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Alamogordo High School
103 Cuba Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(505) 439-3270
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public | 9-12
County: Otero


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12/27/2011parentMy son went to AHS and he liked it & didn't get in trouble. This school has a lot to offer and lots to do. However, each child has decisions to make; good or bad choices; and most of the time they set their own path. As parents, we just hope we've laid good values and the rest is up to them.....we just need more parents to get involved as our children continue to mature.
10/27/2011parentTerrible school !!! This Highschool don't care about the students ! No one cares when your child have problems ! They don't even listen to parents. It was better a couple of years ago with a different principal. But since 2010/2011 it's getting worse... BEWARE of this school and the "system" they have !
6/9/2011otherI really enjoyed my senior year. The school had a lot of extracurricular activities and also a decent teacher to student ratio.
10/12/2009parentHaving sent two children through AHS, I chose to send my youngest child to NMMI (New Mexico Military Institute - a very prestigious college prep high school) rather than go through Alamogordo's school system again. During all of those years, I dealt with very few faculty that I considered to be worth their pay (administration, not teachers). The teachers that I met and dealt with were kind as a whole, but overwhelmed in a system completely lacking in common sense (see the old block-scheduling). Many attempts of mine to inject common sense into situations and/or conversation were met with puzzled silence, incoherent statements, or illogical arguments by administration. Depressing. Because my youngest child is very smart, I did not feel that I could risk my child's developing intelligence to an inadequate school system. How do I feel in a nutshell? I (personally) wouldn't send my dog there, to be honest.
8/4/2009parentWe are a militairy family traveledall over the world my boys have been in international schools and are now sophomore and juniors this year.Both are doing well good grades made a lot of friends in school very active in sports. some very good teachers and some that could be replaced. Overall we are very pleased with AHS
5/22/2009studentI am a sophmore going to Junior for the year of 2009-2010. I feel there are good atributes to the school, the principles are good at leading. The teachers are not so good. I feel us students are not yet being prepared enough for after High School. Don't get me wrong they do everything they can, but I think there is a big majority of teachers who need to be replaced. Overall it's an Ok School.
7/25/2008parentJust an update. The school no longer has block scheduling. It is a seven period day now. Coming to this small town 3 1/2 years ago, I heard horror stories about this school such as drugs, thugs and alot of pregnancies, and my oldest was only in 6th grade at the time. She has already completed one succesful year at the HS and is about to start her second. As long as the parents stay involved in their child's acedemics and activities they will be fine. The teachers were very easy to communicate with. My daughter never had a problem at the school.
5/27/2008parentAs a parent I feel my children came out equipped to attend college. The school has the dual credit program, which is extremely good.
3/8/2008parenti have a son who attends AHS and I am so disappointed in his education. I fear he will be far behind his freshman year of college. The staff and parent advisory council are awesome, but I have to say that the future is bleak for the students that actrually graduate from here. My advice would be to make sure the students are in AP classes and do several extracurricular activities. They will have to work alot harder than their peers, but it gives them a chance. Oh, and let's not over look that there is NOTHING to do in this town, lots of drugs, thug wannabees, and teen pregnancies!
1/7/2008studentI am a student at AHS and I feel that some of the teachers here aren't focused on getting us the quality education that is needed to be successful in our world today. I believe that new more qualified teachers need to be hired to help us reach our acedemic goals.
10/23/2007parentEducation and discipline is very poor. They focus on dress more than academics. Unruly classrooms and new superintendent is terrible.
8/8/2006teacherI was a teacher in the high school and a parent so 4 children who graduated from AHS. As a parent, I was usually pleased with the academics received and the level of concern for my children. As a teacher, I was very pleased with the level of academics required to deliver. I currently teach in Florida, and looking back the grass was greener at AHS. My children are pleased to have been part of the academic, sports and music world. They were part of award winning programs and have positive memories. In the small school environment and community, they always felt safe, were given opportunities that may not have been given in a larger school/town, and have a high self esteem to carry forward. As for admin, I served under a principal who truly cared for the kids, and showed his emotions freely, with out embarrassment.
