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Our Lady of Peace School
21 Fowler Ave
Lynbrook, NY 11563
(516) 593-4884
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private | PK-8
County: Nassau


  School Head OfficialYear
Mary Dowden2012
5/6/2010parentOur Lady of Peace school is one big happy family. I am at peace of mind when I drop my son off to school every morning. Sister Mary and the entire staff are the best!!! Thanks be to God!
4/28/2010parentThe teachers care about the students. They teach from the heart. The principal respects the students. I know my children are receiving an excellent education.
4/27/2010parentOur Lady of Peace is like a family, you know that your kids are safe and well taken care of. The education is above and beyond, the teachers are exceptional.
4/27/2010parentI love the sense of family in this school.Everyone know your name.It just feels homey n like family,everyone is always ready to lend a helping hand
4/27/2010parentThe care that they show for the students and their community. It is a division of the Our Lady of Peace Catholic church in Lynbrook New York and the complete staff is so caring and giving, it is wonderful.
4/26/2010parentThe dedication of the staff, parents and outstanding teachers involved in every aspect of the children education.
4/26/2010parentOLP is a wonderful school with kind, dedicated, and innovative teachers and staff. Sister Mary Dowden, the Principal, is a blessing! The children are happy and secure in this loving environment.
4/26/2010parentExcellent staff with a high regard to student well being, both academically and socially
4/26/2010parentThe teachers at OLP are strong, dedicated, caring, and skilled professionals who have a great knack of motivating the students to learn more while enjoying the process. My son has grown in so many ways: he is more confident, independent, and he is thriving academically and spiritually. The teachers and Principal are great at involving parents in school activities and the children's education. I feel at ease knowing that my son's academic and spiritual needs are being met in such a positive environment. In short, OLP builds a solid foundation and prepares our children for a successful life!
4/26/2010parentOur Lady of Peace is a great educational institution. It is led by a principal with great vision who truly cares about the students and their educational advancement as well as personal growth. The teachers share in that vision and promote an environment that helps all students thrive.
4/26/2010parentOur Lady of Peace is a wonderful school. My children have thrived there and I attribute their success to the educationally challenging environment provided by Sister Mary and her excellent staff of teachers. In addition to the excellent education the children are receiving, they are learning valuable life lessons on integrity, moral character and kindness, values that will make them the best people they can be.
4/26/2010parentOur Lady of Peace has been a great school for my son. Everyone there truely cares about the well being of all the children.
4/26/2010parentI love OLP School because of the strong School/Church community. Many bonds were formed amongst the parents and the children.This school/teachers/Principal prepared my children to be accepted into Sacred Heart Academy and Chaminade High School. I have many fond memories of the 11 years spent IN OLP with my son and daughter.
4/26/2010parentI drive to this school 20minutes everyday.. My daughter loves the teachers..The principle is a very caring person and keeps the school growing in education and personal growth. I love the family envirnoment. I will drive anywhere for a great education for my child.
4/26/2010parentMY daughter goes to OLP I've seen how much she has grown socially and educationally. She is 4yrs old and in the nursery program. From the principle to the teachers they are amazing. This is not just a school but a family. They offer so much to the children so they can grow in their own way.
4/26/2010parentWe love the small school atmosphere the very caring Sister Mary the children and parents and the teachers.
4/26/2010parentTerrific school with fine leadership, teachers and administration. Both of my children are students at OLP.
4/26/2010parentThey have very good teachers. They care about your child. They are very friendly. They take time to know you personally, Very good administration. The school offers everything that you just can't find in a Public School, and also, in many of the private ones. I love OLP school!
4/26/2010parentOLP is a wonderful nurturing community. OLP has allowed my children to grow academically, spiritually and socially. The staff and faculty are very supportive.
4/26/2010parent Great place for learning,with a diverse student body. Caring teachers,fine arts program,after school program for children of working parents
4/26/2010parentMy son joined the school in 5th grade and the whole school warmly welcomed him. It is as if he has known these people his whole life. The teachers are terrific with the students. I really feel my son is getting a premier education and is being prepared for an excellent secondary educationl.
4/26/2010parentThis school is a community. The students are challenged, encouraged, well taught and exposed the arts. This is an amazing school
4/26/2010parentOLP is the stong backbone of our village. Its students grow up to be outstanding residents who go on to challenging lives & careers.
4/26/2010parentThis is a wonderful school that totally prepares you for what is ahead in High school
4/26/2010parentI went to Our Lady of Peace as well as my brother and sister. My three children now attend there as well. It is a very loving,caring and family oriented school. My family has learned alot from Our Lady of Peace and not just the education, we have learned to love one another and do to others as we would want done to us. I recommend Our Lady of Peace to anyone who can join a great school and second home to many of us.
4/26/2010parentOLP is a wonderful school. I could not have picked a better school for my 2 children. Very disciplined.
4/26/2010parentOur Lady of Peace is run by caring special people who give so much of themselves every day to help and educate our children and guide them through their trials and tribulations of daily life. A child can feel the presence of community in the school and thrive to their potential. Not many schools are willing to give what it takes to make a child successful but there are many at OLOP who will give their time and energy when they are called upon. I know because I have experienced their kindness and expertise. This is truly a school of exceptonal merit.
