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Carolina Friends School
4809 Friends School Road
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 383-6602
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private | PK-12
County: Orange


  School Head OfficialYear
Mike Hanas2009
7/27/2012otherCFS has been a second home to me. I have been going there since I was three years old and I am happy to say that I have been challenged and supported everyday. The Teachers are there for you in every way possible especially academically and Socially. Everyone there loves the community and wants it to grow. The teacher relationship is amazing and the want you to and will go to great lengths to make sure you do well. It is a rigorous academic program during through high school as long as you choose classes that prepare your for success. I would never want to go anywhere else
9/20/2011parentOur daughters have attended CFS from the time they were 3. One is now at Stanford, getting an MS in Engineering; one is a senior at CFS. CFS's non-graded system does not impede students applying to good colleges. Colleges are familiar w/ the system of using teacher evaluations rather than letter grades & accept these comprehensive reports as evidence of student performance. In fact colleges receive a more complete picture of CFS students, which works in their favor. CFS is academically rigorous & students are encouraged to do their very best. Those who take the AP tests score very well. Each year CFS sends students to Governor's School; seniors are accepted to fabulous colleges. I am grateful to CFS for teaching my children to love learning, rather than to perform on a test. CFS encourages students to look inward and know themselves; values service to others & promotes a sense of community; fosters learning through various modes of intelligence & at a comfortable pace, & values the goodness in each child. The Senior Class's mission statement is, "Be kind. Mix it up. Support & learn from each other. Challenge yourself & others to be creative & unique." Thanks, CFS!
8/25/2011parentI have been constantly impressed with the quality of my children's education at Carolina Friends School Early and Lower school. As an education professional, I feel confident saying that the academic curriculum is top-notch. NO school is perfect for every child, but parents who have been unhappy during my children's time here have incredibly unrealistic expectations and perhaps are also unwilling to hear that their child has learning and/or behavior differences. My children's teachers are current on the research in their areas, undergo frequent professional development, and are truly concerned with the social, emotional, and cognitive development of their students. The arts, engineering, technology, and creative thinking skills are large parts of the curriculum. The community is incredible. I truly believe that CFS is one of the best places in the region for nurturing 21st century thinkers.
8/9/2011parentI would not recommend CFS High School unless your child in unable to achieve in an academic challenging curriculum. The CFS Narrative evaluation and NO Grades and No GPA will only damage an academically strong student possibilities of gaining access to a first tier colleges and college scholarship no a non-liberal arts school! CFS does not offer an accumulative GPA that makes it impossible for a CFS student to compete for college scholarships cross the academic board.
5/22/2011parentVery disappointed with the CFS. It has taken a year for my child to recover from the bad experience at CFS Lower School. I have heard that the Middle and Upper Schools are better. My child fell through the cracks at CFS though academically gifted and was not taught much of anything academically. There was a reliance on workbooks of the most unimaginative kind. Each year they declared a focus area for the year but there was little follow through with that focus. The teachers bungle their way through Spanish pronunciation each morning. Teachers sent out emails to parents with spelling and grammar errors. (This is a minor point but symptomatic of lack of excellence). Lower School leadership was weak - big on "feel good" stuff though. Many, many parents have hired tutors to fulfill the academic side of CFS students' learning. Lastly, teachers and administration pay more attention to their own sense of community rather than creating real community and support with families. There were several times when I offered meaningful input to the school and this was not welcome or encouraged. We just pay the bills and bake cupcakes when needed. Many other families jumped ship in same time frame.
1/28/2011parentMy son attended CFS from kindergarten through Middle School (8th grade). He made the choice to switch to East Chapel Hill HS, a top-rated public school, for a wider set of academic and social choices. He is flourishing there in all Honors courses because of the great preparation he got at CFS. We are all still in love with CFS and recommend it most highly to anyone.
4/25/2010parentEducate children hearts, mind, and soul to fulfill their individual potential and to affect positive change in the world.
4/24/2010parentCarolina Friends School is giving my boys a wonderful education, not only academically and physically, but in being responsible, kind and global citizens. The teachers know and love my kids almost as much as I do and is instilling in them a wonderful sense of self respect.
4/24/2010parentIt's a great community that involves everyone(students, parents, teachers, administrators, the larger community) in making it great!
11/13/2009parentMy child has been at Carolina Friends School for 8 years and I couldn't be happier. The culture of responsibility, trust and openness has allowed my son to blossom into the student and leader I knew he could be. What a gift.
9/16/2009otherCarolina Friends School is a vibrant and inclusive learning community empowering students to think critically, creatively, and independently. We foster active exploration and quiet reflection, individual endeavor and collaborative engagement. Inspired by Quaker values -- pursuit of truth, respect for all, peaceful resolution of conflict, simplicity, the call to service we teach our children that it is possible to change the world.
4/27/2009studenti currently attend Carolina Friends School as a freshman. I have been there for 12 years now, since i was 3. and i am happy to say that i love it. i love the attention i get in class whenever i need help, i love the way i can shape my education and truly know that i am responsible for how my high school experience turns out. My only problem as a student is the small number of other students but as far as that goes i have been able to find other outlets. CFS is an amazing place for people to become who they truly are
1/10/2009studentI've been a student for 4 years both in middle and upper school and I can't say enough about how much I love the Friends school! I am genuinely excited to come to school every day, design my own schedule and have close bonds with the teachers who are very understanding and are hand picked by the students themselves because they are the best. CFS is an amazing environment for the child to be nurtured and supported to be the best them they can be.
5/19/2008studentNo school better prepares you for not just college but life. Students come out of friends with the tools not just to succeed academically but socially as well. Friend s school was one of the first in the nation to implement community service into its curriculum.
9/4/2003former studentCFS gives your child the space to grow into the person they need you to be. gives you morals, and the tools you will need to survive in the world.

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