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Sherwood Githens Middle
4800 Chapel Hill Road
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 560-3966
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public | 6-8
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Tonya Williams2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
1/13/2012otherIf you are a parent or student considering this school, I would like to point out that how well you or your child does depends on YOUR child/YOU. Stop trying to always blame the teachers and the school. The teachers at this school continually go above and beyond and reach out to kids in need. I am physically handicapped and I could not be more inspired by the support these teachers have given to me. No school could be better providing me for the world. -A Student
9/8/2011parentThe new PRIDE motto is great! It stands for Punctual, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.
6/25/2011otherOk, to the person below me. Yes, our school has a bad reputation. Kids fight almost every week, they don't really respect some teachers, and half the kids from this school come from a bad background. But I think you went to far to be saying that kids have sex in the bathroom. o.o In average the kids there are very nice (Even, yes the intimidating ones that cuss out the teacher.), and most of the teacher there CARE for the kids. (I have to admit though not all are very good at teaching) We also have a awesome principle, and a good amount of sports and clubs after school. You sound like a 6th grader that's going to this school next year. Don't listen to the rumors. We're not that bad.
6/14/2011otherokay, if your thinking about moving to this school district consider the following: in the classrooms there's a lot of profound language and no respect to the teachers at all you can count on a fight happening almost every day on the bus kids are usually running up and down the isle and jumping over seats and screaming and sometimes the kids have sex with eachother the bathrooms usually are disgusting at lunch, don't even get me started unless you like what i've written and are in to that sort of thing.... come to this school. if not, move somewhere else i'm pretty sure the other positive reviews are fake... there's no way what the other reviews said is true
3/29/2011parentMy daughter has had an excellent experience at Githens so far. I am impressed with the teachers and school organization.
4/10/2010studentI am a student at Githens Middle school and I would recommed this school to a friend. Githens is a very friendly school and the teachers are very nice(sometimes). One thing i cant stand is that it is very unorginized!!! And our acedemics are not very pleasing. The students there a pretty friendly. But the staff is really working hard on making this school a more acedimic and friendly school.
3/12/2010parentWe are approaching the end of 5 great years at Githens! My high schooler was very well prepared by her 3 years at Githens and my eighth grader has also had a great experience. Caring teachers/coaches, great administrators, solid arts classes, lots of athletic opportunities, involved PTA, . . . I could go on and on with the positives. Advanced academics allow middle schoolers to leave with high school credits. Science fair, Battle of the Books team, Spelling Bee, Gingerbread House competitions- there is something for everyone. The school has a diverse population and that diversity is a strength. Githens is a great place to spend your middle school years!
3/11/2010parent Currently my eighth grade son is at Githens. At the beginning of this school year he told me about one teacher sharing inappropriate movies and music, another was cursing at the kids, and yet another left (weeks with substitute). Teachers do not return calls or emails. These behaviors are unacceptable for good teachers and a positive classroom environment. After one full semester of raising concerns these concerns and issues with bullies and harassment, I contacted my son's guidance counselor and the principal pleading for help because my son had been enduring with still no help from staff. I was at the verge of withdrawing him. I was told they would talk with my son and teachers and let me know how things were. Three weeks have passed and nothing. I am extremely disappointed! My son is also AIG and is not being challenged at all. I am withdrawing my son!!
10/26/2009parentThe NC report card accurately tells the story of Githens Middle School. There are a lot of very young teachers there with good hearts. Unfortunately, this school is very 'heavy' with new teachers and Teach for America recruits because experienced teacher turnover has been extremely high for years here. It is an excellent training ground for new teachers. If someone can successfully teach in core classes that often exceed 30 students, many of whom have learning challenges or little appropriate home support, then Githens is an excellent place to begin a career. I am a parent and volunteer at Githens, and have seen first-hand the challenges that these teachers face. Our child has been here for just a few months, but she does not care to stay due to the overcrowded classes and the chaos. Investigate thoroughly before committing to Githens.
10/16/2009parentThe teachers really have a heart for teaching the kids and they have been working in trailers for a number of years now. The school deserves the resources to help promote better learning for the students.
9/17/2009otherBecause of our principal, Emmett Tilley, III, who has squashed negative comments, rumors, and concerns, parents/students are eager to enroll/attend Githens Middle School, the best middle school in Durham County.
9/16/2009otherGithens Middle School is a great place for students to learn and grow.
4/5/2009otherI find it interesting that a teacher at Githens writes a critical review that possesses several typos. Tells me the quality of (some) the teachers...
10/29/2008parentMy daughter is in her 3rd year at Githens and we couldn't be more pleased with the way they've gone. The teachers are there for parents and students alike. Mr. Tilley has a real understanding of kids this age and deals with them in a friendly and fair manner. He shows them respect and, in turn, they respect him. My daughter is taking a HS Honors math class and couldn't have done that unless her previous teachers had given her the foundation of learning she needs. HOORAH! for Githens
5/27/2008parentMy daughter came to Githens even though her older siblings went to private and magnet schools. Mr. Tilley is great. He used to play football at Duke and for Miami Dolphins. He is tough but fair and the kids love his trademark - 'over and out Hoorah!' He has turned this school around since my older ones were in middle school. The expectations are high for all to learn and bad behavior is not tolerated.
