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School Profile

Ruidoso High School
125 Warrior Dr
Ruidoso, NM 88345
(575) 258-4910
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public | 9-12
County: Lincoln


  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/3/2010studentThis is a great school. Teachers are fair. Math departments and social science is something to be proud of here. This school, though, has its dirty secrets. For one, the principle doesn't take any responsibility and doesnt follow the rule of, 'dont judge a book by its cover '. He's not one to hold grudges but as soon as something goes on in the halls,up stairs, he wont be afraid totake the the whole upstairs into detention or suspension. I personally think he does'nt know what he's doing. I say that if we got a principle who actually cares about wat goes on in school and doesn'nt hide behind his desk, the students, staff and school would be happier. Thats not to say the staff or administration is bad. V.P does exellent work and staff and students are great. Year 2010
7/18/2007parentI believe since there is new leadership in the school you can see a very obvious transition in the culture of the school. My child is now a senior and I can honestly say that the assistant principal has made RHS a safe and accountable school. His desire to truly care about kids has enabled the school to be one of the best in NM. My child plays sports but is also very involved with academics. I am very pleased with RHS.
6/6/2007former studentYou have to go to a good quality public high school in another state to realize how substandard the academics are in Ruidsoso High School. I am not kidding when I say that it has the educational equivalency of an ok middle school elsewhere. I attended both Ruidoso High School and a High school in Colorado. Its shocking.
9/3/2006former studentRHS is not the best high school in New Mexico, I will be the first one to say that. Some high schools like Albuquerque Academy and La Cueva have higher marks academically. You also have schools, even rival class 3A schools like Lovington and Portales have more consistent state appearances in sports. However, Ruidoso High School is still one of the finest high schools in the state. The English Department is one of the top five, if not the best as far as teachers Freshman through Senior grades, that consistently push their students to their absolute highest potential. I have never seen a school that cares so much about its students and although there are fights, that happens all the time in high schools throughout the nation. Ruidoso should be happy about its high school and for the most part, the community supports it well. Shane Hoffman Graduating Senior 2006
9/23/2005parentRuidoso High School needs the community to set in and actually examine what happens within the high school. The school is riddled with violence that is not dealt with. My child was brutally beaten up on campus and the principal and assistant principal did nothing but try to hide the incident. Ask your own child how safe they really feel at RHS!
2/15/2005former studentAs a 2003 graduate I would like to say that RHS was a great school. I know there was a few problems with the administration. The school is not as bad as some make it seem. I never felt threatened except for normal harassment by peers in a teenage environment. The wonderful teachers I had (at least 6) inspired me and I really did learn a lot from them. I wasn't the best student in High School, but the motivation I was given by the teachers has carried me to a 3.5 NMSU GPA. I have scholarships for the NCAA equestrian team and love college. As a born-and-raised Ruidosoan, I would definitely recommend RHS!
1/9/2005studentI am really shocked to read the feedback from the ratings of RHS. I am a senior this year and will be graduating in May. The people who have posted their comments about our school seem to be going off of personal feelings towards the principal or administration. If in fact they did actually attend our school as students they would have the Privilege to be part of such an awesome staff. Yes our school is suppportive of football but they are supportive of every sport. Our principal attends almost, if not all, sport games and extra-curricular activities. Even if they are as far as Silver City. Our teachers care for the students and so far for me have done nothing but support, yet challenge me and prepare me for my future. Maybe the problem is not the staff,rather the lack of parent involvement and obviously SUPPORT. RHS #1 High School in NM.
12/19/2004former studentUnlike most of the people who have made comments about Ruidoso Shigh School, I believe it is a wonderful school with a staff and administration who care about their students. I attended Ruidoso High School all four years and for the first three years I had a different principal each year. Those three principals did not care about academics or athletics. They only cared about making themselves look good. I know the current principal expects a lot from his staff and students but he has brought school pride and a much safer environment to the school. All extra curricular activities are considered worth while to the principal. It is not his fault that the majority of the student body prefers athletics over other activities related to school. I feel it is a wonderful school and would choose to send my children there instead schools where they're not cared for.
