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Pearsontown Elementary
4915 Barbee Road
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 560-3964
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public | PK-5
County: Durham


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  School Head OfficialYear
Rodriguez Teal2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/28/2012teacherI I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!! This is the BEST school in Durham!!! The quality of education at our school is amazing. We strive to meet the needs of ALL of our students at Pearsontown. We have excellent teachers and teacher assistants. The MAIN focus for teachers and teacher assistants at Pearsontown is the STUDENTS. If you are considering this school, please send your child(ren). We would LOVE to have them join our Panda family!
2/27/2012teacherHard working teachers, teaching assistants and staff are the people you will find at Pearsontown Elementary School. This year has been a challenging one for everyone one at Pearsontown, all the staff and the parents. Each day I come to work excited to be with my students, I seek advise from colleagues and look for fun innovative lessons and activities. Despite some of the challenges we have faced this year, I am proud to be a teacher at Pearsontown and plan to spend as many years as I possibly can at this school. I feel so very blessed to be a part of this school. It is my hope that we can stop posting so many negative things and start focusing on all the wonderful things that happen at Pearsontown. Change is in your hands and mine and I plan on making to best of my year.
2/27/2012teacherI love my school and I love my students. If I could not work at Pearsontown, I would not be a teacher. I have had offers for much more money based on my prior experiences. The reason Pearsontown has AIG students in classes with only certified teachers is based on a North Carolina General Statute. But there are students who are not identified as "AIG" who are also in class with certified teachers. Change is difficult, but it is everywhere. Just remember "poly" is latin for many and ticks are those little blood suckers... thus politics are simply many little blood suckers. They have nothing to do with children or their education if we all remember that and to everything we can possibly do to help our future generation!!!!
2/26/2012parentThe reputation of Pearsontown changed before the current principal arrived. The last principal left a chaotic mess at the school while revamping some of the programs. Stop pointing fingers at each other and try to solve the problem. Maybe the current principal could adjust her leadership style. However, some of the teachers need to come off their thrones of glory and look in the mirror. Grow up and act like professionals. My child comes home almost daily sharing information about what is going on at the school. Stop talking in front of the children, they are listening. It makes you wonder, if all of this dialog is happening in front of the children who is teaching and monitoring them. This is a very sad situation. Teachers and staff, if you are not happy why not look for a job elsewhere. I want my chld to be educated, not taught to gossip. Parents, teachers, administration and community lets bring Pearsontown back to the stop.
2/26/2012parentPearsontown is not what it seems.It is not one of the top schools in DPS. The current principal is not bad. It could be worse. She is an advocate of at risk kids and provides tutoring before and afterschool as well as intervention. I also like how child care services are provided for select students in several classrooms during intersession and afterschool.This is a savings for some due to the fact that this not through DPS Community Education which is extremely costly. No other school offers. Test scores are high when you have AIG students clustered in one class per grade level and a select student population are accepted in. Not fair. Some of the teachers, assistants, and staff are obnoxious and unprofessional. Some talk to the kids unappropriately and if the teacher do not like your child or parents the child is targeted or belittled. The school is very old and needs to be renovated. I think more parents are speaking out about Pearsontown now because fingers are being pointed . I encourage all parents to speak out and let your voices be heard. The community should be aware of the fact that there are other schools better than Pearsontown. Think twice before enrolling your child.
2/13/2012teacherPearsontown Elementary has had the reputation for being one of the highest performing schools in Durham for many years, even when adapting to various leaders and their leadership styles. While I may not agree with everything that Dr. McLaughlin says, I respect her and her ability to help us maintain the status of excellence. Change can be hard, especially when we whine and lose focus on what is best for our children. I have found our principal to be a good listener. So, Instead of talking about her, talk to her. Let's direct our stress where it should be-- on added local and state mandates.
2/13/2012parentI am very pleased with the administrative team, teachers, and staff. My child was very fortunate to get into such a wonderful school.
2/10/2012parentI am very happy with Pearsontown teachers...my kids have had great experiences with Mrs. Bevan, Ms. Stanziale, Mrs. Stewart, Ms. Trapp and Ms. Brown! LOve them!
11/3/2011parentMy kids(now 5th & 4th graders) started attending this school since Kindergarten and all I have is just praise for this school and its teachers. This school has the most hardworking teachers I have known. We moved to Wake county to cut down down on our commute time since my husband & I both work in downtown Raleigh, but this Durham county school has a lot more to offer than the wake county schools do. Their teachers are very good, highly organized, communicative with parents, innovative teaching styles( ABOLUTELY LOVE Ms. DeChesere, MS.BROWN(all time favorite), Ms. Stewart & Ms.Trapp). The curriculum though similar to Wake county schools, seems to be highly advanced and love the new principal too!!
2/25/2011parentAfter years of applying my child was finally accepted as a 4th grader. We have been VERY happy with the quality of the education at the school. The school is not the fanciest, but the teachers are excellent.
