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Mount Zion Christian Academy
3519 Fayetteville St
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 688-4245
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private | K-12
County: Durham


4/3/2010otherGreat school and basketball program, for the money this school is hands down the best! The food is good and the dorms are very suitable.
1/19/2009parentThere is no library at this educational institution. This is a very, very important concern for me. Additionally, boarding students do not have access to the computer lab - with any degree of regularity - after school hours. This creates a problem when either classroom or homework assignments require the use of the internet to conduct research.
5/29/2007parentMount Zion Christian Academy has been a blessing to me and my family. My son has grown spiritually, and academically. He was a part of the boarding school this year and I have to say that he has matured into quite the young man. The faculty and teachers are very friendly and supportive. I was a little nervous at first to send my son so far away from home, but all of my concerns were quickly soothed once I had an opportunity to meet the MZCA staff, who I consider to be my son's family away from home. My son has excelled academically as result of attending and MZCA. I look forward to two (2) more wonderful years at MZCA.
5/29/2007parentMount Zion Christian Academy has been a great experience for me and my family. The small classroom sizes were a welcome change for my daughter. Her teachers were very caring and helpful. The academic curriculum is challenging and I am confident that my child will be prepared academically for the future. There aren't many extracurricular activities due to the size of the school, but my daughter was very active in those that were offered. I feel like I have support from the faculty in the education of my child.
4/18/2007former studentMount Zion Christian Academy is vasty overrated, the staff is of poor quality and students are out of control. - A Former Student
1/19/2007former studentI happened to attend Mount Zion Christian Church all my life and the Academy half of my life, and truly this school is serving it's purpose! I have learned so much about God at this school which is something you just don't hear in this generation, that is a shame and disgrace to God. Also, I honestly wouldn't have graduated High School if it wasn't for me being at Mt. Zion. Now, I'm not saying that they just passed me to get rid off me, but the teacher to student relationships really do help in smaller environments. I personally am thankful to God and my parents for having me in Mt. Zion. And I pray that all 'Mighty Warriors' past and present keep and exemplify, Our Standard to Keep And Our God To Glorify. - A1C Stephen R. Brown, USAF (Ps.3:5)
10/30/2005studentMount Zion Christian Academy provides an excellent curriculum. I would especially recommend this school to parents interested in having professional athletes as children. I enjoy every visit to the Academy and hope that you will too. MZCA also provides great counseling for any students who are in need. No matter what the situation is, the students know that there is someone at MZCA or Mount Zion Christian Church that they can talk to. MZCA also starts school a year later than public schools. This allows students to mature before entering four year universities. At the school, students can recieve divine guidance and wisdom for everyday life. If I lived in the area and were old enough to be married and have children I would enroll them into MZCA. This fact is simply because of the spirit of excellence exemplified under the leadership of Pastor Donald Q. Fozard.
10/24/2005former studentMount Zion didn't teach much. The Basketball players ran the school,they were always out of control, so the little teaching that the teachers did do had to end do to the bad behavior.And sometimes you had to teach the teachers how to spell.You had to pay like $5,000 dollars per year, and I don't know what for because the only descent thing in the school was the food.It was really like some people payed to graduate, because didn't nobody know what was going on, because of the distractions.To be a Christian school, I never seen so many lying, ignorant, disrespectful, hypocritical,people in my life. This is really how it is!
8/9/2005parentMy daughter attended MZCA for the 2004-2005 school year,overall I was partially dissatisfied. I did not feel that the school provided the students with enough modern technology to compete in today's society. The school lacked support from parents and the staff was very unorganized. My daughter loved her teacher, that was the only reason why I allowed her to stay for the school year. On the flip side I understand that the staff are working on some of the concerns that the parents had.

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