12/17/2004former studentI attended school here for all four years of high school. There is no problem with the principal, just students hate athoritive figures; and YES sports teams do have biger budgets, but there are also a lot more people in sports than any other program. I was in culinary and am currently going to culinary school, when I was in high school, in the culinary competitions, we got a bigger budget then most, we never fundraised, we were able to have everything paid for. It has been two years since I graduated, and on returning occasionally to the school I have seen more violence then I ever witnessed while going there. All I can give is my opinion, whether you choose to listen or not is your own ordeal.
11/23/2004studentAs a senior at Ruidoso High School, I have to say that most people are true. Football is the main thing about the school and many classes have suffered from it. I like science and I will graduate with 5 science credits, I go to the science competitions and we have to do lots of fundraisers in order to go. But the fottball players? all they sell is stupid little cards that can get you discounts around town. The drama department is treated like it doesn't matter all though a certain member of the staff actd like they love the drama department and like it is the most important thing in the school. Sports are the most important thing in this school, and althought I have school pride, but that's only because I am proud of my academics and the quality of the education I have recieved.
9/20/2004former studentThis schol provided an excellent environment for a multi- cultural learning environment. Each department has something very good about it, and the school is one of the safest schools I've seen. Lack of security is a result from lack of necessity. The mathematics department, isn't as productive in it's teaching methods as it should be, but the instructors are for the most part highly qualified. The English department is excellent and what I consider to be the best preparation for college that I recieved. The science instructors are creative and innovative and the department is very good. As far as social studies go, the U.S. History teachers are very good, and the World HIstory and Government/Economics instructors are fair. The school provides a great sense of team spirit and pride, and there is something for just about everyone. The Fine Arts department has tremendously improved over the last few years.The choir, theatre, and band programs are growing to be known state-wide!The Ag/ Metals/ Woodworking Department offers a great program for students interested in that field and our journalism department has really taken off the past three years.
9/17/2004former studentWhile I attend this school all four years of high school. I would never let my kids attend this school not now or ever. There are so many disappointment in this shcool alone. The principal alone was the down fall of the school. The teachers and the students were the victims all along. Teachers were getting no reponds from the school board and students were not getting the information that they needed to succeed in life. The school borad concerns were only getting good rating in football standing. Instead of bringing students grade levels up from last year. In regards with teachers, I believe they did the best they could do for everyone not only the students, but for the whole community around Ruidoso.
6/28/2004parentRuidoso High School has an excellent teaching staff; however, their administration (principal) leaves a lot to be desired. If I were considering a move to the Ruidoso area and had high school age children I would definitely consider other options. The security in this high school is a farce at best. Football seems to be the agenda of this school and unfortunately the academics suffer because of it. There are some dedicated teachers but for the most part they are undermined by the inadequacy of the administration. Top five in New Mexico -what does that really mean? I don t think it means that the students in this high school are getting the education they ll need to become productive, well-equipped, and well-adjusted members of society at large. The school motto is where excellence is expected. I fail to see how they (or we) can expect excellence when the quality of education offered here is lacking in so many areas. Time and money could be put to a far greater use if you d pass the football on to another team and concentrate on providing a excellent education for your students.
5/21/2004parentWhat a joke of a school. The principal has his own personal agenda which does not include the welfare of the students. As a teacher I am told to keep my mouth shut or risk my job. I would not feel safe if my children attended this high school. The violence in school is terrible and no one does anything to stop it. This is Ruidoso's dirty little secret.
4/17/2004parentRuidoso High School is considered to be among one of the top 5 high schools in NM. My children have benefited from the efforts of this outstanding staff. They are have each received academic scholarships. The leadership is strict and teachers are held accountable. What a wonderful place. Enabling parents need not apply.
3/10/2004former studentThis school is one of the worst schools I have seen in new mexico. the principal is an inconsiderate man. the teachers also don't care about the well being of their students!

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