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Noor-Ul-Iman School
P.O. Box 271
Monmouth Junction, NJ 8852
(732) 329-1306
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private | PK-12
County: Middlesex


1/5/2012parentAmazing student body. Rich and culturally diverse environment, safe learning, old world values. A very valuable college prep school that teaches life's survival lessons, self respect, and community cohesiveness and responsibility.
12/26/2011otherI attended this prison of a school for three years until my mother agreed to pull me out. Most of the teachers don't know what they're doing. The closest this school gets to creativity is Art Club, which is a sad joke in which you literally pay to scribble with chalk on the blacktop. I do commend their Islamic classes--I learned a lot of Qur'an and really got into it--but their academic courses remain hopelessly outdated. In short, you'd be a lot better off sending your children to a good school and doing your best to teach them Islam yourself, rather than waste your time and money on a deficient school like NUI.
10/27/2011otherI went to NUI myself. It is a great school but it has so many flaws that you cant ignore.There is favoritism(no doubt) and that should not be tolerated in any school. Rules only apply to a select few. Education is not exceptional but the school does have a small teacher-student ratio. Really depends on the student. If a student is not doing well in NUI, take him/her out. NUI does not give enough attention to such students. NUI is not a hard school and they really do care for their students, but the resources will not provide for anyone that needs more help. The students' curriculum is not hard and its not hard to exceed in the school. If you are doing well, stay in the school because you will get into a better college that you won't if you went to a public school. Islamic education is good too! A lot of things happen in the school that shouldnt, but its still a good school.
9/12/2011parentGreat school! I have a child that recently graduated and is attending Rutgers. I also have another 1 in the HS and 1 in the MS. The one in RU is adjusting very well, and feels she couldn't have been more prepared. She tells me constantly how happy she was going to an Islamic school and making friends that she now keeps in touch with at Rutgers. She also feels that NUI has prepared her very well for college work wise, and religously. Definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made was sending my children here!
8/22/2011parentMy children went to this school for a very long time. At first I thought it was great but as they got older, it seemed the work was harder, teachers were meaner, and they weren't learning anything worthwhile. I pulled first one child, then the other. BOTH of them are excelling in public school so much more then they ever did there. They are now in honors classes with straight A's, yet NUI always gave them bad grades. There are some nice teachers there but the majority of them are bitter, gossipy, biased, and downright cruel. I wish I'd withdrawn them years ago. My children even have leftover emotional problems due to that environment. Bottom line is now in public school, doing great, much less work and less aggravation, and learning much more. Also the kids there do act very Islamic. They make fun of people, curse, talk about boys,girls, etc. It was a very unfriendly environment as well.
6/7/2011otherNUI is one of the best Islamic Schools in the nation. All the teachers are extremely well educated, and yearn for students' success. They work hard to help the students whenever they need assistance. NUI excels academically, and although there might not be the best facilities, the school maintains growing boys/girls sports teams for both soccer and basketball. Model UN, Mock Trial, Model Congress, School Newspaper, and Student Council are just a few of the many extracurricular activities offered at the school. At NUI, you make lifelong friends, and are in the best Islamic environment you can dream of. I honestly couldn't imagine attending any other school!
5/12/2011parenthorrible school! they basically take advantage of parents' strife for an Islamic education for their children, and think they can get away with horrible things going at the school. it's one of the most corrupted Islamic school i have even seen. Islamic and Arabicc teaching is poor, teachers have psychological problems, favoritism and special treatment to teachers' kids and kids whose parents donate money to the school and the mosque, are among money other things that make enviorment at NUI unhealthy for learning and academic advancement.
2/27/2011otherIt's a real shame how favoritism exists at NUI. The kids of teachers that work at the school are given special attention for some reason, whereas those whose parents do not work at the school are sometimes academically discouraged.
11/13/2010parentI have 4 children. One of my kids attended public school for 12 years. The other 3 are at Noor Ul Iman. I 've seen a great difference with one of my kids who appeared to be lost in public school and now is confident in her work.I can't comment about the other kids they never attended any other school. Even if my kids can't complete the NUI curriculum for whatever reason. I've learned how to effectively assist the children when they need my help. I'm amazed how the kids line up for prayer and stay focused in prayer without silly movements. I appreciate how the kids interact with each other and how well they take pride in their school work. It is refreshing to know schools like this still exsist. I love the community outreach and community service to muslims and non muslims.The kids learn this vital character trait at a very young age. This is what makes us better citizens and in turn makes our world a better and productive world to live in..KUDOS to NUI!