1/23/2008parentThree years ago I came in with my reservation in place, about the quality of education that my twins would receive at Githens. I am the proud parent of a set of twins that are A/B students. This is due in part, because of the team effort that was put in place: parent, teachers, staff, Principle and Asst Principles on each team at the Githens. We all worked together as a team to make sure that the twins are getting a quality education at Githens. All this effort demonstrated the importance of parent s involvement in their child s education. I always believe that if one is not a part of the solution then they are a part of the problem. When it comes to the education of our children it is in the best interest of parents to be a part of the solution.
1/9/2008parentWe moved our 7th grade daughter to Githens this year after 7 years at a private school. So far, we have been very pleased. She has teachers that are superior to those she had in private school. The principal is fantastic. We met with him before we enrolled and found him to be engaging, honest about the school's challenges, and committed to returning Githens to the ranks of 'hot' middle schools. He is a visible presence in the school and pours his heart into building the Githens community. Our daughter is thriving academically and socially. She is also on the basketball team, and her coaches are simply superb...the best youth sports experience we have had!
12/12/2007parentSherman Githens is a very well rounded middle school that is making future leaders to impact the world.
12/11/2007parentWe're transferring to a nearby county. My son comes home describing chaotic classrooms, and bullies walking the halls unchecked. We know that the academic experience is what you make it, but we feel safer sending our son elsewhere.
11/11/2007teacherI am a teacher at githens. We are working in a difficult situation. Over 60% of our students receive free or reduced lunch. Poverty is a very difficult challenge in our society and manifests its unfair head in public school. There are so many great teachers at githens who are working there butts off to change the school for the better. Unfortunately a few great teachers cannot man (or woman) the ship. In order for there to be true success at githens, every staff member must be above and beyond.It is a stressful situation as a teacher. But if you have a heart for students and understand issues of poverty please come teach at githens. If you do not understand teaching students in this situation--please save all of us the hassle. Apply knowing that you need solid classroom manangment, willingness to go the extra mile for our crazy yet lovable kids.
11/10/2007teacherI am an experienced teacher who moved from out-of-state to teach at Githens Middle School. It is, to put it bluntly, a nightmare. Principal Tilley is a bully who attempts to intimidate teachers. He 'plays' with school numbers to make Githens look more successful than it is. Take suspensions--we have daily, significant safety issues presented by known gang members, wildly disrespectful students, and overcrowding. When there are fights, rarely are students suspended. Instead, to keep suspension numbers down, the kids go to ISS where I have personally seen the director bring them fast food for lunch. Let's talk class size--our core classes have well over 30 students each. Class size is averaged with autistic and special needs classes containing just three students. Our test scores speak for our leadership. I'm leaving Githens for another job very soon, where I will be safer and have more admin support.
1/12/2006parentI am a parent of five, and none of my children attended school at Githens. However, because of my involvement in their schools, and my support of them, three have graduated from college and two are seniors who will graduate in May-06. Parents, please stop blaming everyone else for your childs' failure. It is up to you as parents to ensure that your child gets the best education that he/she is entitled to. I personally know one of the teachers at Githens, and she is awesome! She just happens to be my daughter, therefore I take offense of your comments. Parents, here is some advice to you from a mother of five....spend time with your child at home and at the school. Get to know their teachers, their peers, the support staff, and the administration. Your child will then know the importance of receiving a good education and that you care.
2/19/2005teacherI am a teacher at this school and I must speak out after reading some of the comments made. Did GMS have a troubled past? Yes! But the faculty and staff have done wonders to turn it around. I must also point out to parents that when you point fingers there are three pointing back at you. What did YOU do to help? Did YOU volunteer YOUR time? Did you for a plan for your child's education with the teacher? Did you voice your concerns and ask what YOU can do to make a change? The problem is that most parents are so ready to blame teachers for issues, but these are YOUR children. There education is as much a part of your job as it is ours. I love my job! Parents please remember if you are not a part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
1/1/2005parentI think that the new principle is helping from what the school was last year but this school is still not where you want it to be. Alot of the kids have terrible attitudes toward anyone. No respect for anyone. The kids are rough and don't care. There are a few kids that are different but not enough to help turn it around. I am try to figure out a way to get out of this district. Durham really needs better upper schools in this area. I wish my child did not have to go here.
11/29/2004parentI think this school has a lot of academic and social problems. My son is in the 6th grade and has 2 teachers that are so bad that I honestly wonder if they are certified teachers. I would bet 1 years salary that one of the teachers has a 7th grade education (I'm dead serious). While at the back to school night I was so embarassed for two of these teachers because of their english skills (or lack of), very unorganized, lack of excitment, overall attitude and on and on. If I could get out of Durham I would but for now I'm stuck- The one good thing about the school is that this year they have a new pricipal and hopefully he can get things turned around.
6/9/2004parentI think this school is great. It taught my child how to behave and she got good grades. The teachers are wonderful and they care for the students.

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