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Research Triangle Charter Academy
2418 Ellis Road
Durham, NC 27703
(919) 957-7108
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charter | K-8
County: Durham


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Devon Carson2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
3/28/2012parentThis is by far the best school that my children have attended. We went to three schools in three years. Regular public schools have nothing on RTCA. All of the teachers are caring and dedicated. I do not see any difference in treatment between kids. I try to volunteer regularly and do so unexpectedly, and it is always a pleasant experience. Furthermore, their orchestra, band, and art programs are some of the best! My children will continue to attend until their time to move on to high school.
2/22/2012parentMy daughter is in kindergarten at RTCA. So far, I am pleased with the school. She is learning well and getting plenty of homework, I can see her maturity since the beginning of the year. She went from not really reading to writing sentences and she works very well on her own. She gets along with the other students and loves her teacher. New Principal this year and seems to be still feeling his way through but has made a couple of changes for the better. I have not yet gotten involved with the Parent Association but would like to next year.
7/26/2010parentMy son attended RTCA and was very unhappy. He was constantly having to defend himself against bullies. When I transfered him to Merrick Moore he was not only learning more but he had a great relationship with the teachers and staff there. Getting him out of RTCA was the best decision I could have ever made.
5/3/2010parentthis pst is right on target,im not sure how this schol is still open.
4/29/2010parentI have to admit RTCA was a HUGE disappointment to say the least. I'm completely grieved with the overly crowded classroom size and the abundance of homework, (it seems the teachers are not teaching in the classrooms) the students bring home on a weekly basis. I have witnessed a lack of cultual compentency as well as great lack of classroom management skills. It's so easy for a child who is not an initiator, or leader to get lost and fall way behind in the classroom. Yes the kids don't talk in the hallway and are quiet during mornning meeting but the classrooms are chaotic to say the least and the lack of disciplining the students who bully are just heart wrenching. Some of the staff treat every child as though they are a behavioral problem and not with the respect that EACH child (regardless of parental involvment) deserves.
10/2/2009studenthi im desmond, attended RTCA from the 4-8 grade and it was a good and bad experience. the teachers got on my nerves almost everyday and everything they said went in 1 ear and out the other, but now i regret not listening. the teachers are just trying to get you ready for high school
9/30/2009parentThis is without question the worst school I have ever had the misfortune of being involved with. It is a total disaster. Never send your child here.
8/19/2009parentI submitted a review on this school yesterday and for some reason only the first 2 lines are showing. So I'm trying again... My daughter attended 8th grade at this school and our family loved everything about the school. It's a wonderful school. She has a handicap and I found the teacher very supportive. I visited the school often and found the staff was always polite and helpful. I'm not sure why one parent thinks the hallways are chaos but that was not my perception. I had my daughter in a private school before RTC and I found the experience between the 2 was about the same. Yes, there are more children in the classroom than a private school has but it's still much better than the regular public schools. And my daughter did stay in the upper level of her class.
8/2/2009studentI went to this school for 3 years (middle school) and it was the worst school experience I've ever had. I feel like I learned nothing from this school and the misbehaved students were the main focus of all the teachers, rather than wanting to actually teach us. I feel like most of the good teachers left in a huge wave leaving the students to fend for themselves.
2/15/2009parentI could say so much, but for right now I'll just say, if you love your child/children, please do not send them to this school. This is our first year here and it is horrible. I'm so sorry that I ever went this way.
10/21/2008parentHi, This is my first year dealing with RTCA. At the beginning of the shcool year I had problems with my childs teacher. It took too long for administration to address the problem with the teacher. Finally, they addressed the problem and the teacher now is doing great. I do believe that the school has a long way to go. For one, they need to address the cafe issue. There needs to be a breakfast and lunch menu provided for the kids in an actual lunch room. There seems to be no organization within the halls. Students are all over the place. I do agree that the white shirts are an issue. They could change to a more suitable and durable color. I am going to wait this year out and see how my son progress being here at RTCA, but there are several things I am concerned about.
8/19/2008parentI have two children that attended private school before attending RTCA. I was very pleased with the transitioning process. The teachers and administrative staff were consistent in their respective areas. Both of my children excelled while attending RTCA. As for the behaviors, discilpline begins first in the home. Parents are childrens first teachers. Children only mimick what they learn at home. Thus far, I have been very satisfied with RTCA.
5/8/2008parentI have a son a RTCA in the 7th grade. The kids are out of control. (but they are everywhere) I feel sorry for the teachers. The tolerance for misbehaved children is LOW. If their was a no tolerance rule the kids would get the message and so would the parents. We need that at RTCA. Send their butts home so others can learn. CONSISTANT no tolerance will work. Homework is not want I expected it to be. There is not enough of it. Vocab. never. Math homework is never what they went over in class they need reinforcing assignments. Uniforms GREAT but why white shirts they are so hard to keep clean and so many of the kids have stains or just plain dingy that its embarassing. Behavor needs to be a subject that requires an A to advance to your next grade level. Is RTCA better than other, NO.
