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Hillside High
3727 Fayetteville Street
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 560-3925
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public | 9-12
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
William Logan2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
4/27/2012teacherWhen reading these reviews, I think as a teacher it is important to remember the students deserve respect as well as the teachers, and so this goes for the parents of the students in the school. As teachers, we have a duty to "teach" and the students have an opportunity to learn from the teachers. As one parent's stated below, "It is only high school right?" This parent should remember this is not only high school but is also their child's future. Parents need to be supportive of the teachers and what they are trying to accomplish with their children as well as the teachers have to respect the parents and students. You can agree to disagree but respect is certainly important in the school setting.
8/31/2011otherI for one cannot rate this school for I haven't visit this school as of yet. I am a senoir at the Louisiana State University majoring in English Education. I have witness the greatness in the marching band there and I think they are just awesome!!! I am making plans to visit Hillside because i think I would want to spend my first year teaching high school English there. I will visit soon!!
3/17/2011teacherTHIS SCHOOL IS AMAZING!!! I love all of the students i have. Our only downside is that our principle was assaulted and choked recently, but he had it coming to him anyways. Pleasssseeee send your student here. Also, our test scores are the lowest in DPS, but who cares? It's only high school, right?
3/7/2010studentI been to Hillside and I am to proud with this school. They have no respect for the teachers or principals or the students. They can be very loud. They feel discipline are not important. They think partying and music and watching movies are about high school. Unlike Hillside, Jordan has postivie things and have never been a problem. I do not think kids should attent a like school like Hillside.
10/14/2009parent I have had two students attend Hillside High Schoo. One in IB and the other Honors classes. This school has its good and bad points as every school. Respect is lacking in both the teachers and the students. If you want respect, you need to be respectable. I have found that several of the teachers at this school are disrespectful to parents as well as the students. This troubles me as a parent because I instill respect in my children at home. It's hard to support a teacher that I see is just as childish and disrespectful as some to the students they teach. It's sad really. One can only hope that the new administration will inplement strategies to counteract the distruction this course has already had on many students. I can say that as a parent I'm glad my last child is almost done with Hillside High School.
6/19/2009parentNew Tech @ Hillside should hire more experienced teachers who will nurture as well as teach. I think that Mr. Logan is doing a wonderful job but the teachers he has in place are not experienced enough. I would like to see a more experienced teacher grouped with a new teacher.
6/15/2009parentI think Hillside is the worst... My daughter has had nothing but issues since she has been there. The teachers have no respect for the kids. The ones they have respect for are the ones who they are afraid of. We came here from DC expecting more. What a great dissapointment. I have tried on more than one occasion to have a conference with Mr. Pappy. I here that he has stepped down. He should have never stepped up. I have not listed the issues cause it is too many to list.
4/30/2008parentI think Hillside has alot to offer students. They not only offer AP courses but the IB program is what most honor and advance students enroll in. My child has had a very positive experience. I wish that more information was published about students that are receiving full scholarships to Ivy league schools and the Bill Gates awards are published on sites like this. People have the wrong impression about this school and its sad that some students are missing out on all it has to offer because of it. The IB program is a the best kept secret in Durham, however the Colleges and Universities know about it.
4/22/2008parentI think Hillside does a great job with trying to keep the school safe. They have the same problems at the other local high schools. Hillside always receives the negative attention.

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