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St. Veronica School
4219 Hwy 9 N
Howell, NJ 7731
(732) 364-4130
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private | PK-8
County: Monmouth


1/21/2012parentWe have two children attending SVS currently and plan to send our third there as well. Both started with pre-school and were well prepared for Kindergarten. The curriculum is definitely competitive with public schools, as we have compared notes. We are very pleased with the sense of community that the school provides. We are a part of a big family and there is a sense of respect for all and a great sense of morals in the children. We have nothing but great things to say about the school and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to send their children to a school that has a great curriculum while reinforcing great morals and respect for others.
11/23/2011parentI'm a parent of 5. My oldest was enrolled from preschool through 8th grade. 3 others are in the school now (since pre-K) and my youngest will be enrolled next year. My oldest was accepted into an Honors program in the Freehold Regional HS system after graduating from SVS 2 years ago. She is a straight A student in an All Honors program. All my kids have scored "off the charts" in their Terra Nova standardized tests in every grade. The one area of criticism is the 7th and 8th grade math curriculum... which has been addressed this year. In my case, the facts speak for themselves... my children are straight A students, well behaved, well rounded - and most importantly - spiritually rich in their Catholic faith. Isn't that why we pay Catholic school tuition after all? Catholic education is suffering declining enrollment because of the economic downturn. Many no longer have the ability to write the check. I deeply value Catholic education and will do what it takes to pay the bill. That is why SVS asks for donations... enrollment is down and the school is trying to keep tuition affordable. I love this school and I hope my 13 year commitment to it is testimony to that fact.
4/24/2009parentMy daughter is currently attending school at SVS and loves it. I will be sending my other two children to school at SVS also. The teachers are wonderful, encouraging, and great examples for our children. She is getting a great education with christian values!
2/16/2009studentI am currently a student at St. Veronica School. I have been going to this school for 11 years now, and I feel like this is my second family. The teachers are so welcoming and will give you a helping hand when needed. The principal and vice principal are truly amazing. The sports teams are so hard-working, and deserve the many first place awards that they have won. Also, the students are like my 500 brothers and sisters that I don't have. I love this school to death and I will cry when I have to leave!!!
7/25/2008parentMy two kids have attended St. V's since kindergarten- now in middle school. This is a really great school!!! The academics is well known locally to be excellent- including articles featured in local newpapers. They score tops in academic competitions. There are a lot of activities, especially for the middle school students, even though this is a small school- including lots of athletics, socal justice club, dance, etc. Also, there is a sense of community that includes the whole family. We have so many good friends! In addition, when enrollments decreased recently due to recent price increases, parents were proactive and pooled their energy and talents to write grants. We recently won a $25K grant to improve our school library. This has been a great elementary and middle school experience for our kids.
9/26/2006parentWe were looking for a school in the area for our 5 year old. We attended various schools open houses. We were impressed the most by Saint Veronicas. I spoke to many parents who had multiple children in the school and all of them raved about the school. My child attended kindergarten and now is in 1st grade. We are now parents that rave about the school. The teachers/principle are very dedicated, and the teaching is structured and effective. I have noticed my son is acedemically advanced compared to other children in our town. Through this years parents night, we learned about the extensive safety program. They place a strong priority on instilling respect for others and there is a no tolerance policy on bullying. This school has multiple vehicles for raising funding. This is not a concern. I feel my son is getting a well rounded education.
5/5/2006parentOur son is in kindergarten and the curriculum is very diverse. He learns spanish, computers, dance, art, science, social studies, religion, math. Work done in school is sent home for parents to review. Homework is reviewed and signed by parents. The class has several class moms who oversee certain activites including holiday parties and field trips, etc... Kindergarten is all day at this school and is highly recommended.
2/28/2006parentMy son has attended for 5 years and enjoys the school very much. My concern is lack of public funding and programs that are offered in public schools, however the school scores seems to be on track with most area schools. The parent network has some very good dedicated people who care for what happens in the school. The activities such as music art and sports I think are not as good as they could be. Most disappointing are the gym activities. Children need this type of outlet and exercise. While acedemics is important, I believe exercise and a release of stress helps the kids excel in their studies.
9/13/2004parentMy 2 kids love it there,my son gets all the extra help he needs. They even did it on their own time. It has a great family feel. Family is very important. Could not want more from a school. Thank you St Veronica's.
2/23/2004parentThe teachers and staff are truly ther to assist you and the children. My daughter loves school. and my little one cries to stay at school. The students and faculty are always winning awards and honors fro all over. It makes me proud to say my daughter attends St. Veronicas.

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