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Our Lady Queen of Apostles Regional
2 St John's Pl
Center Moriches, NY 11934
(631) 878-1033
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private | PK-8
County: Suffolk


  School Head OfficialYear
Stacie Stueber2012
9/16/2011otherI just read a review from a former OLQA student who said they were shut out from the real world, had a hard time adjusting to public school and "real life" and got away with everything at OLQA. I laughed reading that. I went to OLQA from kindergarten to 6th grade, then went to public school. Clearly the person who wrote all of those insane negative things had parents who failed him/her growing up. While in OLQA, I was on numerous community sports teams, dance teams, acting classes, horseback riding classes, etc. The list goes on. Just because your parents kept you in a bubble has nothing to do with the school. That school is the best school you can send a kid to-and they were VERY strict when I went. I had no problem adjusting to public school (other than trying to get used to kids who had no idea what religion they were and had other family issues that I didn't know existed-never experienced that negativity in OLQA). To anyone basing their decision on sending their kids to school here-IGNORE that review I'm talking about. Seriously.
5/22/2011parentThere is a dedication to excellence in this school that is unsurpassed -- and this is as it relates to the WHOLE child: school, religion, morals -- all consistently approached with the best possible performance outcomes for the individual student in mind. Sr. Helen is a God-send for the school -- Many positive curriculum changes providing opportunities for great teachers to teach greatly! Recent Middle States Accreditation stands as testament to the quality of the education in this school!
6/29/2009parentSo many wonderful changes at OLQA with new principal Sister Helen Ann Charlebois! New Technology, new computer room, excellent sports programs, excellent curriculum, student and peer involvement, parent involvement, excellent lunch program, fantastic gym program since Mr. Reynolds arrived two years ago, new teachers--graduation rate 100% after four years, scholarship winners, National Honor Society students, excellent at helping students who are 'in the crack' at public schools--get the help they need here, Open Door policy, Middle States qualifying, and so much more! We have been here going on 5 years after switching from public school and all of our kids went from whiny, 'I can't do this' and 'C' students to honest 'A' and 'B' Honor roll candidates who can't wait to get their homework done! I know my kids will succeed now and can compete in college in whatever college they eventually want to attend.
3/30/2009parentMy husband and I made the choice to send both of our children to OLQA in order to provide them with a catholic education that includes emphasis on being a good person in addition to a smaller academic setting. Althoughpeople have commented that they are 'closed' to the outside world, it is up to the student to become well rounded on their own. How many chidren in 'regular' school choose not to participate in what their school has to offer - many. My children are invloved in sports and dancing in the surrounding communtity. I refuse to allow my children to be in a setting that pacifies the student and does not make the student responsible for their actions - OLQA does not do that.
2/24/2009otherI started in OLQA in PreK and went straight through to 8th grade. I can honestly say that while i attended this school I was completely shut out from the real world, my world was this school. I enjoyed everyday, the teachers at the time were not the best but overall very caring. When I graduated from OLQA I went to public high school. Let me just say, Culture Shock. I had to start from scratch, making new friends and adjusting to the way a normal school works, as I was used to being able to get away with anything. I wouldn't trade my experience at OLQA for anything, but just remember that it does end, and if you plan on sending your child to public school when it does, you should probably get them involved in community activities so they get to know some children in their neighborhood.
8/30/2008parentThis school is a very small school, and individual attention. ALthough some of the teachers don't have the best 'bedside manner' there are others who are true dolls. My daughter has attended this school all the way up to high school. She really enjoyed her experience disregarding a few rocky edges. Now she is in a SUNY University and still talks about her childhood at OLQA.
4/16/2008otherMy grandson has attenden OLQA for the past seven years. Our new principal is loving and caring. Her first pirority is the children. In the short time as principal she has upgraded our computer lab, installing brand new computers and also has installed a smart borad. Surely, there will be many more things she will accomplish for our great school. The teachers skills are outstanding and very effective. I can attest that, my grandson's GPA for the last marking period was 98.3 percent. The teachers teach and truly care. Students who have had the experience of a Catholic education for eight years at Our Lady Queen of Apostles will be well prepared and feel very confident about entering High School. I can not say enough about our wonderful school. ASAP...means 'Always say a Prayer'.
