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Ethnic BackgroundPercentYear
White, non-Hispanic45.852011
Black, non-Hispanic49.662011
Native American or Native Alaskan0.572011
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander0.022011
Students per TeacherYear

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School Cities
  Wrps Four-Year-Old Kindergarten And Pk Early Childhood - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  Randlett, Utah
  Waimanalo, Hawaii
  Wentworth Township, South Dakota
  Hope Academy - Concord, North Carolina
  33413 - Greenacres, Florida
  Thomasville Christian School - Thomasville, Georgia
  Memphis Catholic High School And Middle School - Memphis, Tennessee
  28462 - Supply, North Carolina
  Weatherstone Elementary - Cary, North Carolina
  Kingsley Elementary - Los Angeles, California
  Albertson, North Carolina
  Chaparral Elementary - Chaparral, New Mexico
  Eagle, Idaho
  Hutchinson, Kansas
  Shirley, Maine
  Elizabethton, Tennessee
  Plano, Texas
  Oakland, California
  Riverview East Academy - Cincinnati, Ohio


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