Poor communication from the top down. :-( DPS is looking a whole lot better right now.
7/21/2011teacherI am a studet at Early College of Excellence (The High School) and I ha been going to this institution since Kindergarten. One thing I will say is that no school has no flaws, and this is no exception. But it is a great loving school with a clean, caring, and safe enviornment. I am taking an advanced Algebra 2 class in 9th grade (Algebra 2 is taken in 10th) and I finished the class in one semester after being taught by a college proffeser. We also went to NY for free to look at colleges. This is a great school and I encourage you to apply.
5/25/2011parentYes, DEPSA has had a high teacher turnover thats because they do not allow lazy teacher to stay and if you are lazy you will quit . Student are being prepared for high school, the serious one are scoring 20's on the ACT right out of 8th grade. Standards are up, your student must be ready for DEPSA. Michigan State standard will change 2012, DEPSA has already change making sure they stay ahead. TRY DEPSA pre-K-10th
3/31/2011parentEdison use to be a great school, but things are really changing and the staff has been very disrespectful to the students. I have had to go to the school three time for teachers talking to my child anyway. Also her teacher has change 3 time in the first term that's crazy. There are little academics and they pick the same students from the following year never give other kids a chance.. My daughter has been there 3th grade and never have made it on anything and nows she in 7th. Same with my son it's time to go they r unorganized and ruled..
3/28/2011parentThe school is excellent for high achievers. However, I find that children with special needs are lost. The curriculum is taught in an excellerated pace. Teachers seem to be on a time clock while teaching and under a lot of stress, which trickles over to the students. They have the time needed to slow down for the children needing individualized attention. I find a high level of anxiety among students, their parents and the teachers. There is an extremely high turn over of teachers which do not help the students.
12/7/2010parentThis school is unbelievable! DEPA has a very high turnover with there teachers. 2010 school year 95% of their teachers either quit or got fired. The administration replaced these teachers with whomever was available to teach. Before the 1st reportcard came out, my son homebase teacher was replaced 3 different times, math teacher replaced 3 different times, writing teacher replaced 2 twice. It's a total mess at DEPSA. Planned on spending 4 hours at parent teachers conference, ands depending on which academy your child is in that still may not be enough time. I'm very disappeared with DEPSA, this is a very unorganized school!
8/23/2010parentI must agree with another parent who is disgusted at the high teacher turnover rate at DEPSA. It is very deplorable. They put a high emphasis on reading but the other subjects they place a lower amount of emphasis. Science, math and language are just as important as reading. This is not the same school that it was when they won the Blue Ribbon. Mr. Bland who is the superintendent is very knowledgable and personable I can't say the same for the rest of the administration. This may be my kids last year there.
4/2/2010studentI'm in the 8th grade and I have been going to DEPSA for all my life. DEPSA is a family and I teared up when I had to take my High School Placement Test because I knew I was officially leaving DEPSA. I got accepted to Renaissance High School with their help. DEPSA is the way, and I am sure I will continue to visit them. DEPSA is surely a 10.! `Love you Mr. Bland, Joyia
3/17/2010parentDEPSA has an outstanding reading program. The have many after school activities for a variety of interests. Parents are involved. The school nurse is on top of health issues and concerns. A top notch education experience.
3/17/2010studentthis school is really great i really love the teachers they really cared about you and your academin sucess i love it there
3/1/2010parentDEPSA is a family oriented school, my children love the environment! Generally, I have a hard time getting them to leave school. DEPSA is a challenging school and the students seem to be highly motivated and engaged. I'm proud to see African American's in a city like Detroit successfully manage an organization. Some key points are Male Leadership,Technology, Parent Involvement.
3/1/2010parentDEPSA has its good points and bad points. On the good side, they do have a caring and dedicated staff who care about the students. The work is challenging (often teaching @ 1 grade level above) and their reading program demands much from the students, as well as the parents. On the downside, the teacher turnover rate is deplorable and I find the quality of education declines each year. DEPSA is slowly slipping into something less than desireable. They can still turn it around, but they need to retain those quality teachers committed to teaching our kids.