2/24/2008studentI think that this school is awesome! I am a student there. i have gone to public schools all my life and they havn't tought me nearly as much as the few months i've been here! you would also think that having a uniform makes the children not unique, but you would be wrong about that because for all of the moms out there think about it, you don't have to go through 'oh mom what should i wear today? ' because she/he would wear the uniform everyday!!! also there are these things called dress down passes and your student gets one if he/she earns one by doing something good! Also your child will apriciate their clothes more because they don't wear them everyday and they become more special:) Also the school is much smaller so your child will be taken care of more! theres no bullying and your child will....
12/31/2007parentI have 2 children in the school. I could not have put my children in a better school. They feel like it is their second home. Besides the great academics, music, sports and technology, our children are being taught morals. My values at home are being enhanced and supported in school. I could not ask for a better education.
9/22/2007studentWell i think our lady queen of apostles is a great school i go there and everything is great!!! i have so many friends there is no bullying and the new princibal is super sweet some people dont like her beacuse they are not good with change and I liked our old sister but i still say the school is wonderful. :] Go Eagles
9/6/2007parentThe level of parent involvement in this school used to be very high, but now with the new Principal everything's being changed, and the parent's haven't even met her yet! I'm already thinking of taking my children out, and it's only the second day!
5/5/2007parentI have two children at the school. My children are getting a well balanced education. The schools also part of the Catholic School Athletic Association, which offers soccer,basketball, and baseball. Their is also athletic programs for K-5th. The school also has band, choir and art and computer club.
5/4/2007parentI went to this same school when I was a kid and am proud to be sending my son there. The teachers are very caring and concerned. After spending kindergarten fighting to keep the ADD label off my son I enrolled him in OLQA. He is loving it, he has lots of friends and his grades are great. I, myself, have found many new friends in the parents at OLQA. They are very supportive of the school and the students. Although we could always use more parents to get involved in improving the school for the benefit of our children.
4/14/2007parentI found the principal particularly caring and helpful. She is to be commended for all her efforts. We should all count our blessing for the catholicity and nurturing enviornnment provided.
2/24/2007parentMy child has been at OLQA for 7 years. An excellent student. The education my child recieves and care from staff and students could not be found in public school.It is a smaller school and the children get the education they deserve and not lost in the system. I can not say enough good things about OLQA.
2/10/2007former studentI personally didn't like the school. A lot of people didn't get along. They didn't Have a good academic program either. Their sports program and clubs aren't really teaching you anything! My parents pulled me out, and I'm glad they did. I haven't talked to any of my friends that go there in the longest time.
10/27/2006parentThe teachers here are not well equipped to handle the children in the lower grades. They allow one child to bully other children without discipline and I am pulling my children out becuase of this blatant display of favoritism towards certain children/parents! Parents whom the teachers like are the ones allowed to be involved, but God forbid if you're not a teacher's favorite parent!
11/26/2005former studenti went there, and i personally found it fun. since there are not that many kids, you know everyone, and its like one big happy family. its a good school :)
2/26/2005studentI think that this school does not challenge my kid enough. It isn't fair for the younger kids in fifth and fourth because they don't have any basketball or anyother type of sports team. I am going to take my kid out. Of course it also counts for the fact that some teachers favor a student and whatever they want goes. I will not tell you an example for I am keeping it confidential. I feel bad for the fifth-grade students because they do not get to have an honor roll. Every year they will get cut off. I think that people of other families would not get to see the good work the students do. I do not like that there are no advanced classes like other schools in Suffolk County. I wish that this school would change into a better school that kids actualy want to go to every Morning.
12/9/2004parentParents I know seem very satisfied with the school and the kid is satisfied as well.

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