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Mustard Seed School
422 Willow Ave
Hoboken, NJ 7030
(201) 653-5548
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private | PK-8
County: Hudson


4/11/2011otherimaginative, creative, strikes me as the best way to learn--and such a great atmosphere--if I had children I'd send them here. I loved it!
4/11/2011otherWhile I am not a parent at the school (I don't have any children), I am a community member who is a supporter and fan of the Mustard Seed School program. After having been introduced to MSS years ago, I continue to be amazed by this school's unique, innovative, and rich approach to education. The school has found a way to incorporate into their daily routines a wide variety of learning experiences, such as establishing an "I Love Math Day," offering children choice and freedom as they work on their art projects, giving a book to each child on their birthday, matching younger and older students for mutual learning and mentoring, and providing worship times that highlight a variety of faith traditions. Community is fostered amongst children of diverse backgrounds which enhances their shared learning. I appreciate that financial scholarships are provided to fifty percent of the student body, enabling all families the opportunity to participate in this outstanding educational experience.
2/28/2011parentThis school is a small school that seems to be run like a club for kids of board members and faculty. If you are not a part of this exclusive club, as we found out, your child will not be treated equally. The academic standards are quite low, and extra curricular activities are minimal. There are very few reasons to send your child to this school, unless you are offered some kind of financial aid.
12/11/2010parentI have three kids spread out across the different programs at MSS. The school has a very challenging curriculum and places every year their students in the best high schools in the area. Moreover, the learning takes place in a broad multidisciplinary setting, providing the kids with the ability not only to learn the material, but to constantly find it in different areas. Equally important to me, the school community instills in my kids the kind of values we teach them at home, helping in a significant way to turn them into happy, responsible, hard-working, curious kids, that are confident to shape the world around them. All good schools are able to make good students learn math. Only great schools makes them resourceful in the way they approach these and other problems they will face in life. It is great to see how my kid on 6th grade perseveres over hard math problems this work ethics will be invaluable in his future. I strongly recommend MSS for families looking for a great school and community.
10/25/2010parentI am a parent of three Mustard Seed alumni.They are three very different children and each received an excellent education,suited to individual style and needs. They all reported feeling very well prepared for competitive high school work. I think that in addition to a good academic program, they benefited from emphasis on time management, management of materials and study skills. In addition, they experienced a loving diverse community and couldn't imagine life being any other way.
10/6/2010parentMy husband and I are Mustard Seed School parents. Our daughter is an alum currently attending a most selective college; our son is in the 6th grade. Our daughter was accepted at each of the 6 High Schools she applied to which included the area s best private and public magnet schools. We chose MSS because of its academic excellence and its ability to prepare children for the rigors of a college preparatory High School. Here we found a curriculum that challenged our children with both conventional and innovative programs including its award winning shared-space in the lower school and its Student Exhibitions in the Junior High. As important to us as academics however, and what I believe distinguishes MSS from other area schools, is what it teaches children about character. The school views each student as having inherent value and they are treated as such and soon grow to see
8/1/2010parentI m a parent and all three of my children went to Mustard Seed from K through 8th grade. All three were accepted into highly regarded Manhattan independent high schools. All three have been accepted at top 20 research universities for their college studies focusing on mathematics, statistics, engineering or economics. Any claim that the school is somehow inadequate in math and science education does not ring true when I look at my children. There is more to Mustard Seed than the academics, though. They really work on developing the child as a complete person socially, emotionally and religiously. I can very honestly say that I found it very comforting to know that the values I tried to teach my children at home (hard work, discipline, courtesy, inquisitiveness, etc.) were supported by the School.
7/30/2010otherI attended the school from K-8th grade and have been impressed at how the school has grown since I went there. I follow the success of the students each year and see that they are regularly accepted into the top high schools in the area including St. Peter's Prep and McNair in Jersey City, and dozens of fantastic schools in NYC. Mustard Seed alum have or are attending top universites including Harvard, Boston College, Rice, Brown etc... I personally know of alum who are educators, researchers, artists, business owners and members of our military. Each of them would say that Mustard Seed directly impacted their sucess today. The teachers care about the personal development of each child and do a wonderful job creating the leaders that our world will need in the upcoming years.
7/29/2010parentMy daughter attended MSS from 1st-8th grade. The school taught her to be a discipled scholar, a community leader, and to be a compassionate person who can articulate her faith. The arts and music rounded out her experience. Every teacher knew her by name (and they knew me as well!). She was loved and challenged by a team of nurturing, well qualified teachers who make huge sacrifices to work at a school they love. She went on to High Tech High School and just graduated after 4 years on an academic scholarship from Drew University! Thank you Mustard Seed School for the many ways you built this foundation for my child!
6/22/2010parentThis school has a very high student turnover rate. This year in fourth grade alone over 25% of the students are leaving, with a majoriy of them switching to other local schools such as St. Francis or Hudson. I would have to agree with some of the other parents' comments that the academic standards at this school are just not at par with others in the area. This is the main reason we made the difficult decision of pulling our child out of this school.
6/19/2010otherHopefully, the educated reader an see that the last two or more reviews have been written by someone with an axe to grind, with no specifics mentioned. My niece attends this school she and my sis couldn't be happier with the level of learning and care administered by the staff. It is a well established fact that the graduating students go on to attend the best high schools in the area, and this school has a history of emphasizing being a good, caring person. Aren't anonymous online bad reviews annoying and unproductive?
