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Creekside Elementary
5321 Ephesus Church Road
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 560-3919
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public | K-5
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Nathan Hester2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/31/2012parentFront office has wonderful people working; Teachers are great and understanding and they do their Best. My son has been in AIG program sice the Mid 2nd grade, this year he is graduating 5th grade, very please with their program; we will miss all of them dearly : (
11/27/2011parentThe school is good, not great. Homework is redundant each week, so the kids get bored. My children rarely finish lunch, because of there just isn't enough time. They've learned, but not as much as I would like for them to learn; we work with them at home just to keep their interest and skills progressing.
11/28/2009parentOur child is in Kindergarten at Creekside and has had a wonderful experience there. His teacher and TA are excellent and the classroom is fun, under control, and educational. The students are well-behaved and nice. The administration is responsive and friendly, and the extra classes (music, art, library) are great. We even like the Durham Public Schools after-school program. We considered private schools, but are really glad that we went with Creekside instead and recommend it.
11/3/2009parentCreekside is great. Our daughter loves it there.
11/3/2009parentCreekside has wonderful diversity of families that all share a common goal: quality education for our children.
11/1/2009parentCreekside has a wonderful staff, and a great diversity of students. The Creekside PTA is a strong organization which helps bring important events to the school like the international night, science fair, etc.. Overall, my kids have had a great learning experience at Creekside.
10/30/2009parentIn the education field, genuinely caring for children is a requirement. And the teachers at Creekside have kind hearts that allow them to go the extra mile to help our students learn and grow. And I cannot forget the students! They are a wonderful group of children who desire to become better and better everyday. Even our students with various challenges and obstacles have that strong desire to succeed---in spite of setbacks. Go Creekside Eagles!!! :)
10/21/2009otherIt is all about the children. The pride that we have for our school under any kind of adversity. The children that are eager to learn and have a thirst for knowledge, participation and commitment to do their very best.
10/20/2009parenti love the people at creekside - teachers, parents, kids, administrators. they are diverse and friendly. like an extended family.
10/20/2009teacherteachers are wonderful and the administration team is the best in the entire district. parents support the school ijn many ways
10/12/2009parentMy kindergartener is engaged in her class every day. Her teacher and teacher's assistant have helped her ease into a totally new environment with very few hiccups.
10/12/2009parentMy daughter is a third grader at Creekside and she has been in love with the school since Kindergarten. Very comfortable learning environment and the faculty and staff are so supportive and encouraging.
10/11/2009parentWonderful principal and staff!! Great attitudes among everyone that I come across. My child has had the best teachers, and has improved greatly academically.
10/9/2009parentCreekside is a fantastic school that truly focuses on the best for the kids. The administration and staff recognize that they can't be perfect, but they go the extra mile to make things as perfect for the kids educational experiences as possible. The diversity is amazing and the care of the teachers & staff for the students is better than you will ever find any where.
10/7/2009parentMy son loves Creekside. I can't believe how much he has learned in just a few weeks.
10/6/2009parentCreekside is a great place to send your child to be educated. There are many caring teachers that really want to teach and not just collect a check.
10/6/2009parentIt's very organized, clean, and educationally disciplined
10/6/2009parentMiss Erdely and Mr. Williford are the best teachers ever!!!
10/6/2009parentI love the diversity at our school!
10/6/2009otherThey have the best teachers!!!!
10/6/2009parentMiss Erderly loves my nephew! She trests her students so professionally and caringly as do the other teachers there. The school is a model of top notch education and fostering kids growth by letting kids be kids.
10/6/2009parentTeachers and administrators at Creekside are positive, enthusiastic, and they engage students. We couldn't be more pleased with what's going on in the classroom and larger school community. Go Eagles!
10/6/2009parentThe teachers and parents of Creekside make it an outstanding school!
10/6/2009parentWe love the diversity of the student body and dedicated, competent teachers at Creekside.
10/5/2009teacherI love the great staff. They work so hard to make sure every kids' needs are met.
10/5/2009parentwe have great teachers, strong students, and high parent involvement
10/5/2009parentThe administration, faculty and staff is so warm, welcoming, and caring! They are are very genuine and have the students' best interests at heart!!!
10/5/2009parentI love Creekside because the students usually work together even if from different backgrounds and the many parents get involved and help out the school in the classroom and in the PTA.
10/5/2009parentCreekside elementary has the best teachers! They are always willing to let us come in and help and always looking out for our children!
10/5/2009parentCreekside has great, caring teachers, amazing staff and supportive families - we couldn't be more pleased to have our daughter in a school such as Creekside.
10/5/2009parentThe two teachers that have taught my son have been excellent in terms of teaching ability, encouragement, discipline and understanding of my child's needs. Student backgrounds are very diverse, both culturally and socioeconomically. I highly recommend it!
10/5/2009teacherCreekside Elementary has the best students in Durham. The parents are extremely supportive. The Administration Team and teachers are very dedicated in providing students with solid instruction.
10/5/2009parentThe teachers have done an excellent job educating my son. He is now in the 4th grade, and has had a great experience every year.
10/5/2009parentCreekside has very involved and dedicated administrators, teachers, support staff and parents. They all work together to make Creekside a wonderful school. The students and Creekside community has a great deal of pride about their school. Other parents comment on how children at Creekside are respectful and kind to others. Children at Creeksdie receive a well rounded education (the teachers are excellent) but more importantly they show a great deal of social awareness. I am proud and happy with the educational experience my child is having as student at Creekside.
10/5/2009parentA great school with a fabulous, caring and dedicated staff.
10/5/2009parentThe teachers are great, kind and caring. I love the special activities that the kids have the opportunity to be in such as safety patrol, chorus, AIG, etc... I also think the art teacher does a fabulous job with the kids.
