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James E Shepard Magnet Middle School
2401 Dakota Street
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 560-3938
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public | 6-8
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Ericka Boone2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
5/25/2012parentI would like to thank the 8th grader for her courage to leave that comment. I am a parent of a 7th grade boy and what she is saying is true. So true that I want to change his school for his 8th grade year. Me and my husband are very much involved( my husband is a high school teacher). We discipline and encourage. He comes from a good life and we know his friends and their parents. This is why I can truly confirm what she says. I have nothing against the school but parents we must tighten up on our kids. We know their character and disrespect does not come from just the less fortunate kids.
3/24/2012otherI am currently a 8th grader here at Shepard IB middle school. I have spent about 3 school years in Shepard. I initially hesitated in writing this review because quite a bit of people rated Shepard so highly, but I feel that students and parents should know what Shepard really is currently in 2012. I DO NOT recommend students of high academic capabilities to attend Shepard. It is full of disrespectful, immature, and intolerent students. Everyday I see kids disrespecting teachers and cursing in class OUT LOUD! And the teachers can't do anything because these children don't listen! Take it from someone with 3 years of experience attending Shepard. I wish I could go back in time and change things. The ONLY positive thing about Shepard is its teachers. The staff at Shepard, (only the 8th grade ones) are very competent and high maintenenced. However if your child might crack under peer pressure and pressure to fit in by the students, DO NOT go to Shepard. If you think I am just trolling and hatin' on Shepard, then I will tell you this. I am an Asian student born in beijing, and have lived in Boston, and Wahsington DC before coming to Durham. I also have a grade point average of over 93%.
4/22/2010parentShepherd has great insight into the future for our youth of today and tomorrow. I look forward to them investing more into their teachers, as the principal invest more into so that they likewise will be able to pour into our students who is the center of our press for promoting this school. The encouragement, the structure and the discipline is paramount throughout the school.
4/22/2010parentThe teachers seem to be very connected to the students and eager for them to succeed. My daughter is on the quiet side, and it can take time for her to adjust to new situations. In spite of that, she settled in at Shepard quickly, and seems to be thriving there.
4/22/2010parentThe atmosphere is wonderful and it is very obvious the compassion that the staff has for the students.
4/21/2010parentIt is a welcoming, energetic group of faculty and staff and I know my children are getting a solid education.
4/20/2010parentI think the staff at Shepard Middle School cares alot for the students. I love how they push children beyond the limited.
4/20/2010parentJames E. Shepard Middle School faculty and staff work hard and consistantly to make their school a productive and positive environment.
4/20/2010parentThe administration and teachers really care about the kids and help to motivate them to learn and be invested in the world around them. I have an EC student at Shepard and in addition to all the educational support and motivation they have given him, that have been outstanding regarding his IEP and helping him succeed.
4/19/2010parentI think the staff and faculty Shepard Middle School care very much about the kids entrusted to them. They want their children to push themselves to achieve and grow as students, as young adults and as citizens of their community.
3/4/2010parentIn reference to the review on December 27, 2009: Leadership at the school is not lacking from the Assistant Principal. She is visible and responsive to parents' concerns and input. The Principal could be a little more welcoming but after experiencing him for two years, that's just his nature. The Teachers will let you know of any problems. Being that they have a number of students, a good parent will inquire about their child's progress, strengths, and weaknesses. Good communication is first established through the PARENT. As far as athletic teams, it's pretty obvious the 'who you know' type of kids are the best athletes being that the football team went undefeated and the basketball team were co-regular season champions. If your child is not athletic, then their just not athletic!
12/27/2009parentShepard Middle School suffers from poor leadership. Teachers do what they do to make their jobs easier. Teachers are not proactive in letting parents know of weaknesses and parents are encouraged to contact the teacher first to check on his or her child. The school has poor communication as far as what is happening inside the classroom and does not operate as a cohesive unit. The athletics programs are based on a 'who you know' type of situation and if you are not a part of the special group then its likely your child will not make some of the athletic teams.
10/6/2009parentShepard IB Middle School is a great school that focuses on preparing students for high school and college, community involvement and social responsibility.
10/6/2009parentShepard has a lot of activities where the kids can grow and learn at their own pace. The teachers are wonderful and make class work fun and educational at the same time. They also have a awesome court room.
10/5/2009parentIt is an IB Middle school which teaches the entire child from academics to character traits.
4/3/2006studentThe teachers there help you and care about you. They really like kids having extracuricular activities. It is very fun there. Alot of parents are involved in the school and they know everything that happens with there child.

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