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Pembroke Elementary School
955 Eton Dr
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 203-3888
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public | K-5
County: Oakland


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Colette Ivey2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/19/2011teacherThis was my first year at Pembroke Elementary after being at another school for 11 years and the students, parents, and staff made me feel like I had always been a part of the school. I love it here and hope to stay as long as they will have me.
5/17/2011parentI feel very fortunate that my kids are able to receive a great foundation for learning through Pembroke. The staff seem to work and communicate so well together. I have always felt that my kids' education has been cutting edge and that they have a well balanced day as far as curriculum goes. The teachers are always working to meet a child where their needs are. What a great way to teach. I couldn't be happier with Pembroke, its staff and principal. What a great place to start!
5/16/2011parentI'm confused by the 3/3/11 post. Are you certain you clicked on the correct school? My child goes to Pembroke and we could not be happier with the education he's getting. Since he's started at Pembroke, we have noticed his confidence increase tremendously. Walking into the building, you feel a sense of belonging. Teachers, principal and even the custodians greet you with a warm smile.As for homework, I've never had concerns about the amount given from any of the teachers there. In comparison to other schools that my friends' children attend, Pembroke seems to give a fair, well-balanced amount of homework appropriate to each grade level. Is the homework your child bringing home truly homework or classwork that's not being completed in class due to some other underlying issue? Could you explain what you mean when you say that the teachers do not have much exposure to children? Is 7 hrs a day, 5 days a week not enough exposure? The only reason I ask, is I'd hate for new parents interested in bringing their child to Pembroke to get an inaccurate impression of its teachers. We have been extremely happy with the education our family has received so far at Pembroke.
5/10/2011parentThe staff is very nice handles the issues very good .academically challenge the kids for learning more and very friendly always helpful. there is very good interaction between parents and teachers
3/4/2011parentThis just isn't a good school. We've had so many problems with the teachers and the principal here that we've had to approach the superintendant twice this year regarding the conduct and supervision of school staff. The focus of this school's administration doesn't seem to be on building a quality education system with wonderful teachers.
10/19/2010parentThe staff is nice, like the other review stated, but they really don't understand children like they should. It's not their fault, though - if you aren't exposed to something, then you can't understand it. They seem to send an innapropriate amount of work home with the very young students. Much of it is not reviewed in class, forcing the parents to create lesson plans and learning strategies that are usually completed by the teachers.
9/17/2009parentGreat teachers who embrace the latest technology to inspire kids in an intimate, nurturing environment.
1/28/2008parentWonderful school with wonderful teachers!
5/19/2006parentMy son and daughter have spent k-2 in this school and it is great. The parents and teachers are really involved and we moved from Troy schools to Birmingham and had to catch up, so they are on the ball with academics and we very helpful with tutoring and extra help. It is a very involved community with many options available for children and families to grow and learn.

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