1/4/2010parentThis school needs to do a better job on relaying information to parents. I thought today was the first day back to school after the holidays. To my surprise the school was closed. Also, there have been occasions where I have left phone messages to staff members trying to get information. I have never gotten a return phone call from any of the staff that I have called.
11/5/2009parentThis is one of the best school's in the state! The staff and faculty consistently gives the children their best, education is the top priority, and parent involvement is required.
11/5/2009parentI love DEPSA because it is a Blue Ribbon school and my child receives the best education at no cost.
11/5/2009parentI love DEPSA because it challenges my children with their high standards of academic excellence.
11/5/2009parentFantastic learning environment and great kids!
11/5/2009parentD.E.P.S.A. is an awesome institution for learning. I feel that they go above and beyond to provide all the students with a global approach to learning not only academics but life skills as well. Which in today's society we need more of to compete with the rest of the world. Detroit Edison has them well on their way. My daughter loves school.
11/4/2009parentThis is a place where learning is expected, high expectations are met, and excellence is found in every classroom, hallway, and extra curriculum activity! I get up every morning glad to go to work and engage my students!
11/3/2009parentIt's a great learning place for your children. The staff is very helpful and the school is safe.
11/2/2009parentI love Edison Public School Academy because it is a wonderful academically challenged school.
11/2/2009parentThe curriculum is always pushing the children to their best. Detroit Edison Academy is motivational as well as educational.
11/1/2009parentDEPSA has a great learning environment and community!
11/1/2009otherThe teachers at Edison Public School Academy are so engaged and so caring about their students! I know the children who attend EPSC are in great hands each and every day. They are learning and exceling - which is what it is all about!
10/30/2009parentOur school is a high learning institute with beautiful children that have various backgrounds. It incorporates reading and math that allows students to learn at a good pace and addresses the needs for individual needs.
10/29/2009parenti love the staff and knowing that my child is getting the best education and it is all happening in a safe and caring environment.
10/29/2009otherThis school is amazing for their academic achievements as well as the fact that they have a kind, caring, and nurturing staff. The students are eager to learn and the staff is truly committed to their success.
10/29/2009parentDEPSA is an outstanding school that not only offer each student a chance to receive a well rounded education, it also offers the children fun. Last year, my daughter went to Quebec with DEPSA to learn French. What an experience! DEPSA also offer the children the opportunity to belong to the elite group of The National Elementary Honor Society, which my daughter is a proud member of. Keep up the good work DEPSA!
10/29/2009parentDEPSA has been a wonderful place for my children to learn, grow and explore new things.
10/22/2009otherWe are a family that is student achievement driven. We strive for educational excellence!
4/2/2009parentMy daughter no longer attends DEPSA but when she was there, I felt Mr. Bland and his corp of teachers met and even exceeded the educational contract between my daughter and them. DEPSA, in my opinion, can compete with some of the region's best schools - my most major concern was regarding overall parental support and involvement. It seemed to me that too few parents were involved enough to help Mr. Bland meet, what I felt was a great academic mission. Success of any school is in direct correlation with the relationship it has with and the involvement of its parents. Not only does it take a village to raise a child, it requires a village to educate it as well!!!
10/2/2008parentThis is my 2nd grade son's second year at DEPSA. This is a great school with an excellent curriculum however the teachers that I've encountered have very little classroom management. A great curriculum and a chaotic classroom environment still equals no real learning.
8/28/2008studentI am going into my Sophmore year in high school, and still get emotional when I think about DEPSA. I started Detroit Edison in August of 1998 as a kindergarten student. When I walked acrossed the stage in 2007, tears filled my eyes as I thought about all the fundamentals and essentials that DEPSA has taught me. I appreciate that school in so many ways. I was the president of STAND (Students Taking a New Direction), and was also active on safety patrol. Mr. Bland is a wonderful person, who is still there for me even though I'm no longer a student there. I have seen teachers and friends come and go, as well as not so good days. But overall I can say DEPSA has taught me a lot of things that has made me who I am today. Im glad to be a 'DEPSA Original'. -Meghan B.