10/3/2009parentNoor-Ul-Iman School is so much different than the public schools, both my daughters attended pubic school one dropped out at sixteen. There is no drama in Noor-ul-iman school and they do not put up with any teasing of students.The teachers are very friendly. It's like a big family
1/17/2009otherI would definetately agree with the previous commentator that Noor-Ul-Iman School has some dedicated teacher. However, there is really no point of sending your student to this school. Instead wasting thousands of dollars on Noor-Ul-Iman, save it up for college.
11/17/2008studentAs a graduate of Noor-Ul-Iman School, I can attest first hand to the wonderful atmosphere and diversity Noor-Ul-Iman School presents. It offers an academically challenging atmosphere, whilst reminding students of their Islamic background and religious duties. Noor-Ul-Iman has received many various academic awards, and continually pushes their students to strive to do the best they can. Noor-Ul-Iman boasts a 100% graduation rate, with all graduates moving forward toward a 4-year University. Many students have moved to prestigious universities, including, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The College of New Jersey, and Rutgers University. Through many setbacks and a severe lack of funds, Noor-Ul-Iman School has continued to persevere through the hard-work of the teachers and the parents. Although Noor-Ul-Iman School does not have the most up-to-date equipment, the education and moral fiber it provides its current and former students vastly makes up for it.
4/28/2008parentSchool requires and asks to much from parents, and the tuition fee itself to get their children into the school is a big blow. We might as well send our kids to public school. The bathrooms are filthy and out of order, leaving only one working in the entire complex. The academic standard is pretty good, but what concerns us is the environment it's being taught in. Entire campus (If we have) is just modulars and a wore down parking lot. Teachers aren't trained in courses and are just regular biased women coming here to make money for their college tuition or for a secondary source of income.
10/2/2007studentNoor-Ul-Iman School is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is an excellent school with excellent and caring teachers. Its extra-curricular activities are exceptional as well. I am so lucky to attend such a school with such a comfortable and secure environment.
10/2/2007parentVery good Islamic School. Need more academic strength especially in Middle and High School.
9/26/2007parentSchool does not provide parents with clear budget and financial statement, while school always claims they have budget deficit. Simply their way or the highway, school relies on a long waiting list of Muslim parents eager to enroll their children in Islamic school. Bathrooms are filthy and deteriorating. School has some good teachers
9/18/2007parentneed to increase extra curricular activities. More efforts need to put to make the school competitive to other great schools
5/18/2007former studentThis school provided excellent Islamic knowledge and are superb in their Islamic education. However, there are too many teachers that teach their own children which leads to favortism and inequality. Academics are average, and extracurricular activities are uncomparable to public schools but still striving. Parents are too invovled.
1/13/2006parentMy son started in pre-K when he was 3. He completed 1 year in pre-k and was put again in pre-k because he was 4, you have to be 5 to be in Kindergarden. My child's classroom is smaller than most private schools. However, the Islamic education is good. Also, what is good is the Islamic atmosphere. I think they can be a little bit strict with education and deman more from students.
6/22/2005parentThis is an excellent islamic school. The teaching and dedication of the teachers in a moral, friendly, spiritual environment with moderate and modern views is very refreshing. We are very fortunate to have our children here and we hope they will become ideal Muslim Americans, Insha-Allah. The school has extra-curricular activities like sports, arts, nasheed-singing group, Hafidh and Quran learning programs, Tae-Kwon-Do, Science fairs, field trips, well equipped computer lab, arts and crafts activities throughout the school year and especially at Ramadan and Eid-ul-adha. The muslim community is diverse, very broad minded and tolerant and very much in harmony with the generosity and liberal nature of the American culture. We take pride in being American as well as being muslim. Students attend Juma prayers and Khutba and learn arabic language, Quran and islamic studies. They excell in math and language Olympiads and other national contests and enter colleges with merit scholarships.
10/10/2004parentOne of the best Islamic Schools in the country, who is always struggling and working harder to get better and better. Nay Allah help them in achieving their goals.

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