2/29/2008parentRTCA is a great school with concerned teachers and staff. Compared to public school, it has been great for our family to be able to be in one school together with a group of teachers and administrators who we feel are very concern for the students.
2/28/2008teacherI'm certain a child feels that this school is great...the children run the whole show! Look, the test scores speak for themselves; change schools immediately.
2/26/2008parentOkay I agree and disagree with the comments and I have read each one. Take into consideration the year of some of the comments. When we first came to the school in 2004, its true the school was great and the scores but we have spiraled down every since. Some things have been good and quite a few things bad but as a parent, I'm still willing to work with the school for right now. Let's begin with the students. Students are only what you help make them to be and I think the kids are rather great kids just need some care and structure and encouragement to succeed. Second, the teachers-some great some not so great but overall pretty good. Teachers need support from the principal; teachers need mentors and teachers assistants; third, too many uncertified teachers with no real education and are not helping the students; front office great!
2/25/2008teacherThis School has great potential, however there needs to be a change in leadership at the school. Teachers are not supported. The principal does not follow through with disciplinary actions with students. Several students get away with theft, harrassment towards other students and staff and walk away with a reprimand. If administration did not bend over backwards to please all the parents and set some firm guidelines about how the students and parents are expected to behave, more learning could occur. Unfortunately, learning is disrupted due the frequent need to stop instrcution to deal with student behavior problems.
2/21/2008studentHey this is mohsin shah (a student that goes to rtca) and I just wanted to say that this school is great and everyone who wrote negative things about it are completely wrong! Teachers yell at students who have discipline problems, but good students can easily get exceptional rewards for their hard work. It is hard not to understand something after it has been explained by a teacher, and when you don't, another student can explain it to you. Some things that the other people have written on this site about this school is just because their children are constantly causing problems at school. This scool is great! (p.S. You cant ignore the facts - mrs.Gullick is the best principle ever!
11/25/2007otherI am a former parent of RTCA. I have had nothing but great experiences with this school and administration. Both of my kids attended RTCA and my oldest one attended from the very beginning of RTCA's opening until her 8th grade graduation. That was the best decision for me to send my two kids to RTCA. It wasn't just for a better education but for the morals and values that the teachers and administration continued to teach my kids as if they were at home. That's what a support system is for when it comes to teaching our kids. Unfortunately, I had to pull my son out of RTCA and send him to DPS because of my job. This was the worst decision I had to make and I am regretting it everyday. I truly miss RTCA.
11/19/2007otherThe teacher turn-over is a direct result of the lack of communication and lack of support provided by administration. I strongly disagree with the comments about Ms. Gullick as a leader who leads by example. The principal is inconsistent in discipline procedures, plays favorites with the staff, and is out sick half the time, therefore unable to fully perform her duties as a leader. In fact, I truly believe the back bone of the entire establishment had been Ms. Hairston, and it was a tragedy to see her go. There is much potential in the staff at RTCA. However, it would be in the best interest of the school to reorganize its administration.
9/7/2007teacherEvery year there is a large teacher turn-over where the school loses 10 or more teachers. This speaks loudly regarding school discipline and administration. The school also has lost teachers mid-year because of the lack of support available. Having gone on to specialize in brain research, I'm shocked at the lack of RTCA's use of 'best teaching practices.' The agressive atmostphere greatly affects student learning.
8/14/2007teacherAs a teacher I was never observed by the principal or an administrator until I finally asked if someone would give me feedback to help me improve in the classroom. I still did not receive feedback. Administration did not take time to find out the needs of the teachers, and did not spend time in the classrooms to know what the students needed either. Make sure you observe the school before sending your child
6/29/2007parentI have a child at RTCA who has adjusted quite well. However, there are some concerns. The front office of the school is in total disarray. The worst thing was losing Mrs. T. Hairston, Asst. Principal. The professionalism in the front office is less than desireable. Children need to have extracurricular activities. The turnover rate among teachers is on a rapid incline and all teachers need to understand the school's curriculum. They really need a total overhall before the school folds.
5/28/2007parentI have had two students at RTCA and I have had overall absolutely wonderful and positive things to say. I think the school is great. Some parents seem to struggle with the idea that children have to be challenged and will have demanding classwork and homework. The only complaint I have involves recess. I have leaned from my daughter that recess is often taken away as a punishment. I hope that the problems with teacher turnover are solved. All in all I'll continue to keep my children there and recommend the school to others.