5/27/2008parentMy search for a good school ended with DEPSA. We have finally found a home for my two sons, currently in 4thand 6th grades. The school has an excellent curriculum, clean and modern facilities, tons of extracurricular activities, a dynamic superintendent who is always striving for higher levels of achievement, caring and invloved principals, and great teachers. My sons and I are happy there.
4/30/2008parentThe learning is great the best I've seen so far since we move here in Sept. However thier safety leave something to be desired for. There is no real safety for afterschool programs anyone can walk in or out. Children are not well accounted for. Same goes for the pick up in the afternoon, it's just a frenzy with no real orgaziation. This needs to be addressed if this school wants to go to the next level. There is no real multi ethnicities in the school, I would like to see Depsa actively recruit other minorities from our communities in the surrouding area.
1/29/2008parentI think that DEPSA is the best thing going in the city of Detroit. The staff is caring and certified. The curriculum is great and the administrative staff is great!
9/18/2007parentThis school rocks! This is my son's 2nd year at DEPSA and he is in the 1st grade this year. I am amazed by some of the things that they are learning. I love the attitudes of the teachers and administration as far as learning and uping the bar. I welcome the weekly homework packets and the vacation packets. I expect my son's school work to be challenging. Our children have to be prepared for this very competitive world. I want my son to be successful and I believe he is off to a good start at DEPSA. I will be enrolling my daughter in 2008 for Kindergarten and I expect the same if not more. Keep up the good work DEPSA.
8/28/2007parentExcellent and fair principal Mr.Bland is a fair and just person who genuinely loves our children.
7/22/2007parentIn a predominantly black school there should be more African centered studies not just about Martin L. King, but our history and the major inventions by African Americans.Some Foreign language should be mandatory in junior high not French or German because in an a capitalist urban environment our children are'nt exposed to French or German merchants, they are exposed to Arabic, Korean, or some other Asian language.
7/20/2007parentA school is what the vision is! Detroit Edison Public School Academy far pasted my expectations. The vision of Principle Mr. Bland is current, appropriate, solid and well disciplined. My children were challenged as we were parents to excel in studies. It was great to see our children study like we did in college! Let's not joke here and face it, we have to think out side the box and compete with the corporate world. Preparing our children for what they will face is vital. On many occasions we the parents rolled up our sleeves to get work done. We didn't mind the sacrifice, to improve our children's future. Staff & Facility very professional, clean, safe and deserving of the Blue Ribbon Award. Continue your good program! We Thank You, Mr.& Mrs. Fenton M. Jones
6/5/2007parentMy son is in kindergarten, acadmeically he improved almost 100% since the beginning of the school year. They have various of activities for the students. The principal is so involved with the students it was unbelievable. You can tell he really cares about the students and staff. Also, the parent involvement is excellent.
5/17/2007parentOverall DEPSA is a good school. You won't find anything like it in the City of Detroit. The quality of education your child receives all comes down to the teachers, the students and parental involvement. The teaching/admin staff is ok. The science (Mr. Shahid) and forensics (Ms. Caldwell) courses are extremely weak (no depth or organization), while the math (Mr. Sumerton), social studies (Mr. Wooten), and health (Mr. Burley) are outstanding. The student body is pretty good. No major incidents to speak of. Parent involvement is pretty good, but could be more organized.
4/23/2007teacherAs a educator, I find it difficult to find a school even closely comparable to the world-class education DEPSA offers our students. DEPSA is the epitome of a student-centered, supportive learning environment. Administrators, teachers, and students do everything possible to reach out to the success of all students. With the essential curriculum, along with 'Specials' classes including Music, Art, PE, French, Drama, Forensics, Band, etc, there is always a class of interest for students. After school programs include Elementary Show Choir, Ecology Club, Art Club, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Dance Team, and more. Teachers and administrators can always be found at students' events. Around the clock security makes DEPSA one of the safest schools in the city. This is a very supportive environment which proves why this school was the first charter school to be named a Blue Ribbon School.