11/5/2010parentThis is a really wonderful school. My son has been in Pearsontown since Kindergarten. He is now in the fourth grade and is doing well. The teachers are great!
10/12/2010parentThe staff is wonderful, always a pleasure, the curriculum is challenging & their test grades show it! I also had a brother & sister attend when I was in grade school (so long ago)... :)
10/12/2010parentI feel that my daughter has been and continues to be challenged to development academically and socially. I believe the year-round schedule is beneficial to the students and teachers. The students are able to retain information and are well prepared to start the next grade after a short, yet effective summer break between starting a new grade. I also feel that the intersession breaks allow the students and teachers time to rejuvenate and rest and come back prepared to continue learning and teaching.
7/13/2010parentThe principal involvement is very impressive. I enjoy the continous activities for the children and they continue to challenge them in class. The african american museum was so impressive and inspiring. I still tell people about that today. I am a little concerned about the budget cuts especially the teacher assistants. I hope there is a plan to cover such a great loss.
6/10/2010parentI dissagree with the parents complaining about the communication and leadership of the principal. I wonder how much time they have spent at school activities?. I I've found the current principal to be much more communicative and approachable than the previous principal. He has participated in many of the extracurricular activities that these parents claim the school doesn't have such as Movie nights, international nights, walk/running club, walk to school, basketball nights, breakfasts with P, etc.), . True, the school doesn't have organized sports after school, but do any other Durham Elementarty schools? I believe our children (4th grader + 1st grader both at PT since kindergarten) have gotten a good education there. My main beef would be with the general discplinary style of the school. It seems too rigid much of the time (no talking in halls, etc.), ...perhaps related to student:teacher ratio?. I also liked the AIG program (needsX)
5/26/2010parentFor the most part the school is great. I have sent two of my children here, but the new principal is awful at communicating with parents and teachers. I think he's the reason a lot of teachers left and the school is deteriorating. Seems like those things have gone way down hill just in the last couple of years.
4/22/2010parentI agree with the last posting that there are no extra curricular activities and communication has lacked between the Principal, staff and parents. However, I also know that Pearsontown along with every DPS public school, did not receive any funds this year or last year to be able to provide any extra curricular activities. There are many 'events' that children and parents are always invited to attend by the PTA and school to help sub a bit of the wanted extra curricular activities. I think the teachers are doing their best with the resources they have and the real problem with this school and DPS lies with County Commissioners and the govt stopping funds to everything education related. The PTA at Pearsontown tries extremely hard to raise money to be able to provide the missing resources as much as possible and has done extremely well under the circumstances.
2/4/2010parentWe had planned on moving to Chapel Hill within the next year because of the perceived superiority of their schools, but our experience at Pearsontown has changed our minds. We bought a larger house in Durham and plan on staying. We have been extremely satisfied with how much time and effort our son's teacher, the school counselor, and both the principal and vice-principal have put in to help our son with problems he's had with transitioning from day care to kindergarten. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help him be successful in class. Our kids' teachers have been uniformly great, and I recommend Pearsontown highly to anyone.
2/14/2009parentMy daughter is in K so it is our 1st yr. I like her teacher Ms. Overby, she is a very caring person. She has over 20yrs experience and is very creative. They do a lot of worksheets and that is really boring to my daughter, but her teacher tries to make the learning more fun by doing book reports, journals, and presentations. She has so many 'carnival' parties for the kids that are better then birthday parties. Her communication is good as she writes long letters to the parents every week. The Principal calls on the automated phone system to remind us of events almost weekly. He is new, and I feel he is a kind man that deserves a chance. They test for AIG in K. The learning gap is small. My daughter is reading so well & that is a credit to Ms. Overby! Thanks!
10/8/2008parentThe best elementary school in durham. From a parent of a 4th grader who has been a student since kindergarten.
7/26/2008parentthay wont just let your chid slade threw
12/6/2007parentOverall the school is great! The teachers do an excellent job of keeping the parents informed about the assignments and expectations of the students. There school is clean and I believe that the students are learning in a safe environment. There is a need for the media center staff to be more understanding and patient to make the media center more user friendly.
3/30/2007parentI think Pearsontown is overall a good school. As with other schools, they have a few problems concerning the teacher/student ratio. My daughter has been a student there since kindergarten ( she's now a fourth grader )and it seems as if every other year she gets into a classroom where I am not completely satisfied with the teacher. In my opinion a couple of her teachers were very relaxed and were not in control of the classroom. I was very disappointed with that. Also I was they had more extra curricular activities.
2/13/2005former studentThis is one of the worst schools ever! they have p.E way too much.
1/6/2005parentHi!This is first year for our kids in this school. We can say overall this school is good. But only thing they need to add some more electives and some more sports. Academicaly its good.Parents involvement is also good.

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