Kansas City, Missouri 

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Name Grades Type Rating
AC Prep. ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Academie Lafayette-CherryKG - 02Regular
Academie Lafayette-Oak03 - 08Regular9
Academy for Integrated ArtsKG - 04Regular2
Academy Montessori InternationalePK - 05Private
African Cent College Prep. Acad.07 - 12Regular1
Alfred L. Renner Elem.KG - 05Regular8
Allen Village High School09 - 12Regular
Allen Village SchoolKG - 08Regular5
Alpha Montessori SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Alta Vista Charter School09 - 12Regular6
Alta Vista Elementary SchoolKG - 02Regular2
Alta Vista Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Alternative Resource Center06 - 12Alternative Education
Archbishop O' HARA High School09 - 12Private
Attucks Elem.PK - 06Regular2
B W Sheperd SchoolKG - 12Special Education
B. Banneker AcademyPK - 08Regular2
B. Banneker Elem.PK - 06Regular1
Barry School03 - 08Regular7
Bell Prairie ElementaryPK - 05Regular6
Belmont SchoolsPK - 03Private
Blue Ridge Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Boone Elem.KG - 05Regular6
Border Star MontessoriPK - 06Regular5
Briarcliff Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Brookside Charter Middle School06 - 08Regular2
Brookside Charter SchoolKG - 05Regular3
Burke Elem.01 - 06Regular2
Calvary Lutheran SchoolPK - 08Private
Carver Christian AcademyPK - 03Private
Carver Dual Language SchoolPK - 06Regular2
Center Alternative07 - 12Alternative Education1
Center Elem.KG - 05Regular5
Center for Educ. DevelopmentKG - 12Alternative Education
Center Middle06 - 08Regular4
Center SR. High09 - 12Regular4
Central Academy of Excellence08 - 12Vocational Education1
Central Middle School07 - 07Regular
Chouteau Elem.PK - 05Regular2
Clardy Elem.KG - 05Regular6
Clay-Platte Childrens HousePK - 08Private
Congress Middle07 - 08Regular10
ContractPK - 12Regular
Crestview Elem.KG - 05Regular3
Crittenton Treatment CenterKG - 12Regular
Crossroads Acad. of Kansas CityKG - 07Regular6
Dale M Thompson/Trails West SKG - 12Special Education
Davidson Elem.PK - 05Regular3
Delasalle Charter School09 - 12Regular1
Della Lamb Elem.KG - 08Regular1
Dobbs Elem.01 - 06Regular2
Eagle Heights Christian SchoolPK - 12Private
Early Child. Education CenterPK - PKRegular
Early Childhood CenterPK - PKRegular
Early Childhood Educ. CenterPK - PKRegular3
East High School08 - 12Regular1
Eastgate Middle06 - 08Regular3
Eastwood Hills Elem.KG - 05Regular2
English Landing Elem.KG - 05Regular9
Ervin Early Learning CenterPK - KGRegular
Ewing Marion Kauffman School05 - 08Regular2
Faith AcademyPK - 08Private
Faxon ElementaryPK - 06Regular3
Fleetridge Elem.KG - 05Regular5
Foreign Language AcademyPK - 08Regular4
Fox Hill Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Frontier School of Excellence-M06 - 08Regular
Frontier School of Excellence-U09 - 12Regular3
Frontier School of InnovationKG - 05Regular3
Frontier School of Innovation-M06 - 08Regular2
Frontier Stem High School09 - 10Regular
Garfield Elem.PK - 06Regular1
Gashland Elem.PK - 01Regular8
Genesis School Inc.KG - 08Regular1
George Melcher Elem.PK - 06Regular1
Gerner Family Early Ed CenterPK - PKRegular8
Gillis Center School01 - 12Private
Glad Tidings Christian Academy & Child DevelopmentPK - 02Private
Gladstone Elem.PK - 06Regular2
Global Montessori AcademyKG - 03Private
Gordon Parks Elem.KG - 03Regular1
Gracemor Elem.PK - 05Regular4
HALE Cook ElementaryPK - 02Regular
Hawthorn Elem.KG - 05Regular8
Hickman Mills Freshman Center09 - 09Regular
Hickman Mills Junior High08 - 09Regular1
Highlands Academy07 - 12Private
Hogan Preparatory Acad. Middle06 - 08Regular2
Hogan Preparatory Academy09 - 12Regular2
Hogan Preparatory Academy Elem.KG - 05Regular2
Holliday MontessoriPK - 06Regular3
Holy Cross Catholic SchoolPK - 08Private
Hope Leadership AcademyKG - 05Regular2
Indian Creek Elem.KG - 05Regular6
Ingels Elem.01 - 06Regular2
Islamic School of Greater Kansas CityPK - 10Private
James Elem.PK - 06Regular3
John T. Hartman Elem.PK - 06Regular3
Johnson Elem.01 - 06Regular2
Kansas City Academy07 - 12Private
Kellybrook Elem. SchoolKG - 05Regular9
KIPP: Endeavor Academy05 - 08Regular3
Lakeview Middle07 - 08Regular10
Lakewood Elem.KG - 05Regular6
Lee A. Tolbert Com. AcademyKG - 08Regular3
Liberty Oaks Elem.KG - 05Regular8