3/20/2007parentMy daughter is a first grader at DEPSA. Let me just say that no school is perfect but they come darn close. The late fee is only $25. I was late once and never again. The staff is great. Ms. Rodgers, who my daughter had last year, still gets a Christmas gift from us. We are looking forward to them maybe building a high school in the future. My Daughter and I love this school. Parents are rewarded for their time put in at the school with a dinner in June. I am looking forward to the one this year.
2/28/2007parentMy son has been attending DEPSA since kindergarten and is now in the 4th grade. He has a lot of opportunities to excel, his instructors challenge him however; he can be challenged more. I enjoy the rapport and school activities. I am an active parent who always participates. My son has joined the basketball team and it has given him more incentive to stand out and shine in class. Participating on team sports also enables him to build relationships with his instructors and behave in class because if his citizenship is lacking the coach benches his players which is a great idea! Mr. T you rock! Traffic has improved immensely with the direction of the superintendent Mr. Bland and all parent and instructor volunteers. We appreciate you all! Thank you very much!
9/19/2006parentMy son has attended D.E.P.S.A. consistently since the school opened. I have watched staff come and go, students go and come back, and I am very pleased with the overall program. My son has grown from a boy to a young man with the help of myself, his dad and the staff and students at Edison. (Mr. Wooten, Jr. Academy, you rock!) My youngest started kindergarten this year (Mrs. Kilpatrick, Kindergarten teacher, you rock!)and my 7 year old is in the second grade. I love everything and everyone from the crossing guards to the 'higher powers that be'. Keep up the good work D.E.P.S.A.
9/2/2006parentDEPSA is a wonderful school! My daughter has been a student at DEPSA since Kindergarten. She has been challenged academically at ever grade level. There is a high expectation of parental involvement that is a must with any successful school. Education does not end when school is dismissed. Our children need our assistance and our involvement in their education if they are to succeed. Thank you, Mr. Bland, Academy Directors and the teaching staff for a job well done.
9/1/2006administratorI have been an employee of DEPSA since 1998, when the school first opened. I have been and involved parent as well as employee. I have put my two children through DEPSA and has been very pleased with the results. My dughter first came as a kindergartener and will be graduating from the 8th grade this upcoming June. The extra curricular activites have prepared both my son and daughter for their high school careers. I would highly recommend this schol to anyone who is looking for a great place to have their children taught. In the fall of 2006, we also be adding a preschool. Again, this is a very well organized, professional, and great enviorment for anyone who wants their children to be taught by only the best. This is truly a hallmark of excellence.
8/24/2006studentI have been attending depsa since kindergarten and love the school. I graduate next year and will miss there. but they have taught me so much and prepared me for high school. they have moved us to a better learning environment and I would recommend this school for any child.
7/23/2006parent2005-2006 school year was my daughters first year at Depsa. She was in the third grade. I believe they challenge the children. The teachers are great. I am very pleased with this school. They don't have a problem with keeping you updated with your childs progess. The school always welcome parent participation.
6/6/2006parentMy daughter has been at DEPSA since Kindergarten. As the years have gone by, I have seen a major decline in academics, test scores, high turn around in teaching staff and administration. It seems as though no one is qualified to be in the position they are in, including the principal. There is no communication between staff or administration, and the principal never seems to know what is going on, except what awards they are receiving. They do not want to deal with issues at hand, and are only concerned on count day so they can make sure they receive funding. Needless to say, this is my child's last year attending. I am very disappointed because I have watched a #1 school, go to nothing. And, I would not recommend this school to any one who cares about the future and well-being of their child's education.
6/5/2006parentMy daughter has attended DEPSA since 2003. The school expects the best from its students and offers them the resources to accomplish this. DEPSA offers a year round saturday enrichment program free of charge. Also this year DEPSA is offering a summer academic day camp for just $70 per week. Everyday I am so grateful that our principal Mr. Bland is a man of vision. We are one of the very few schools in the city of Detroit to have a state of the art facility. Our campus is out of sight including our newly completed playground. The children love it. My child is in a safe, nurting environment. Everyone there really loves our kids from the security guards directing traffic all the way up to the principal. Although it is a large school the staff takes the initiative to get to know parents and students by name.
