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Northern High
117 Tom Wilkinson Road
Durham, NC 27712
(919) 560-3956
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public | 9-12
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
Kathryn Bonner2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/21/2011parentNorthern High School is a very dangerous place and if had a choice would never send my child there. The administration try to cover up how dangerous it is but students and teachers are assaulted, guns seen by students on the bus and nothing done about it. They are more concerned with their image than the safety of the students and staff and will never change until the entire administrative staff are gone.
11/14/2010parentBoth of my children attend Northern and I can't be happier. All of the teachers that I have been in contact with are superb! The teachers are excellent and really do care for the kids. I am confident that my son will graduate with the leadership and academic skills that he needs. Great teachers need a great principal and I believe that Northern has both.
10/12/2010parentMy husband is a teacher and former Football, Basketball and Baseball Coach. Both of my daughters attended and graduated from Northern High School.
10/3/2009parentThey have gone way out of their way to help My Son to succeed
9/4/2008parentMy son will graduate this academic year, 2009. He is ill-prepared for college and the world in general. When I was growing up in the area, NHS was 'the best'. Boy have things changed. My daughter WILL NOT be attending NHS. I will be sending her to another county! I think administration is doing the best that they can. Keeping everyone safe is probably consuming much of the resources, time, and effort. I feel that if the school system supported the policy 'if you don't want to behave, then leave' then schools in general would be able to do what they're suppose to do---EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN. If these young men or women don't want to learn then get OUT!! Don't make it more difficult for the rest. I also recognize the fact that because NHS has deteriorated in quality, they have not been able to attract quality educators.
8/25/2008studenti'am currently attending Northern High School right for the remaindor of 4 years and even though i'm just starting out at Northern , I'am actually very pleased with NHS.. I feel northern is better academic wise maybe not safe, but academically they are a very good school, Riverside or others high school in Dps district are really not that good safe and academically wise.. and the staff and principle are amazing and know what they are doing, and know how to do their job right...Maybe ya'll should give Northern a chance. it is whole lot better than the other High schools
6/8/2008parentThis school has major problems. Although the principal and many others are making an effort the police state atmosphere is unacceptable.
2/28/2008otherStudents in Advanced classes will receive a top-tier education. I can't say the same for standard level students.
1/24/2008parentThis school is terrible. Administration is poor and many teachers are of extremely low caliber.
10/25/2004parentBeing a parent of a learning disabled child that attends this school, I concur with the previous comment about the EC Dept. just going through the motions. It's a shame the school has become so depleted in all areas & subjects. Northern is way behind the other high schools in the district in terms of technology. Students are not prepared to enter the real world after their 4 years at Northern. :-(
7/19/2004parentThe quality of education and the curriculum at NHS has gone down. At one time Norhtern was a class top rated school, but now that is not the case. The area I give the hightest rating at this school is the guidance counseling. They seem genuinely concerned but the school does not have the programs and resources to give the help a lot of their kids need.
3/9/2004parentNorthern is a school who ethnic makeup has changed quite a bit over the last 3 to 4 years and the school's personnel and administration is just now starting to adjust. The special education department for learning disabled children are sort of going through the motions of providing services but most of the burden is still falling on the parent who does not have special education training only parental training and with sometimes limited resources. Their guidance department is very good. I applaud them for all their professionalism.

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