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Kestrel Heights School
4700 South Alston Ave.
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 484-1300
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charter | K-12
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
11/17/2011parentThis school is great I have a sixth and eighth grader and one that graduated last year the middle school and the High school both are great and you won't find any better in durham.
9/20/2011parentWe love this school. The academics, teachers, and family feel makes this school top notched. We have never experienced a school where everyone has every child's best interest at heart. This school is by far the best thing to happen to the Triangle area. Totally recommend this school to those who are looking for a school that will put your child first.
12/13/2010parentGreat School! Best middle school in Durham! They do more for kids with less money then the traditional schools.
8/18/2010parentWe currently have both a 7th and 10th grader at Kestrel. We've been thrilled with the quality of the teachers both have encountered over the past 3 years since we moved to Durham. The focus on academics, with a clear expectation of each student learning to their potential, is as strong as any private school we've encountered in the past. Our kids have had some great teachers in DPS, but the behavioral expectations at Kestrel provide a calm and consistent learning environment. As both the curriculum extra curricular offerings continue to expand, Kestrel is quickly on its way to 5 stars!
7/26/2010otherEven though my child struggled, Kestrel has very caring teachers. They may not be able to fix all of the problems yet they really go above and beyond to help solve problems and work with the parent. When a problem arise it is good to know that you can speak with either principal and get results. Also I love the dress code.
6/7/2010parentI have two children now at Kestrel and one that was at Kestrel a few years ago and is now at a larger local high school. Kestrel has been great. Teachers take a great interest in the kids and work closely to help them along. The school now has a new physical plant which they have been in for almost 2 years now. The new facilities have made a world of difference. The kids are proud of their school. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
10/28/2009parentVery Good School. Small Classes; Teacher(s) willingness to teach harder courses and offer tutoring. Receptive and hard working staff. Growing school with eventual AP courses and a variety of high school sports. Very culturally diverse and supportive school. Strong PTSO. Test Scores are rising in a sustainable manner. Long-term success is more important than short-term. High school students are being prepared to compete in any collegiate environment. An elementary school is being proposed for future growth. Overall, great school!
10/10/2009parentKestrel Heights is a Charter school that care about if there students are going to pass their grade ,they tends to the students needs,finally we go on end of year feild trip and no other school does that exspecially piblic schools
10/8/2009parentThe teachers are understanding, and can get along well.
10/7/2009studentkestrel is more then a school. its a family. its aplace where we are free to learn grow and explor. they do not treat students like a number they give all they can to each and everyone of them they do not give up on kids and they do not give in. this should be the model for all schools. i feel truley blessed to be part of this family! i love all my kestrels!!! GOOOOO HAWKS!
10/7/2009studentKestrel Heights is an extraordinary school, with wonderful students and teachers that strive for excellence from their students every day. The teachers at kestrel heights are generous and are always willing to stay after school and tutor any student that may need help. Students at kestrel Heights are honestly the Greatest Ever, and I m proud to be a part of the greatness .GOOOO Hawks!!!
10/5/2009parentOnly 500 kids in grades 6-12! My child isn't just a number and doesn't get 'lost' in the sea of children as in a public High School. The teachers are helpful and give one on one extra help if needed. We have so many helpful Parents who volunteer their time with all the extracurricular activities!
10/5/2009parentKestrel is a great learning environment but the best part is the caring and concern for students and the community which is wonderful. In an area where the public school system has declining test scores and growing violence, Kestrel is a Charter School which is a safe, caring school with good test scores where the students seem happy and eager to participate. It is comforting to have a great place for my son to attend middle school and even high school.
10/5/2009studentI love kestrel heights because there is always a new adventure and we are such a unique school compared to the DPS system!
10/5/2009otherWhen i went to Kestrel I was finally able to focus on school work and a healthy enviorment insted of activites that use to get me into trouble at other schools and make my grades drop. i am very proud to say I was apart of KSH's class of 2008.
10/5/2009studentI love my school Kestrel Heights. I have never been so happy to go to school. The teachers are amazing people and they know how to push a student to do their best. I remember my first day at Kestrel. There were many 12th graders and i was only in 6th grade ! I thought they would be mean but they treated us like little sisters and brothers. They were always watching our back. It was nice going to such a beautiful school everyday. I am happy to go to my school. I love how my school lets you play sports- no matter what your age is. I also love how everyone knows everyone and they teachers know everyone in the school. It isn't a school. It is more like a family and I love my Kestrel Heights school family!