5/24/2007teacherIt is very interesting to note the comments made concerning this school. As an educator and one that is very familiar with RTCA, there are several things to note-- they do have great children- however- they do not have consistent discipline. This affects teaching and learning time-- and with regards to the teachers- they have fantastic educators that could thrive in a nurturing consistent school structure- unfortunately teacher retention is a direct result of an unstable and Ever changing system. The corporation is well established, but much thought needs to be put on how their ideals affect more than one demographic group. The school is filled with potential, however, unless a good spring cleaning takes place,they will continue to loose valuable assets to the school. Serious consideration should to be given about revamping the school, beginning at the top.
5/9/2007parentI have a child in both the 1st and 2nd grade and I have not expereienced half of what these other parents have stated. The teachers are stern but not to the extent of a bootcamp regime. I have spent time in both grades and have 1st hand knowledge of the difficulties these teachers face trying to teach with disruptive children and lack of teacher assistants. The students do get breaks via their specials time and any other free time that the teacher gives the students. I think the teachers are wonderful and hard working!
3/6/2007parentThis school definitely needs work. The traffic is always horrible. It would be nice to have an officer come out to direct traffic onto the main street. A lot of the teachers I've dealt with seem to have bad attitudes and little compassion for the students. We've decided to move our kids.
12/12/2006parentMy daughter is a 6th grader at RTCA this year and has been at this school since 3rd grade. She loves this school. I as a parent am not impressed anymore. I initially enrolled my child in this school because the class sizes were smaller, the acedemics were challenging and there were plenty of extracurricular activities to get involved in. We have seen a lot of teacher turn over and thing are never consistent. There is a serious lack of communication at this school. The teacher's hold parent teacher conferences but are not open to constructive criticism of their instruction. My child has come home with homework on several occasions where she has not gotten any instruction in the class room on how to complete the assignment. There is a problem with that. I wish that I had kept my child in DPS. Enough is Enough! Ms. Gullick is Great!
7/20/2006parentWe moved our son (2nd grade)from the Durham Public Schools to RTCA this past fall, and are very happy with the school. I am surprised by the negative reviews here. The curriculum is great, and children are challenged at all skill levels (unlike DPS where all the focus is on underperforming students, and kids at grade level and above are basically ignored). My child gets recess every day and PE weekly. There is some yelling by the teachers, but nothing like what went on at his previous school, and if I walk down the hallway while class is in session, I mostly hear quiet chatter and laughter from the classrooms. The children seem happy. I agree with the previous comment that having the kids eat lunch in their classrooms could engender cabin fever, but no place is perfect. Compared to DPS, this place is wonderful.
1/24/2006parentI agree with the last review, Mrs. Gullick is a great Principal. Unfortunately, I have had my 6yr old & 10yr old complain about not being able to ever talk in class & the teachers yelling at everyone. Because there is no cafeteria & no auditorium, the teachers are always there which can be stifling to the kids. If your child needs a bootcamp regime everday, this is the place.
1/12/2006parentThe quality of the school has decreased tremendously. Teachers treat children in a disrespectful manner that negatively impacts the child s self-esteem. There are no sufficient physical activities and children are not allowed to burn energy; they are expected to seat quietly throughout the day without any breaks. Although education is the primary role of any school, it is important to build the child s mind, body, and spirit. The best thing at RTCA is the principal, Ms. Gullick, who does an amazing job.
12/11/2005parentQuality academic program - class size needs to be smaller - assistant teachers needed - teachers are loud - children need to be encouraged more and not yelled at as often - great parent support - principal and assistant principal are wonderful.
8/24/2005parentRTCA has been a wonderful fit for my daughter over the past 2 years. She has enjoyed the academic program, as well as, the music and art classes. She has thrived in the structured envioronment and her first grade teachers gave her work that fit her abilities. An area of need is in that the class size is larger than ideal. We love RTCA.
2/27/2005parentThis is the greatest school I could have my children attend. The principal does an amazing job. She is truly a leader that leads by example. Ms. Gullick is involved in every aspect of RTCA. The moral focus and values that are instilled in the children daily are what make this school great. The academic focus is demanding for kids and keeps them challeged for the real world. I love it and feel blessed that my children are receiving a great education from leaders that truly care.
9/27/2004parentRTCA is a wonderful alternative to the Durham County school system. RTCA is the closest thing to a private school that you will find, without actually attending private school. One thing I really like is the uniform dress code, all the students have a chance at being accepted for who they are rather than what they are wearing. The strategy of this school is teaching kids to strive for excellence. That they are responsible for how well or poorly they do in school. They teach them to discipline themselves to aim higher and to achive. I also love that they teach what they call humanity virtues. They will have a word for the month and focus on that word in different activities throughout the month. For example. Kindness. Overall I think this school is a great one. My child has made the honor roll all 3 years of her attendance.
6/3/2004parentExcellent school, A+ education, excellent staff, excellent discipline, excellent parental involvement, great communication with both students and parents, excellent arts programs as well as athletics.

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