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Cresset Christian Academy
3707 Garrett Road
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 489-2655
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private | PK-12
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Gail Murphy, Administrator2008
8/17/2012parentThis is the third year our children have attended CCA. They have a new Administrator this year, and he is great! The school has areas to work on and they are working to make those improvements. We are excited about the great things to come. This has already been a wonderful first week of school.
3/12/2011parentAs the parent of a graduate of Cresset and the parent of a current middle school student and high school student who have been students from preschool on I am very pleased with Cresset. Teachers are caring and involved, students have amazing opportunities in the theater program, arts, music, and band. Student in the middle and high school can participate in the sports of soccer, basketball, track and field, volleyball and baseball. Graduates are well prepared for competitive colleges. Students are given opportunities to travel to Europe, New York, DC and North Carolina's Outer Banks. I think students will find this a great environment to grow as leaders either in fine arts, academically, or athletically. As with any school you will get out of this experience what you are willing to put into it.
1/25/2011parentOur experience at this school has not been a positive one overall. The teachers are excellent for the most part, caring and encouraging toward the students. Students bullying (picking on classmates, hurtful comments and so forth) is a very prevalent issue here, particularly among the lower and middle school grades. The administration is aware of the problem and attempts to address it, but overall I would have to say the attempts to correct the issue are somewhat "lame". I don't see the administrators seeming determined to stop the behavior; a lot of talk and mild interventions are more the norm, in my experience. The students are not held properly accountable for their actions, as we believe Christian kids should be. Also, many of the students are NOT Christians (high schoolers have to sign a statement of personal faith, but the lower grades do not) and many non-Christian families are also represented at Cresset. If Christian parents are looking for truly Christian classmates for their children, I would suggest they look at other schools who are much more rigorous in the screening process for admission.
1/24/2011parentI have way to many complaints so I will say, no, I do not recommend this school. It was a total waste of money and time. Teachers curse, throw objects, bully/intimidate students...and these things didn't just happen to mine kid. Do you homework...look hard for another school. You'll be glad you did. If you can stand the distance, check out NRCA in Raleigh. Great teachers, fantastic facilities and the cost is about the same as Cresset.
11/15/2009studentim a student at cresset and i enjoy it very much. i am so blessed to be able to attend cresset. the campus is wel kept and the students are cared for individually by the teachers. and with great chorus and thater programs to boast, im glad i be at cresset
10/13/2009parentIt isnt the Academy's brochures that tell the story, it is the smiles on the students faces that I see in the parking lot in the morning that sold me.
9/2/2009parentWe have found this school to be a great asset in our Christian faith. The teachers and administration are very supportive and so helpful. They truly partner with our family in training up our children in Godly principles. No place is perfect, but everyone at Cresset really give their best in trying to work with the families in providing an excellent, Christian education.
8/31/2009parentA wonderful well rounded school with a caring professional staff.
2/26/2009parentWe love this school! Our son is so happy there. The school is all about the individual child not the mold they are expected to fit!
8/21/2008parentCresset Academy is a wonderful school. A very good educational environment, great academics and a warm, friendly atmosphere. I would highly recommend parents that are looking for a school where kids come first, to look here.
8/3/2008parentOur student had a fantastic experience in grade school. Her teachers demonstrated great care for her both academically and socially. She has thrived in this new environment, and we are grateful for her teachers. She has made numerous good friends and she looks forward to going to school. We are very satisfied.
5/25/2008parentNo place is perfect, but this is an excellent school. My children have excelled academically. The teachers are willing to sit down and work with you through any academic problems, social problems or questions you may have. The atmosphere is like a close family. Godly teachers guide students in the Biblical World View and love them. Students with learning differences are given help for their particular needs. Parents are encouraged to be involved. The campus is beautiful, well maintained, and improvements are constantly being made.
5/25/2008parentCresset has been a wonderful school for my child. Cresset seeks to educate students within a Biblical worldview. And they succeed. The staff and faculty love the children with all their hearts and have their best interests in mind. God will provide in an arena that is honoring Him.
3/30/2008parentThis school has been a tremendous disappointment. The Christian education aspect of the school is mediocre, at best. The administration of the school is cold and righteous and lacks vision. There are some good teachers but I think there ability to make and real changes at this school are hampered by the administration and church which oversees the school. The facilities and fields are run down and outdated and shared between the church and the school. I'm not sure where the tuition money goes. Perhaps after all of the 1/2 price teacher tuition discounts, scholarships, and pastor discounts there isn't much money left to make academic or capital improvements in the school. The parental involvement is relegated to fund raisers. For a little bit more money, you can attend a superior school right down the road.
2/14/2008studentCresset is a very nice school. The athletic programs are good especially for basketball.
7/19/2007former studentI attended cresset in 6th grade and I must say that it was one of the most disorganized school enviorments that I had ever attended. My best teacher was Mrs.Griffen she helped me understand what I was learning.As for the rest of them they partook in making fun of other students and teachers, saying negative comments completly inappropriate for a teacher to say humilatin students on a personal level. The students in this school were good and I have kept that fruiendship over the years. The classroom sizes are good but when the teacher part comes in that is where they lack.
12/14/2006parentThere's a lot of praying, but not much Christian action. This is not the type of school for children who are LD or otherwise can't keep up with the class. Very little assistance is offered in the form of an IEP, and teacher assistance is limited. Extracurricular activites are only for middle school aged students, nothing offered on the lower level.

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