Hudsonville, MI Schools


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Hudsonville, Michigan is a vibrant suburb of Grand Rapids with excellent schools. The school system in Hudsonville includes public elementary, middle and high schools that provide outstanding education for the residents of Hudsonville. The schools are highly rated and known for their excellent academic performance as well as extracurricular activities. They offer a variety of clubs, sports teams and other opportunities to engage students. The teachers and staff are caring and dedicated which makes learning a pleasure in these schools. Furthermore, the school district continually strives to ensure the best educational experience for its students by improving curriculum and resources. Overall, Hudsonville's schools are well-respected in the community and provide an excellent foundation for children’s futures.

Name Grades Type Rating
Alward Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Baldwin Street Middle School06 - 08Regular9
Bauer Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular9
Forest Grove Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular10
Freedom Christian SchoolsKG - 12Private
Georgetown Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular8
Heritage Christian SchoolKG - 08Private
Hudsonville Christian SchoolPK - 08Private
Hudsonville Freshman Building09 - 09Regular9
Hudsonville High School10 - 12Regular9
Park Elemementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Riley Street Middle School06 - 08Regular9
South Elementary SchoolPK - 05Regular7
Unity Christian High School09 - 12Private
Name Grades Type Rating
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