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China Grove Elementary School
514 South Franklin Street
China Grove, NC 28023
(704) 857-7708
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public | PK-5
County: Rowan


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Jenny White2012
10/3/2012parentNot a review, just a response. Even though I think the situation was not handled properly, the principal at the new school is absolutely incorrect. By law, in order to be promoted to the next grade, a child has to be in attendance for 160 days in elementary school (equal to excess of 10 days absence). This is a very sensitive situation and I think it should have been handled with care. In defense of the principal, she has laws and guidelines to follow. She sent you in the right direction, you filed an appeal and it was approved.
10/2/2012parentI currently have two children attending this school. We had a horrible time my oldest daughters Kindergarden year. I gave birth to our fourth daughter, who was very sick and stayed in PICU from the time of her birth until she died 15 days later. During that time, my child did not attend school because I stayed at the hospital with my sick baby, never leaving her, while my other children stayed with family out of town. I had no way to get my daughter to and from school, with her being so far away, and me not being able to leave the baby. When my child returned to school, even before her sisters funeral, the principal gave me nothing but grief. She made me do an appeal (remember, this is kindergarden) telling me that my child may be held back for missing those two weeks of school. The situation had already been explained to her. I did the appeal and my child was promoted to 1st grade, however, after that happened, I lost all respect for the principal. I switched my daughter to a different school the next year, where I learned from that principal that no matter how many days a child misses in elementary school, no elementary school in NC can lawfully hold a child back due to absenses.
8/27/2012parentI believe this school is improving greatly and its not just up to the teachers to teach but, also the parents to help and follow up also. If all parents would work as a team with there kids it will improve the test scores. And if parents need the help to help there kids then they need to reach out and speak to the teacher so he/she can explain to them how its done also.
5/22/2012parentI would like to say we have moved here from Wisconsin and I do believe that this school is alot stricter in having the kids respect one another...I love that aspect..The learning and testing they do here is great...I enjoy the teachers and dont have any complaints as of yet...My kids like it there and also enjoy the options to pick on the lunch menu. The principal is well informed and keeps up with the kids..I would recommend this school even though the star average is 3.
5/9/2012parentI am so glad my child will be leaving this horrible school this year. The teachers along with administration are so bad. EOG's are coming up and my child is saying the entire 5 th grade will not pass because they just don't know anything. Well my child's grades show different. The only thing is testing. How dare you people talk to our children this way. This is another school in rowan county that needs to be changed for the better. Beware of this school lots of fakes in here.
12/20/2011parentMy son who is a senior at Carson went to CGE, with no problems after he was diagnosed with ADHD. THERE WERE AWESOME TEACHERS THERE. So when it was time for my daughter to start school I had high praise for the school. Her first 3 years went great then the adminstation changed. The male principal was awesome, but I agree with the other post the mewer female does talk down to everyone, including her staff. CGE has lost some wondrful teachers. When my neighbours asked me about putting there children there, due to the poor test scores ( compared with other school in Doesn't County) I bragged my child was doing well. That was foolish on my part. My daughter is in 5 th grade now & if it wasn't her last year there, I would move her. Before sending tour children there I say check out who's on staff. Hope it gets better, because there are still some wonderful taechers there. Best of luck to anyone considering sending your child to this school. God Bless!
8/24/2010parentI agree with the last two post! My child completed the 5th grade and I am not putting my youngest back in this school. The administrators do talk down to the parents and children. They are not trustworthy! I was honestly shocked! I found some of the teacher are not trustworthy either. If I would have known I would have never moved to this elementary district. My child attended K-5. He had one teacher out of all these years that was great. It is truely sad that nothing has been done. I can't go into everything that happened at this school, but it is horrible. I have issued formal complaints.
7/26/2010parentI hate to say it but I agree with the last post! This school needs major improvement. The administrators talk down not only the students but the parents as well. This past year was not nearly as bad as my sons first grade year but he still had a horrible time on the bus. The bus behavior this school allows is absolutely uncalled for and needs attention NOW! The languge and yelling is so horrific you would not believe it is coming off of an elementary school bus. I hope this year goes ok because otherwise we are going to have to consider moving to a new school district also. The teachers are not bad it's the administrators.. Mom of a third grader.
5/11/2010parentI am a parent of 2 children that attend this school. I have a 5th grader and a child in kindergarten. I hate this school. I have had more run ins with the teachers and faculty at this school than any of my sons previous schools. I am honestly trying to move to a new area so my daughter doesn't have to attend this school without the protection of her older brother. I don't trust the administrators and some of the teachers.
10/14/2008parentVery friendly, helpful teachers! You can definitely tell the teachers and staff strive to help every child! Mom of a 2nd Grader.
6/19/2007otherI am going to give this school a 5 because I went to this school last year.I want to thank this school because they gave me the best teacher ever Mrs.Barry.

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