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Parkwood Elementary
5207 Revere Road
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 560-3962
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public | K-5
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Michael Somers2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
10/25/2010parenti love that parkwood reviews things over for eogs and the websites help the kids and explain
10/20/2010parentWe've been at Parkwood for four years now, and it just gets better and better each year. The new principal is young, kind, and enthusiastic, plus has wisdom and understanding beyond his years. The teachers are wonderful - they really work with students as individuals, keeping the best interest of each student at heart rather than doing what's convenient or easy. I've been amazed at teachers' flexibility across the board. I highly recommend Parkwood!
10/19/2010parentI love Parkwood because they work hard to prepare our children for the 21st century!
10/13/2010parentI love this school, this is the first year my kids have been in public schooling. The teachers and staff are very pleasant and approachable. They truly care about the students education and well being.
10/12/2010teacherGreat teachers, administrators and students!
10/7/2010parentMy daughter is a Kindergartener this year at Parkwood. She loves it! The new principal has done a great job & very involved. We love the teachers & staff there. Go Panthers!
10/6/2010parentGreat Sense of Community. The Principal is very involved and accessible. My daughter has loved this school!
10/6/2010parentThere is excitement in this school for education, community, and family. It is exhibited from the principal, teachers, assistants, students, and parents. I am thrilled to have my child attend this school.
10/1/2010parenti love parkwood because all my children have attended this school. all of them have stayed honor roll students because the education they received since the beginning, of their lives!! thanks parkwood for all of your ongoing support for our students and our community!!
9/30/2010parentI love Parkwood because of the connection to the community and the staff. It is so important to be able to connect with staff at the school. The school challenges the children at all levels. It is a school that stays connected with the community which I find very important. Our oldest son attended Parkwood for 6 years and our youngest is now on his 3rd year. I believe with the connection of the staff and the support of the parents it is what makes this school so successful.
9/27/2010parentGreat teachers, staff and parent volunteers!
9/26/2010parentParkwood Elementary keeps their campus clean and bright in appearance. The new principal is very enthusiastic! My child is in the first grade there and I have been very pleased with the teacher, who is receptive to my concerns and proactive in helping my child as she adjusts to first grade. I hope more parents and others in the community will support this school, it really is a great school.
9/23/2010parentThe new year has had a rocky start with the new administration in place. It is said to parents that their involvement is essential but it seems that there is every effort being made to barr parents from the school. I was told by my son's kindergarten teacher that she "really doesn't have parents in the classroom." There is more communication this year--telling parents what they can not do and asking for them to buy or sell things but I want to know how my children are doing in school. I hope the test scores are improved this year because nothing else has. I am considering taking my kids out of Parkwood.
8/29/2010parentNo Communication by Teachers to Parents. Some Teachers care, but too many teachers & Administration don't want Parents to ask Any Questions at all. AYP Reading and Math goals not reached 3 years in a row (look this up at www.ncreportcards.org). There are Parents, Teachers & Administration at this school that need to communicate & work harder at seeing that the students here meet adequate yearly progress in the areas of reading and math. Too many staff (Not All Staff) at this school don't like Parents to ask them Anything & treat the kids& Parents like a Paycheck. My child's 1st grade teacher & one of the Leading Administrators, Growled at me when I had an important concern about the Appropriate Care of my child & other students. Some teachers AVOID talking to Parents at all. The caring teachers are outnumbered by the Non-Caring Teachers & Staff @ this school.
5/31/2010otherI was in the first 6th grade class the year the school opened. We were so glad to leave Lowe's Grove and have a lovely new facilitty. It was a great school when I attended. Perhaps you should look at what you have let the neighborhod become since then.
4/26/2010teacherThere is a feeling of family in Parkwood. The teachers, staff and administration are caring and the children enjoy learning.
2/1/2010parentParkwood is on it's way. Teachers and administration are working hard with students and helping them achieve.
11/5/2009parentThere are so many reasons to love Parkwood Elementary School. It not only has a lovely campus, and nice courtyards, but Parkwood has a motivated staff who care about the students and parents. Parkwood's focus is on moving students forward because we know that every child is a winner!
11/5/2009teacherI love Parkwood Elementary School because we have the best principal, teachers, and students. We all work together as a team and it shows! Last year, we were one of the schools with the highest growth in our school district. It would be great if we were to win this honor!
11/5/2009parentI love parkwood because the teachers and administrative are very caring not only for students but for each other. Peer support helps us get through those not so good days. Our students are great because they are respectful and tries really hard to do well.
11/5/2009teacherEveryone truly cares about student academic and emotional growth.
11/5/2009parentPassionate teachers; excellent connections between teachers and families; a caring community environment
9/16/2009parentWe have one of the best principals around and strong teachers who are there to guide a great set of kids.
4/27/2009parentThe principal at Parkwood is dynamic and has created a learning environment that my kids love! It is a joy to send my kids to parkwood.
3/24/2009parentWe have had a child at Parkwood for the last two years. The principal is very professional and has done a great job getting parents involved. My child's teachers have been fantastic. They are so dedicated to making sure all the children get exactly what they need. I couldn't ask for anything better!
11/14/2008parentI have been very pleased with Parkwood thus far! My daughter started Kindergarten in August and I am pleased with the progress her teacher has made with her academically. Both my wife and I are high achievers who have always tested in the top 1% and we expect schools to challenge our daughter. We were a little worried that our daughter would be 'dumbed down' in Kindergarten, but that isn't the case at all at Parkwood. :) Our daughter is also making a lot of friends and I like the diversity of the school. The children our well behaved and the principal seems on the ball and encourages parental involvement. Plus, the after-school care is great. My daughter has so much fun that she doesn't want to leave! Kudos to Parkwood!
11/13/2008parentWe arrived at this school last year. The new principal has turned the school around and provided discipline and safety. Parent involvement is as good as it should be, even though there have been many events held at the school to improve their attendance. rs who were
6/16/2008parentWe had heard good things about parkwood, so we were very disappointed with the experience we had there. Safety has become an issue, and my son was exposed to things by other students I naively thought would not be an issue until later in life (he was in kindergarten this year). We are moving from a house that we love so my son does not have to go back to parkwood next year. I found the new principle very unresponsive to my concerns
11/18/2007teacherParkwood is now in a year of transition. We have a fantastic new principal who is whipping things into shape. Like every school, Parkwood has its trials but the teachers are great and are working hard to make it even better. With more POSITIVE parent involvement and assistance, Parkwood will be one of the best in DPS.
6/23/2007parentMy daughter has been at Parkwood for 4 years, and I have been on the PTA Board the entire time. I think that she learned good basic academic skills. She has been very lucky to get some good teachers. There is a new principal this year who is very committed. However there are some serious problems as well. In 2005, a new elementary opened in the district and many of the more affluent, involved families went there. Now, such a number of kids at Parkwood come from disadvantaged homes that I feel that the principal and teachers are overwhelmed. Safety is really a concern. Also, the volunteer base has really shrunk. We are moving out of state, I would not be sending my daughter there another year even if we were here.
6/1/2007parentThis school has been one of the greatest disappointments in my child's educational history. Her teacher sent home memos with misspellings, she picked up all kinds of defamatory language, her homework was sparsely given and completely inconsistent.I could go on for hours. And don't even get me started on the afterschool program. I'm disgusted with the teachers, lack of discipline and ongoing disdain that the teachers show towards the students. If you value your child's education and moral fiber do not send them here!

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