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Moberly Senior High School
1625 Gratz Brown Rd
Moberly, MO 65270
(660) 269-2660
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public | 9-12
County: Randolph


  School Head OfficialYear
Mr. George Vitt2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/10/2012studentI am currently a student at Moberly High School, I would not recommend that anyone go here unless they have to, I could easily compare it to what I could imagine prison being like. The place is constantly on lock down. If you are even at the age of 18, They will FORCE you to stay there till the end of the day, even if you are having a family emergency and have no contact info and you live on your own. There are also so many assignments that need to be done in such a short period of time that it is nearly impossible to get anything accomplished, The Science department is the WORST about that, That is, unless you are in athletics. If you are in athletics then you practically get free roam over the whole school. Again, I would NOT recommend that anyone come to this school, or even this dead end town that has absolutely nothing going for it, no opportunities or anything.
4/28/2010studentI am a student at MHS and i personally dont believe that this school is really worth anything and mostly revolves around athletics, if you are not in athletics, then you pretty much fail! If you are planning to attend MHS I would personally not reccomend it, if it is possible, then, i would recommend going to Columbia for school!
9/29/2008otherI am a former stuent and moved here in my sophomore year of high school and also graduated here. they made a huge deal about the top 5 and top 10 percent of the classes and just glorified those students. most of the teachers are mediocore. the food is horrible and often undercooked. the building is falling apart-- one day it had been raining for several days and the roof was leaking in like 20 different places. there is not enough room for all the students. the school itself is just bland. the band progam is medicore at best. of course i came from virginia where the small town high school i went to had been a 10 time virginia honor band which is very difficult to obtain. they laughed when i asked about band camp and they did not even practice after school and still considered their band good.
2/20/2008parentAs a parent of an honors student, the MHS has provide a quality education. There are a variety of classes that help meet the needs of all students. The honors and AP classes are challenging for the students. This is especially true in the science and math department. I am sure the lower level classes may seem easy to some students. These students should enroll in the higher level courses if they feel they are too elementary. The Vo-Tech Classes/teachers are outstanding. (Offering nursing, tech., business, robotics, electronics, etc)) The fine arts department is fantastic. I am very happy with MHS--academics and extracurricular activities.
1/16/2008studentI am a junior at this school and I have to say, it is not a good school. I have even looked at attending surrounding schools, but they weren't good enough to want to pay tuition to attend. The only good thing about the school is the art program. This department has created the murals to brigten up an otherwise extremely depressing atmosphere, and yet this department does not recieve the funding it deserves. The course offerings are limited, and the AP classes are not Advanced Placement at all.
3/21/2007parentMy son attends Moberly Senior High School. I am very pleased with the academics in this school. My son is in the advanced classes and college prep. As for these classes, I can say the teachers are highly qualified (most hold masters degrees). Teachers are willing to work with students after or before school. The science department has had two-three students sent to International Science Contest the past few years. Most of the extra curricular sports are fantastic and the students allowed to participate if they attend practices,etc. (with the exception of basketball-only certain players play The music program is wonderful. One ratings for solos, trios and group contests are common. This school may have weak areas in administration, lower level classes and drop out rate. But overall, I do not hesitate to send my child to this school because I know he is receiving a quality education.
3/2/2005studentI am a senior at Moberly High School and i am very active in my school;sports,clubs, etc. Throughout my 4 years here each year the school gets worse. The new principle doesn't care about the students, the athletic director only supports males sports. The school is disgustingly dirty, this year i have seen 4 used tampons in the hall way. I dred going to school everyday.
2/23/2005studentI attend MHS as a junior this year and I will be perfectly honest with you about our school. It has its problems but overall the school and its facilty members are impressive. I will asure you that the person who wrote that we do elementary work is wrong. Have your child enroll in a A.P class or take part in one of Mr. Klokkenga's math courses and I'm sure that they would challenge your child to their full capability.
2/14/2005former studentThe leadership of the school is very good. The higher level teachers are excellent. For instance AP English and Calculus have phenomenal. However there are many mediocre teachers there in the lower level classes.
1/5/2005parentIt is a horrible school. I would not recommend it to anyone. They go through Principls and Assistant principls like kleenex. They have had some wonderful teachers over the years but are always run off by the principal and/or superintendent. there is no support from certain board members - they are only concerned with what is good for their child. Seriously - reconsider before sending your student here!
12/22/2004parentAs I do not know the previous persons problems that they have with MHS I just want to say I can not complain about the school as my child will graduate this year. and during the whole four years at MHS he has never said to me where he has had a bad experinces regard to the maitence of the school building. I am sure anyone from the adminstration would be more than happy to meet with them, maybe you may want to write your state rep and senator and tell them u back them on getting the school funding formula fixed so that the money is distributed fairly.
12/3/2004parentThis school is definetly not a good school to send your children to. My daughter arrived there and was miserable. The building is falling apart and the teaching is terrible. My husbands in the military anf we've moved a lot and seen a lot of not so great schools but this takes it. It's not a good school whatsoever. It's highschool students doing elementary work in a building that looks like a preschool on the inside. If you're considering this school I hope you reconsider. It's not a place for any child. It's not a place to succeed.

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