10/5/2009parentI feel like the faculty and staff at Creekside know me, know my children, know my family. I feel like they care about us. Creekside has the BEST teachers. My children love going to school every day. Great teachers make a difference.
10/5/2009parentMy older son attended Creekside and had a great experience. My younger son is a current student and is also having a great time. Great teachers, nice gym and great programs, including AIG
10/5/2009parentEvery child starts out on a level playing field - Creekside is awesome with a very strong leader (principal Ms. Judd) and an incredible staff!! They helped my son succeed and be happy and motivated at school. I love Creekside!
10/5/2009parentIt is a positive, nurturing environment for my child. We have been very pleased with the teachers so far and the principal is very engaged with the children.
10/5/2009parentThe teachers, staff and principals are simply wonderful. Parents are involved. Everyone knows one another's name and cares about each other.
10/4/2009otherThis is a fabulous school that deserves recognition
10/4/2009otherGreat school. Could use some funding especially due to overcrowding.
10/4/2009otherWonderful School...but overcrowded. Could really use the additional funds...
10/4/2009parentCreekside is great for teachers, students and parents.
10/4/2009parentCreekside is a wonderful community. It is very diverse and offers many programs, events, and activities for all. Eagle pride!!!!!!!
10/4/2009teacherCreekside is an awesome school, with amazing parents, children, an awesome administration, and fantastic teachers!
10/4/2009parentI love Creekside Elementary School because it has a diverse and dynamic student body, teachers, and staff.
10/4/2009parentThe teachers are extraordinarily good at differentiation and 'tuning into' each and every child!!
10/4/2009teacherEverybody works together to do what is best for each and every child!
10/3/2009parentI think my wife said it all. The teachers at this school are amazing, and I'm lucky my kids go here. The parents and staff are great too.
10/3/2009otherMy grandkids go here. I did a sun-protection workshop last year and the kids, teachers and staff were fabulous. The school is beyond capacity, but the whole community makes it work, and the kids clearly enjoy themselves while learning. It's a very diverse school too...a true melting pot of wonderful children, teachers, parents and staff.
10/3/2009parentGreat, great, great teachers, EC staff, and new PBS program! Lovely support staff! Great PTA!
10/3/2009parentThe diversity present in the school is one of its biggest strengths. There is good parent involvement and my son has had several outstanding teachers.
10/3/2009parentinvolved in the community. teachers are awesome!!
6/12/2009parentIf you believe everything your read, Durham schools' reputation pales in comparison to neighboring Wake County. But I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised - my son enjoyed his first year at Creekside. His teacher seemed right on top of things, including discipline. The before/after school program at the school is excellent. It was a good experience.
5/23/2009parentWonderful teachers, the whole 2nd grade crew! My child has had a great experience.
9/19/2008parentI am a very active parent - and Creekside is and excellent school. Sure it is overcrowded, but the administration works hard so this does not affect the student learning enviroment. The school has some of the best teachers in the county, who work hard to make sure every child receives a great education. What has mattered most to me as a parent is that my daughter loves learning, and is excited about school. She would not be excited if it were not for the nurturing learning environment created by the teachers and staff. Kudos to Ms. Judd, our principal, for hiring the best teachers, and staff to ensure each student at Creekside receives a quality education.
4/11/2008parentAs a very active parent - I have been highly disappointed in the education my children receive. While a segment of parent are involved, it mostly falls on one group to run the whole school. The school spends most of its time worrying about NCLB and ESL, as a result, the gifted student are left in the cold. I had to resort to teaching my own children at home because my children were not getting the education they needed in the classroom. The school district and school board has thumbed their nose at requests for extra help, manpower, classes. A 3 year old school is over 150% capacity and the school district still won't reassign students to neighboring less populated schools.
2/26/2008parentMy son has been at Creekside since Kindergarten (now 2nd grade). Granted, it is crowded, but it has not hurt his academic achievement. He has had wonderful teachers and has had a very positive experience. Hopefully this principal will have an extended tenure, unlike her predecessors, and the school board will get a clue and build a new school. I am surprised that any reviewer would rate parent involvement with only 3 stars. I have always been impressed by the parent involvement at this school.
9/26/2007parentThe school is grossly overcrowded -- 26 students in each of the eight sections of Kindergarten and 1st. Grade. My son was in Kindergarten there last year -- only 19 kids. It was wonderful. Now, I feel like he is lost in the crowd.
7/13/2007parentCreekside is a wonderful school. Both my kids have been attending Creekside since it first opened, they are extremely happy, they love going to school. All the teachers are hardworking, friendly and have the students' interests at heart. The school has been through tough times, loosing 2 principals, but have bounced back so well and still manages to do an excellent job regardless of the odds they faced. I would recommend Creeside to any parent who wishes to have thier child attend school there.
7/12/2007parent2 years/2 principals and a Principal Interim may appear a school weakness. Although, Creekside has benefited from the experience, knowledge and leadership of the formal Principals; it has also been greatly enriched by the, otherwise, unnoticed, capable, compassionate and dedicated leaders that took on the task of ensuring its well being and success. As a frequent presence at the school I have witnessed its growth and maturity.
7/11/2007parentAs a whole I have been disappointed with Creekside and Durham Public Schools. Creekside is only 3 years old and we are very overcrowded and on our 3rd principal. The teachers are wonderful and really care about the kids, but the lack of leadership has lead to disorganization. In addition, Durham Public Schools has not adequately funded the school, as a result, we do not have the 'specials' classes available at many other schools.
7/4/2007parentCreekside is a great school and community. Not only are the teachers and staff committed to a higher education the parents are also ready to volunteer and help in any way! This year we will have a new principal that I'm sure will be great!

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