3/3/2006studentthis school is wonderful the parent involvement is absloutely fantastic. nAlso the staff is very liveable. The building is outsatnding. The grades are exceptional. Just one bad apple.
2/20/2006parentMy daugther has been at Edison since it opened in 1998. She is now in the Eighth grade and will be leaving this year. Overall it has been a great experience. All schools need parent participation, and I found that when the teachers know you are interested they have bent over backwards to afford her opportunities for growth. She has become a confident young lady and the exposure to field trips, business mentors and extra study around the MEAP tests have served her well. Although there was no language in 2004-5, it has returned in 2006. The curriculim with emphasis on reading allowed her to breeze through the high school enty exam. Ocassional Parent Volunteer.
12/11/2005parentThis school is fantastic. My daughter's first grade teacher took about an hour with me on Saturday afternoon to discuss my daughter's progress. The teacher is back after having a baby this year. She is one of the most dedicated teachers in the building. I love this school. The staff is so kind and caring.
10/4/2005parentI absolutely love this school. My daughter has been here since Kindergarten and is now in 5th grade. The new location is wonderful and the setup is much better. It took a little getting used to but its been a year in transition and things are great. I love the curriculum although I wish they had foreign language again. This year the fifth graders are switching classes to prepare them for Junior Academy. My daughter is well rounded in all her subjects as well as social skills. I would recommend this school to anyone. The teachers are great at being understaning of parent's concerns and we couldnt ask for a better principal.
4/1/2005parentMy children previously attended DEPSA before they moved to the new location. I returned because they have the best curriculum thus far. The only classes that aren't offered are 'foreign lanuage' and some sort of 'dance' class. They are finally organized. I'm sure they will close the gap and decrease the class sizes soon. Some people have to be turned away. Otherwise the quality of education diminishes each time the class sizes increases.
1/25/2005studentDEPSA has changed locations. I go there and we don't have World Language.
12/4/2004parentOverall I am pleased with the school, however, there is one thing that disturbs me. When my child initially enrolled here, the school was chartered by the Edison Project. That was one of the main reasons I enrolled him in this school. I recently found out that this school is no longer chartered by the Edison project and Parents were not made aware. Some parents may have been told on an individual basis, but as a whole, I bet many parents don't know this.I would have liked the opportunity to decide if my child was going to stay at the school (minus the charter, but instead that afct was swept under the rug?
5/25/2004parentI don't understand this place they implement new rules and then don't tell the parents. Now that it is close to the end of the school year they started to give children detention if they don't turn in a read and respond form. There was no forewarning just did it. All year some 10 months into the school year and they start this. What is going on. There is no rhyme or reason. They used to have a waiting list now they beg for applicants.
3/1/2004former studentit was a terrible school, i had to get my children out of there. the teachers were very unprofessional and the school administration is very unorganized.
1/30/2004parentI am glad to see a school that will stay open no matter what. I appreicate the longer class time that this school gives it students. This school and the teachers appear committed into helping the students succeed, if your child wants to succeed in school. The staff will work with you if there is a problem and do their best to help resolve any issues one might have. It is up to the parent to make the decision if the child should go to school during bad weather. I have found that the faculty of this school is willing to work with you as the parent if there is a problem. They will address it and work with you. The fees for latchkey is not as high as a private school. (I had my child in a private school for 4 years). In fact they are very resonable. I was late once and the office called me on my cell phone, I told them that I was on my way. There was no problem, I picked up my child and there were no late fees. This school works hard to ensure that the students receive what they need. It is up to parent envolvement to ensure that the child is recieving what they need to.
1/28/2004parentkid warehouse.34 kids in one classroom for 1 teacher. high fees for everthing. $50 per child late pick-up fee 3 kids =$150.00 for 1 minute late including inclimate wheather. school day ends at 3:30pm when most parents are still at work. charged fee for in school 'field trip'. regular public school that charges like a private school.
9/9/2003teacherAt 32 students per teacher, with a high rate of teacher and administrator turn over, this is an environment that reaches only the average student. Students that are above or below average do not get the individualized attention they need. Edison attracts a pool of talented teachers then wears then down through long hours, long years and minimal support.

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