10/5/2009studentKestrel Heights is a very good school. The teachers are wonderful and nice especially in the 7th grade and Kestrel Heights has various things some schools dont like a breakfast at the end of each quarter for people who got on a-b honoroll and a honoroll i really love this school! <3
10/5/2009studentI like all the teachers in the school. They're vary nice and I like they're teaching methods. She school is very clean. There are a lot of options for sports. All the kids are friendly too! The hot lunch isn't so great though, and that's really my only problem with the school.
8/18/2009studentits really strict on stuff. it has very few opponents on sports, which is also a minus. but the education is good. and the school is organized, and small. it also has a short schedule for students, so there arnt many classes. which is great.
11/12/2008parentOne look at Lowe's Grove and we knew that was not the school for us. They recommended KHS. Grade 6-12! Great communication with teachers, teachers involved (some more than others), some teachers fairly strict, principal respected, team sports offered (band club, too) and we love the uniform code.
10/2/2008parentThis school is great. I have two kids there. Both are extremely happy and got in the high 90's on their EOG's. They are excited to go to school every day. The pupils participate in groups with robust discussions. Clubs include Math Counts, Odyssey of the Mind & sports teams. The staff is very responsive.
10/18/2007studentI've just started here, I used to go to Githens. I love it, everybody is very nice and it is a challenge but everybody here shows great intelligence. we work as a team no bullies and nobody makes fun of you, one day I was in lunch I couldn't get the lemonade to come out of the cooler a high schooler walked up and tilted for me, things as simple as that make a difference that is why I love KHS. If you are looking for a place for your child to go pick Kestrel Heights ( take it from a fellow 6th grader).
10/3/2007studentI have been going to school here for not even a semester. an di have to tell you. i wasn't impressed. The dicipline isn't really that great. i am having trouble in a few of my classes because the teacher has no conrol over the students. it is very hard to concentrate because the classroom is vary loud. The principle seems to not even care that this is going on. It's probably not the worst school but it is definately not the best.
4/25/2007student'I am a student that attends Kestrel Heights since the start of the 06-07 year, an I am in the 8th Grade. It is a great school, better than any school that is part of Durham Public Schools. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.'
9/20/2006studentI'm a student that goes to KHS- since the middle of 6th grade.I transferred from Lowes Grove. Its so much better then public schools, much more of a challenge and teachers care so much more. You can do stuff as a school, instead of just as a class. The fact that the school isn't that large makes it a whole lot better. You know everyone, teachers, student's parents.
8/16/2006former studenti went to kestral for 6th and 7th grade. its was a great school. the teachers truly do care about you. and they got to know there student so they knew when they are slacking off. they challenge you aswell. the rules that the school lays down are truly enforced. and with the small of student there are way less fight and we get to do more things. in seventh grade we had world history and each continent we studied we went to a restuarant that served that type of food. that made the students more interested in the lessons.
7/13/2006studentI have been a student a KHS sence the 6th grade and im now going to 8th. the teachers like to get to know so you feel more comftorable there arent many frights during the school year only about 4 or 5 and if you need help they are always available they even give you there contact information so you can call if you need help. KHS is MUCH better than all the other schools I have gone to.
1/17/2006former studentI admit I am not the parent of a child that has gone to this school. However I am a parent that went to this school herself. I went to this school when it first opened and the director now was then my history teacher. I hold this school in the highest of regards. I learned more there than I did at any other school and hope to move back to durham in another 10 years so my son can attend.
3/22/2005parentAs a parent of a child having attended this Charter School, I would not recommend it to another parent. My child went an entire semester without Social Studies being taught. The teacher was replaced, but the students lost out honestly. Unsafe location for the school too. School does not adhere to Federal regulations either.
8/7/2004parentKestrel Heights School is a very special place. It is a small environment with smart, caring, child focused teachers. It is gem in our area. There is a keen focus on citizenship and respect. It is an attentive place with strong academics.

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