4/25/2010parentOutstanding execution of curriculum. Children score very high on all state tests & they earn admission to the Catholic High Schools of their choice. In addition, it is a nurturing learning environment, where there is alot of love and laughter. It is not ONLY about the Catholic religion, but helping the kids be good & kind citizens of the world.
4/25/2010parentI sent my child to this school because academically it has a good reputation and I have found this to be very true but I have been impressed at the family environment the school has .
4/25/2010parentI couldn t be more proud of the progress my son is making at Our Lady of Peace. Your child spends half of their time in a school environment and you want them to receive the best of everything and I m confident he is getting that; the faculty gives 110% in trying to meet the needs of each and every student. The children not only receive a well rounded education but have a plethora of extracurricular activities to choose from. OLP partners with the parents to teach them what it means to be a part of a community, they encourage our children to become involved in activities that teach life lessons they will take with them forever.
4/25/2010parentOLP is an awesome school- their drama club is amazing. The CYO program is also great!
4/25/2010parentI love Our Lady of Peace because of the friendly, peaceful environment. Everyone knows each other and the children are really encouraged to do great work.
4/25/2010parentThe faculty and staff at OLP are a group pf caring, dedicated professionals who promote academic excellence, while teaching Catholic values and traditions. OLP is a second hometo my children where they are encouraged and challenged to do their best.
4/25/2010parentIt is small and very family oriented. Great education and values passed on from one generation to the next
4/25/2010parentOur Lady of Peace is not just a school it is a community. The children are encouraged to be better people not just better students. I wouldn't want my chidlren to attend anywhere else!
4/25/2010parentI love Our Lady of Peace because my children have the opportunity to be part of an amazing school and community! The teachers and staff are dedicated professionals. I am so happy my children attend OLP!
4/25/2010parentIt is an extesnion of my family; my children feel at home at Our Lady Of Peace.
4/25/2010parentWe have a wonderful enviroment at Our Lady of Peace...one big,happy family!Our kids are recieving a high quality education while having a great time doing it.
4/25/2010parentWe wanted our daughter in a small school with a family atmosphere and OLP was that school. The staff does a great job at educating and motivating our kids. We are happy because our daughter is happy!
4/25/2010parentMy children are receiving an excellent education from an academic standpoint. The teachers are nurturing and caring, yet know how to challenge the students to produce their best. The real value-added of Our Lady of Peace, though, is not so much the things you can easily measure-- like test scores and grades. It's what the school is able to instill in each student-- strong Christian values, a feeling of belonging to an entire community, and a sense of responsibility to each other and those less fortunate. The OLP family has helped my family shape our two daughters into the kind of young adults that hold all the promise of the future.
4/25/2010parentThey have a great faith based community
4/25/2010parentMy son attended pre-school at Our Lady of Peace shortly after a very traumatic event took place in his life. The teachers and administration were so very kind and thoughtful in how they treated and cared for my son. It is a truly loving and devoted school and it shows!
4/25/2010parentExcellent administration, and faculty; teachers are true professional educators and caring and concerned about the students educational, spiritual, and social needs. It is a loving, environment that promotes Catholic values and offers the best education. OLP students are accepted into the best high schools and continue to excel there and beyone.
4/25/2010parentIt is a wonderful community of families who value their faith and choose to send their children to Catholic School.
4/25/2010parentThe caring staff, both teachers and administrators, have made a great impact on myself and the lives of my children. It is an amazing community of family and friends that provide the support needed to keep our children on track. It is refreshing to have a school that reinforces our values and faith while providing an excellent education for our children.
4/25/2010parentOur Lady of Peace School is a wonderful place. The education is outstanding, the teachers are very loving and dedicated and the catholic atmosphere is inspirational. My daughter is thriving at school both academically and spiritually. I am extremely happy with the entire environment.
4/24/2010parentOur Lady of Peace has a caring and loving principal and staff.. They work hard to provide a well rounded education by offering art, music, drama and sports team for its students. The school goes above and beyond to help care for its neighborhood and those in need.
4/24/2010parentI am the parent of two wonderful but anxious/nervous children. The school community at Our Lady of Peace has been so positive and reassuring to them. They truly look forward to going to school and have gained so much both academically and personally!
4/24/2010parentMY children have attended OLP for the past 10 years. The school provides a wonderful opportunity for children to learn and grow in a spiritual environment. The teachers are wonderful and focus on each child. The children work with and encourage each other daily. I am very happy my children have and currently attend OLP.
4/24/2010parentIt's a place to learn and grow together. Everyone is part of a 'family'. We have two children. One graduated from there and attends Kellenberg and the other will graduate this June and follow. Our Lady of Peace has been such a big and wonderful part of our lives for so many years. Sr. Mary and the staff are outstanding. They give 110% of themselves.
11/19/2009parenti am a parent of one of the students in fifth grade and i could not ask for a better school. the principal knows every parents and child's name at the school.it really is amazing!
5/3/2009otherOLP is one of the most amazing schools Ihave ever seen. The teachers are all so nice and compassionate.
6/2/2008parentThis school is truly outstanding. My daughter loves the entire school environment. The principal, teachers and staff are all very committed to education and promoting a fun learning environment.

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