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Plymouth Educational Center
1460 East Forest Ave
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 831-3280
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charter | K-8
County: Wayne


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Jessie Kilgore2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/10/2011otheri love this school it very educational there is good teachers, fun kids to work with, and we have alot of after school activities
9/21/2010otherGreat school! For a school being in Detroit this is a great place to learn! My wife is a teacher at this school - she has been for 7 years.
6/7/2010parentI love this school!!! My son is in kindergarten and he has excelled in his curriculum. His teacher absolutely loves her job which makes it easier for the children to learn, it really is a family environment at Plymouth E.C. My son started kindergarten without having a headstart advantage as a result he didn't get any of the concepts at first but after working with Mrs. O. Jackson this school year he is mastering concepts that I didn't get until I was in the second grade at a public school. I really liked her teaching techniques so I will be suggesting her for my younger son's kindergarten teacher next semester. My dicision to place my son at this school was a great one I feel his foundation to his education is a solid one and I have PEC to thank for their hard work and patience with my family.
3/6/2010parentWonderful school!!!! I love it and so do my children!!!!
2/26/2010parentI love that the teachers make time for the parents and students on a one on one basis. When my son started to have problems, we as parents and teachers tried several techniques to get him back on track.
10/12/2009otherPlymouth Educational Center provides our community with resources to assist our children in developing the whole person--cognitively, culturally, and socially. The staff is committed to providing an excellent learning environment with many opportunities to engage in all areas of development. I highly recommend this school for children in grades K -- through 12.
3/18/2009parentThis is an above average to excellent school in Detroit. My children have been going to this school over a seven year time frame. The teachers and all the staff seem to like their jobs. They care about the children and want them to succeed academically. With thess tough times in Detroit/Michigan I'm glad I have a place in my neighborhood where my kids are learning and feel safe. Definitely a keeper...check it out.
8/24/2008parentMy daughter attended PEC for six years. When she first began in kindergarten, I really liked the school. Ms. Hernandez is an excellent teacher who stresses learning. After kindergarten, I got disappointed more and more each year. She finished 5th grade in June of 2008 and I have decided not to send her back to PEC. Academically, she was not challenged. They have a very good after-school program and to me that seems to be the school focus. I also have a friend whose daughter graduated from PEC and when she went on to high school she was very behind in math. PEC needs to refocus on learning. Another thing that I did not like was the fact that alot of the children of the staff were constantly picked for teams and other things when they should not have. They were picked only because their parent worked at the school.
7/11/2007parentA very good school with much to offer. I have had four children there over five years. The academic curricula used are current. Children are tested througout the school year to document their learning progress. The school has to focus on standardized (MEAP) testing to ensure their funding but they handle this well trying all techniques to give students the best chances to do well on MEAPs. There are a variety of elective classes for all grades including music, art, PE, spanish, computers. The extracurricular activities include unique sports: girls volleyball, flag football (boys and girls), soccer, karate to name a few. The Principal, Dean, teachers and other staff are pleasant, respectful and professional. Its refreshing to see so much positivity. Discipline is swift/fair, they try to work with troublemakers (children and parents) but demand accountability from those types to keep the environment safe and focused. Keep it up!
6/27/2007teacherPlymouth Educational Center is a place where students are the highest priority! The school has a high quality of curriculum, parent resources, staff development, teacher-student interaction, an active principal as well as administrators who are involved on a daily basis with being accountable for students' success! 'As a teacher it is a great place to work if you are concern about touching the lives of youth, families and being a part of a great team'! I give the school an A.
6/20/2007parentMy son attended PEC Kindergarten program. The teacher he had, Ms. Jackson, was outstanding! My son learned more with her and at PEC than I thought he would ever learn. He knows how to read, well! He knows how to write, math and current events. He also learned a little Spanish! I was involved with his class quite a bit. I feel that many parents were involved in their child's education in Kindergarten this year. PEC's Kindergarten program is very good!
5/31/2007parentThe only thing I like about this school is the Teachers! Most of them actually care about the students. My child is being challenged in both a good and bad way. The curriculum overall is great but they allow bullies to keep intimidating students with no real recourse. I can't wait for the school year to end. My child has always loved going to school and now she dislikes it because she doesn't feel safe. Also the student pick-up is a flat out nightmare!
