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Winslow Township High School
10 Cooper Folly Road
Atco, NJ 8004
(856) 767-1850
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public | 9-12
County: Camden


  Class SizeGradeYear
20 2007
  School Head OfficialYear
Mr Glen Jackson2009
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/29/2010studentAs a student at the Winslow Township High School I notice that while the teachers show great concern for their students, the administration is downright disappointing they show favoritism to students throughout the school, and you can pass and basically do nothing in class I've got friends that do it all the time. The school was doing fine financially until just recently when you know who was elected. Overall a good school not recommended for a long term education or a competitive college though.
9/16/2009studenti am a 10th grade student at winslow township. this school is not that bad. if you do what you ave to , then you will have no problems. the teachers honestly do care , care for the onews who care back. so dont be scared , its really not that bad. and they are very over protective and look out for everybody.
7/24/2009studentIm a student and the school is great. very good teachers and very good students
1/5/2009studentI do admit, this school has a phenominal educational system and the teachers show real concern for the students and try in their best effort to give us a good education and keep us well prepared for college. However, I think that sometimes the faculty are so concerned with enforcing the trivial rules that they forget that this is not why they were hired. They were not hired to enforce rules. They were hired to teach! Winslow, overall is a good school. It is not the faculty and staff that are not doing their part. It is the students who are always doing their part the keep Winslow High in the Courier Post.
10/28/2008otherI love service learning in the middle school!
10/23/2008studentI am a student at WTHS currently. I would not want to graduate from any other school in New Jersey, or anywhere else for that matter. Winslow is just like every other school. Parents who have children in other schools dont see the good of Winslow. All the media gets is the bad things. No one sees the good things that come out of Winslow. I have friends who are in college now that graduated from Winslow. Every school has drugs, hitlists, and bomb treats. Look at the school in Virginia that people died at. No one has died at Winslow. We are just like every other school. If you want to down-grade a school, maybe you should know all the facts about them and not just the bad ones. Personally, I have great grades, am in AJROTC, am a cheerleader, plan on going to college, and join the army.
4/2/2008otherI am a 2007 graduate of Winslow High School. Although Winslow does have its problems, so does every other school. I know of various other schools who have bigger drug problems and bomb threats every week. The hitlist and lockdown was dealt with very well. Parents would have been complaining if the administration had done nothing. The biggest problem Winslow has is lack of parental input. The kids whos parents don't discipline them are the ones who cause the problems. The media has only looked at the bad parts of our school system. The sports and extra curricular activites are phenominal. If you are debating on whether or not to send your kids to Winslow, look a little closer at the good parts, not only the bad. Winslow has taught me alot. I wouldn't have wanted to graduate from any other school.
6/6/2007former studentIn my opinion, WTHS is defiantly not one of the best schools in NJ. It is hard to commute from class to class because the school is overly populated for its size, the hallways are always congested. The students aren't any better. The majority of the students are not motivated to do their work and the language and respect towards each other and their teachers is far from friendly. Yes, there are some students that are role-models but they are heavily outnumbered by the bad students. The administration isn't very good either but there are some teachers that I was glad to have that are worth much more than the respect they get from the students. However, the sports and clubs are very good and encouraging to the students, teaching them discipline and encouraging dedication.
5/19/2007parentI have children in this school district, and I am very disappointed in the leadership. The district administrators and teachers hold the children to a higher standard than they do the adults (themselves). The adults are worst than the students, they do not respect the students, parents, or their co-workers. The administration do not return parent phone calls, many times they do not notify parents of student discipline. These are examples that I have experienced first hand. he administration needs to be held accountable. I am praying that one day they will get their act together and do what they were hired to do, and that is to educate the children.
4/23/2007parentIt is sad to see Winslow suffer in the media and within the community. The stories are that the school is out of control, communication, and low educational expectations. Unfortuantly, all the statements are true. The middle and high school is the worst I have seen in the past five years. The administrator and staff say they want to work with the parents to bring about a change but I will not let it be at the cost of my children recieving inadequate education.
4/15/2007parentI recently recieved custody of my 17 year old niece. She had a hard time adjusting to the new school as she came from a very small town. In the beginning of the year I had to speak to the school regarding how uncertain she was with the new school. They never call you back and you have to keep calling and calling to get any answers at all. There is no air conditioning in many of the classrooms. There is no discipline in the schools and the students do not suffer any consequences either.
2/20/2006staffCulturally diverse, good extra-curricular activities. Teacher-student ratio could be better.
7/17/2005parentI am a parent of a chld in WTHS. I would like to say there has been alot of improvements since the new principle has arrived. My daughter enjoys the school very much.They offer alot of incentives for doing well. I would like to see the township build a new school as the building is very outdated,with no air conditoning. Over all a nice school,with nice kids, and no problems.I would like to see this school get a better wrap in the future.I love Winslow Twp.The band is wonderful,and Mr. English does a superior job teaching the kids.Things can only get better in this beautiful area.
5/4/2005parentThere are many things wrong with this school. My daughter is a freshman and is bullied constantly. She would come home crying everyday. Scared to even go to lunch and eat. When I brought this to the schools attention they did nothing. Not too long ago there was a fight involving a student and two other teachers. There is no discipline in this school at all. If you want saftey, and an education for your children... I warn you do not send them here. Hammonton has a wonderful school district. The school is much nicer, bigger, and a lot more friendly. That is where I am transfering my children. I hope you would do the same.
9/15/2004parentI had a Niece in this school. She was never encouraged to go beyond the norm, which was pretty close to doing nothing. She was threatend all the time. Pretty sad. SAT/PSAT scores are extremely low. Teachers in this dist. HS & Elem have the kids only study the NJ Test data so that the scores will be higher. Also pretty sad considering the scores achieved. Taxes are outrageous for no return. I have opted to send my children to private school even though have to pay $4000/yr per child to do so. Education means more.
9/5/2004studentI am currently a freshmen at WTHS, and is you are a family looking for a municipality with a good school district ,keep looking. The school ,itself, is run down , ridden with mold fungis and espestose ( pardon my spelling). Much of the school is not airconditioned and can be terribly uncorfortible in the spring months .The school offers great oppertunity to the athletic, for the distric whelches muck of its budget on new gym facillities and a extravigant lighing system,(meanwhile 3 teachers and countless other staffers are lade-off),leaving nothing for the fine arts. Test scores are astronomicly low (SAT,HSPT).Teachers are given dispicable sallaries (considering what they put up with0,but they're excelant at teaching.I have learned first-hand that the school is not particullarily safe ,fights and drugs(whole-other-dissertation)run rampid in the hallways. This is not a school for the faint of heart. Another sad example of a dicaying area.
6/3/2004studentI am currently a freshman at WTHS. I really enjoy going to this school. They provide alot of after school programs like sports and clubs. Winslow township has helped us grow strong friendships and maintain good grades. They give you insentives and encourage you to succeed. We are also rewarded for good grades and behavior. Winslow has a great way of teaching us students. The staff is firendly as well as the students. I have thre years left of school and I wouldnt want to spend them anywhere but Winslow Township High School.
2/23/2004studentI am currently a sophomore at Winslow Township High School. Overall, I like my school. I'm from Philly and I went to Catholic school from Pre-school to 5th grade. I have to say that Winslow is a lot better than my Catholic school in many ways. I am currently a Student Gov't officer, Vice-Pres. of Leo Club, in Renaissance(Club and card holder), FBLA, Ski Club, Orchestra (Viola), I take two languages (French and Spanish) and am an A,B student. I don't think I would be involved in my school and doing as much if I had remained in Catholic school. I don miss it but Winslow in definitely a good school despite what people may say.

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