6/6/2010parentThis school is ok for mediorce students who are unable to get into a better school. The academic standards are quite low, and not much is expected of the students, or for that matter, the teachers. Many of the brighter students end up leaving after the 4th or 5th grade, but find themselves struggling to catch up at another school.
5/19/2010parentThe school seemed promising at the open house, but after two years we are highly disappointed. The academic standards are worse than the public schools in the area, and the anti competitive credo is taken to such an extent that students who are invited to local events are provided with next to no preparation, for fear they may feel "special". Do not send your child to this school if you have any ambitions of sending him or her to a decent high school after grade 8.
11/4/2009parentI can't speak highly enough about the dedication and caring that is displayed every day at this school. Every child is treated as an individual with respect to their personal learning style.
10/20/2009parentThe teachers are wonderful: They really care about each and every student, helping them to be the best they can be and encouraging them with the things that are difficult for them. I have even seen teachers working with my daughter to give her extra help, on top of the long day they already put in, and the relatively modest salary they are working for. Additionally, the teachers truly model Christian values; they are wonderful role models in their interactions with one another as well as with the students! The director, Christine Metzger, knows each and every student in the school by name, even the new kids! I can't say enough about how wonderful this place is, for me as well as for my daughter.
10/9/2009parenti have met better schools
10/8/2009parentAll children should be lucky enough to have such a loving enviornment to learn in! We feel very blessed to have our son in a place where learning is made fun and exciting and makes the children crave more and more. Not only do they read about things but they actually get to do touch and see what they have read about, making the lesson so much more interesting. The teachers and staff have a sincere interest in each child and know them all by name! It is a community.This school is a true blessing and I am glad my son is a part of it!
3/13/2009parentMy child delights in attending school. He is offered choices at school and is able to explore his interests and areas of strength. He is also challenged gently in the areas where he needs to be stretched. His teachers know him well and are committed to his growth. I love the community of parents and the professional development the teachers engage in. We especially value the context for his spiritual exploration and the development of his understanding of himself as a member of a community.
2/19/2009otherThe excitement and detail the students of the 4th grade show when speaking with them just proves the character of how well the school teaches its students.
10/16/2008parentOverrated. As mentioned by one parent, your kid is not ready to compete outside. Emphasis is on worship and fundraising. If you qualify in their tuition discount program, probably it's worth it. It's unfair though for parents who pay full tuition. I am relieved I pulled out my child out of that school just in time.
8/20/2008studentI went to Mustard Seed from K to 8th grade, and up until 6th grade I was completely happy. The teachers are good, and the academics moderately challenging. Each child is given special attention and provided with a good Christian foundation. However, from 6th-8th grade, I felt like I was still being treated like a 3rd grader. Our class probably spent more time being disciplined for the actions of one student than we spent learning. Many of the teachers did not know how to handle discipline problems and showed absolutely no respect for the students. Aside from that, the Math and Language programs are exemplary. However, the music program, which has been a source of much praise for Mustard Seed, is absolutely pathetic, with the exception of the Choir. The art program only helps students if they have God-given talent for art. Speaking of God, Mustard Seed has a great religion program in grades K-6, and provides a very good Christian foundation. Overall, I would highly recommend this school for up to 5th or 6th grade, but after that it becomes less stellar.
1/11/2008otherI have worked with many students from MSS. I have found their critical-thinking skills to be extremely developed and the sense of community is contagious. Teachers give up hours of their time, and work for below-average salaries so that all kids will have a chance to succeed. The area's public schools leave much to be desired.
11/25/2007parentI have had my children at MSS. At first I thought it was a great Christian school but as the years progress I started to realize that academically the school does not prepare the child for high school work.
9/29/2007parentAlthough the music and art programs in this school were above par, too much emphasis was placed upon religion and the academics were extremely lacking, especially in math. There was no place for our child's extraordinary writing skills to be nurtured, and now she has gone off to high school and received straight As, after attending a school with competent English, foreign language, math, and science courses.
10/26/2006parentOutstanding progressive Christian school--probably one of the best in the U.S. in this category. Both my kids attend and we have found the teachers be loving, wise and very dedicated because they have a strong sense of the shared mission of the school. The school culture is extremely nurturing, thoughtful, spiritual, diverse and community-oriented. Mustard Seed School is K-8 and graduates are frequently accepted at top high schools in Hudson County (and NYC).
6/6/2006parentExcellent school with great teachers and caring staff. Kids learn alot while having fun too. It's a wonderfully nurturing experience for youngsters. HIghly recommended.
9/21/2004parentMustard Seed is the best school to send your child. We were satisfied with the curriculum. The school nurtured my daughter academically and spiritually. They brought out the best in her. I only wished they had a high school.
8/22/2003former studentMSS is a wonderful school to send your children to. They have a very well rounded curriculum. It's obvious the teachers care very much about the students. No one is overlooked. It is a great place to educate your children. Not only do you learn the academics, but you learn how to grow and be yourself. No one is a follower in MSS, everyone is a leader. I highly reccomend sending your child to this school.

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