11/2/2006parentI am a parent of three kids that are currently in the process of transferring to a new school. As a parent my expectations for my children are just a little bit higher. There are some good teachers that I wish I could just pack up and take with me, but there are some issues that need to be worked out there that just have not yet been worked out. So in closing if you are willing to put the parking issues aside then this is a good school for you.
9/21/2006parentI would like to commend the teachers for doing a great job with my daugther. My daugther Bria Patrick has really improved in her grades, she has done better every year. My daugther has been at Plymouth for 8 years, this is her last year there, I wish they had a high school. My daugther loves it there. The school meets the needs of the students, whether it be from PAL the reading afterschool program, tutoring in the morning, etc. They have a good balance, good academic curriulum, sports, music field trips and other activities. Everyone is great there, they have workshops and meetings for the parents. Just wonderful. My daugther will be well prepared for high school. I feel comfortable talking with the teachers. Thank you Plymouth team.The Principals at the school have been great too. Thanks.
8/15/2006parentPlymouth is a horrible school. I agree with the parent who stated that no elementary students should be changing classes. My child attend PEC as well. The teachers had no idea of how much homework the other teachers were giving and when I approached them, they said there was nothing that could be done. One teacher stated that the work has to be done, anyway.
8/15/2006parentI had a 3rd grader last year and it was the worst experience ever. My child brought home tons of homework and I found out that the teachers had no idea of how much homework the other teachers were giving. The teachers and the principal were not approachable, myself and my child was in a bind. I had to put my son in a different school this year because there was no communication. I also think exchanging classes for elementary students is a bad idea.
8/7/2006parentElementary students should not be exchanging classes and the teachers did not communicate with each other about the homework, so my child got overloaded with homework several times. When I approached the teachers they had no idea how much homework the other teachers had given.
6/21/2006parentMy son has attended PEC since 2nd grade. He is now in the 4th. I loved the school in the beginning, however, they seem to lack structure now. They are always changing their academic curriculm and the students and parents are suffering from this abrupt change in their academic structure. In order for a school to be successful in providing the student with the best academics possible, they have to be consistent and firm. Not changing structures every minute. Also, they need to include advanced classes for those students that are excelling above average. It is not fair for students who are academically excelling to not be challenged at their levels because of other students who are not academically on the level that they should be. Those advanced students will suffer and it is not fair. My son will not attend PEC for the 5th grade. His academic progress has declined.
3/6/2006parentMy children have been attending PEC for 5 years. For the last 2 years, I have not been to pleased with some of the academic teaching performace by, the teachers when educating their students. Many teachers set very low expectations for their students, when that happens students will only achieve what the teacher believe what the student can only achieve and understand and nothing beyond. Teachers must set high expectations for their students in order for their students to perform high.
6/9/2005parentI have three grand chilren that attend Plymouth. I have been very pleased regarding their progress. They have excelled in their studies and the instructors are not only caring, but are interested in their development - stretching their creativity. I do not hesitate to recommend Plymouth as excellent educational choice.
5/29/2005parentI currently have 3 students enrolled at PEC. I have found the school enviornment to be one of excellence and the administration to be efficient. The teachers and staff are aware of challenges and are working dilligently to overcome them. My overall experience with this school has been a positive one and I recommend it for any parents searching for a school that balances academics, social responisbility, extra curricular and excellence.
5/21/2005parentmy child has been attending PEC since kindergarten she loves it. The teachers are great. My daughter is now in the 2nd grade and she reads on the 4th grade level, reading is stressed at home also. The parking is my only complaint. PEC is a busy school when it comes to parent involvement and activites for the students.
4/4/2005parentMy sons have attended PEC for the last six (6) years. Initially the top administrators were African-American males and I thought that was a great example for my boys. Since then, things have changed, but I am still pleased. Academically, PEC appears to be challenging. I am pleased with all that it offers and like the concept that they are students first before any extracurricular activities. If students do not perform academically well, then they do not participate in any extra activities. Good Job and keep up the good work!