11/30/2005parentThe school is fair. I would rate it as a C-. The one teacher I met explained why she was sending her child to NMMI for a good education. My child never felt safe and always felt threatened by the thugs. The 4 by 4 block kills those transferring to and from the district. Why they did this new schedule in a military town is beyond me. Not a good learning environment for those who desire to succeed and excel.
7/21/2005teacherAs a teacher at the high school, let me assure you that athletics among the staff is not the priority. That is an unfortunate exaggeration. The kids at this school are probably the best in the state - as a whole. This is the first large school in new mexico...since i have been teaching, that is not gang run. The students that i have in my classes are well behaved and enjoy learning. It is a great place to teach...i do agree that a more communicative and courageous administration is needed - as a rule - the teaching staff keeps the school going and they take great pride in teaching. They do a great job! It is an honor to be a part of the staff! You won't find a better school in new mexico for child safety...high security...and academic achievement.
6/16/2005parentFrom what I have seen so far, AHS is an 'OK' but not the best school for my child to be attending. Compared to other schools, this school does rank to be better than most others in the academic field. However, like most of the other reviews, the faculty and staff seem to be paying more attention to sports activities than anything else. I feel the faculty should focus more on other things as well, including music, arts, as well as club programs, which the school totally lacks. I do enjoy seeing that the crime-rate is at a minimum at this school, but that doesn't mean I see fights now and then. By the way, I have no idea who the principle is...? --concerned
5/27/2005parentWith the new 4 by 4 scheduling, the arts, music, sports and ROTC are really suffering. Also it doesn't allow students to explore extra activities like languages or arts programs. THey must only take their core classes, I think the students really don't have an opportunity to grow with other opportunities.
5/16/2005parentThe school provides a good selection of courses for its students but fails to provide good counseling advice for new students or ongoing ones. Teachers are excellent primarily the English and Math, good departments, gifted program is not up to par, it doesn't provide much to these gifted kids and could be improved.
3/4/2005studentThe art programs at this school are far better than I have seen at other schools,their are so many people here to help and give you techniques to improve!
1/14/2005former studentThe music program at the High School boosted my attitude on acamedics. Since I have been in Orchestra, my grades have improved some. But the school officials seem like they dont support any of the music programs at the High School at times.
12/6/2004parentI have a junior daughter and overall she enjoys this school. SHe is involved with the Tiger Band. However, the board does not seem to interest in the music program. I know as a parent, the marching band had little money because the school would not purchase any of the equipment or things needed. On trips, they are stuck with the school busses, while the other athletics get the athletic bus. Marching band IS a sport and takes alot of hard work. The band had to fund most of their money on their own. Doing this the whole time will not help any of the problems. Please consider in helong this situation for further purposes. -Concerned Parent
9/1/2004former studentDuring the time that I went to the school it had no leadership or solidarity. The faculty and staff were set apart from the students. The principal...well I never heard from him or saw him. The school does too much to coddle the students and protect them without interacting with the students or motivating them. Those that were motivated were the 'pets' anyone else was ignored or invisible. The school is trying to tackle safety issues and make parents feel their children are safe. While doing this they are taking away the individaulity or the students. Students no longer have to work as hard or try as hard. This high school coddles the students too much.
6/5/2004parentAs a parent of a child that attended this school I have to say that this school is NOT one of the best that my child has attended. There are too many students for the teachers to handle adequately, and too little security for the problems this school has. The sports program seems to be the highest priority for the staff at this school. The special education program leaves a lot to be desired. We have had nothing but problems with that department as a whole. I will not be letting my child return to this school and am currently moving out of the area just for that reason.
2/10/2004parentMy daughter will graduate from AHS this year. She has received a wonderful education and is well equiped to enter college. Special thanks to Mr. Jenkins and well wishes on his retirement. I believe that any student who wants to get a good education can do so at AHS.

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