Lincoln College Prep.06 - 12Regular9
Line Creek Elem.KG - 05Regular8
Little Blue ElementaryKG - 05Regular4
Longfellow Elem.PK - 06Regular2
Lutheran High School of Kansas City09 - 12Private
M. L. King ElementaryPK - 06Regular1
Manual Career Tech. Center11 - 12Vocational Education
Maple Park Middle06 - 08Regular4
Maple Valley SchoolKG - 12Special Education
Maplewood Elem.PK - 05Regular3
Martin City Elem.KG - 08Regular4
Martin Luther AcademyKG - 08Private
Nashua Elem.KG - 05Regular7
New Mark Middle06 - 08Regular9
Niles Prep. Behavior Management School01 - 08Private
Norfleet Elem.KG - 05Regular5
North Kansas City High09 - 12Regular3
Northeast High08 - 12Regular1
Northeast Middle School07 - 07Regular
Northgate Middle06 - 08Regular5
Northland Christian Education SystemPK - 12Private
Northview Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Northwest Reg. Youth Center06 - 12Regular
Northwood SchoolKG - 12Regular
Notre DAME DE SION SchoolPK - 12Private
Oak Park High09 - 12Regular4
Our Lady of Guadalupe SchoolKG - 06Private
Our Lady of the AngelsKG - 08Private
Outreach Christian EducationPK - 04Private
Park Hill High09 - 12Regular9
Paseo Acad. of Performing Arts07 - 12Regular2
Pathfinder Elem.PK - 02Regular8
Pathway Academy ElementaryKG - 06Regular1
Phillis Wheatley Elem.PK - 06Regular2
Pitcher Elem.PK - 06Regular3
Plaza Middle06 - 06Regular10
Prairie Point Elem.KG - 05Regular9
Primitivo Garcia Elem.PK - 06Regular2
Ravenwood Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Raytown Middle06 - 08Regular3
Red Bridge Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Rockhurst High School09 - 12Private
Rogers ElementaryPK - 06Regular2
Ruskin High School10 - 12Regular2
Russell Jones Ed CenterKG - 12Regular
Santa Fe Elem.01 - 06Regular1
Satchel Paige Elem.PK - 06Regular1
Scuola Vita Nuova CharterKG - 08Regular5
Sherwood CenterUG - UGPrivate
Shoal Creek Elem.KG - 05Regular10
Smith-HALE Middle07 - 08Regular2
Southeast Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Southwest Early College Campus08 - 12Regular1
Spofford Treatment CenterKG - 07Regular
St. Charles Borromeo SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Elizabeth Elementary SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Gabriel SchoolKG - 08Private
St. John Francis Regis SchoolKG - 08Private
St. Patrick SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Paul's Episcopal Day SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Peter's SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Teresa's Academy09 - 12Private
St. Therese SchoolPK - 08Private
St. Thomas More SchoolPK - 08Private
Staley High09 - 12Regular8
Success AcademyKG - 12Regular
Summit Pointe Elem.KG - 06Regular8
Symington Elem.01 - 06Regular3
The Barstow SchoolPK - 12Private
The Pembroke Hill SchoolPK - 12Private
The Plaza Academy06 - 12Private
Thomas B. Chinn Elem.KG - 05Regular7
Tiffany Ridge Elementary SchoolKG - 05Regular8
Topping Elem.PK - 05Regular2
Trailwoods Elem.PK - 06Regular4
Troost Elem.PK - 06Regular1
Truman Elem.01 - 06Regular2
Union Chapel Elem.KG - 05Regular9
Union Hill Day SchoolPK - KGPrivate
Universal AcademyPK - 12Private
University Academy-LowerKG - 05Regular6
University Academy-Middle06 - 08Regular7
University Academy-Upper09 - 12Regular8
Visitation SchoolKG - 08Private
Warford Elem.01 - 06Regular6
Wendell Phillips Elem.PK - 06Regular4
West Englewood Elem.PK - 05Regular5
Westridge Elem.KG - 05Regular2
Whittier Elem.PK - 06Regular3
Winnetonka High09 - 12Regular3
Winnwood Elem.PK - 05Regular3
Name Grades Type Rating

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Reviews for Kansas City    80 Reviews
Extremely unfriendly. - 7/22/2018
The rest of the people are right- KC Missouri has some of the least friendly people I’ve ever met. It’s extremely hard to find a friendly face. Can’t wait to move... Read More

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Mixed bag - 3/13/2018
I lived in KCMO north of the river for about ten years. It's a great place but there are issues with both increasing crime, and police misconduct. Somebody broke into my... Read More

"Big Small-Town" - 1/2/2018
I have lived in Kansas City for little over 2 years, Chicago prior for 4 years. I wanted to add a review of KCMO because it seems most of the reviews here are several... Read More

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