4/2/2005parentMy children attended Plymouth this year for the first time. It was a rocky beginning for me and my children but once we got the feel of how everything works, this school really turned out to be a great school educational wise, I had a few problems far as parent-teacher communicational wise, but once the teachers understood that I needed a more detailed information on my children's grades things worked out great. There is room for adjustment far as disciplinary problems in the classroom and the structure for grading during the progress report period, by letting the parents know in advance that there child is not doing well in class before the report card comes home. Plymouth is an excellant choice for a charter school.
3/31/2005parentMy son is on his third year at the school and he is doing very well. The teaching staff he has had is excellent and the school keeps me up to date with schdules and event by emails. The pickup situation would not be so bad if parents would be more organized and not double park and leave there cars, this creates a unsafe enviroment for the other parents picking up children who have to come out between double park cars. They have good electives with art,music, and sports which includes a basketball team. I admit that I need more involvement as a parent. The school offers a lot of different events for parents to be involved.
3/31/2005parentMy son has been here at plylmouth since kindergarten, he is now in the 5th grade and doing excellent. I also have a daughter that's been here 3 yrs. I have felt very blessed to have found this school. my children have had excellent teachers who have truly cared about my kids education. The teachers are always available to talk to me and keep me updated on their progress as well as their weakness. My children are very involved at school and are academically ahead of many other children their age. My only grief is the parking, but if more parents were considerate of others this would not be a problem. Administration has change to a degree but for the most part the main administrators are there, just the job name and or descriptions has changed.
3/30/2005parentMy son started Plymouth educational Center last year during his frist year I have been very impressed. My also likes the school and the staff, this is only his frist year but he acts as if he has been there all of his school age life. I look forward to the next school year, keep up the good work Ms. Ross! And Staff!! I would also like to say that they have a lots of programs for the children and there parents.
3/30/2005parentI have 2 children that attend Plymouth. I think it is great outside of the parking situation. One son started there in the kindergarden. He had no knowledge of reading...Thanks to Ms. Vantol his 1st grade teachers says he is a genous at reading now. He helps his older brother to read. The parking situation will run you away. Something despertly needs to be done before it gets really serious. One other things is that i really have a problem with the attire of some of the younger teachers. Some of them dress like they are going to a party. Also i think there should be more sports for the younger children.
8/16/2004parentThe school has gone through some principals since my daughter started 3 years ago. This last year has been good for her. She has maintained her grades inspite of a program change. Her teachers supported her and me and my efforts to supplement her education at home. There were a lot of workshops and family activities with a lot of participation. The schools academic acheivements have improved under this new administration. Some of the teachers could benefit from classroom management as well as teaching parents how to manage their children at home. 'Well that is another topic.' Overall, I am not reluctant to re-enroll my child. It takes a parent working with a school for the child to get the best education. This school works with the parent. I was pleased.
7/18/2004parentI am really happy with PEC, before my daughter started there she was unable to read and was in the second grade. Although she repeated the second she has done increasingly well. All of jer teachers, give her the needed encouragement that she needs to be a sucessful student.
7/15/2004parentMy daughter started at PEC in kindergarten and has just passed to the third grade. Since she has been there I have seen two principles come and go and the last I heard, this one is on the way out. It is very unorganized how you pick up your child, there is no parking at all and one security guard directing traffic.Then when you enter the school the children are running every where screaming up and down the hall. Some of the teachers are very timid and not in control of their classrooms and really don't know how to disipline or teach to make sure the child understands. My daughter hasn't even started on writing her name in cursive and they don't even practice handwriting, and she knows no timetables I really don't know how she passed. But she will not be returning. I decided to pay for education by any means nessesary.
9/18/2003parentA great school that really cares. Newly hired principal is former Blue Ribbon School and Golden Apple winner. Offers excellent programs for advanced as well as remedial tutoring. Vibrant and active parents organization as well.
9/11/2003parentI have a very good feeling about this school year. The teachers as well as the administrative staff appear to be very positive and energetic about this school year. I look forward to lot's of changes as well as participation on the parents end to make our school a 'Blue Ribbon' school.

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