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School Profile

Spring Valley Elementary School
2051 Northern Durham Parkway
Durham, NC 27703
(919) 560-2890
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public | PK-5
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
Barbara Parker2012
10/30/2012parentThis school is striving to be a school of excellence. It has strong leadership and has adopted the new Core Curriculum in which the teaching style is very advanced. My son loves it and so do I. I'm pleased with the programs that they have for children as well
2/23/2012parentThis school is very unorganized. My daughter has been at this school since it opened and although she has had some good teachers she has had a few bad ones too. The assembles and field trips that they plan always seem unorganized. I have witnessed teachers yelling at students to stop yelling, it seems like the staff has no control of the children. While many of the schools problems could be solved with parent involvement, it's obvious to me that this just won't happen.
8/17/2011parentSpring Valley has a really good Principal and Assistant Principal who is striving to make this school the best possible learning facility it could possibly be, but unfortunately...they need better teachers to accomplish this task. My son went to this school in the first grade and not only was the teacher inconsistent with teaching she actually asked my son if he was stupid or something because he could not sound out a word. Now, what kind of encouragement is that ??? My son's homework assignments were all over the place. She steadily tried to cram information at the last minute when testing came around at the end of the year instead of doing what she needed to do during the school year. If your child goes to this school, please make sure you are an active parent...please!
2/15/2011parentThere are some teachers who are true zealots in this school. They are forward looking and attempt to push parents harder. School age children spend 70% of their waking hours (including weekends and holidays) outside of school so its just mean to blame the teachers. Principal Parker are trying all kinds of activities to bring the parents into the curriculum. Support from the parents is the best way to improve this school. If you plan to avoid helping your child, please go elsewhere.
6/16/2010parentSome teachers try very hard to ccommodate the pupil as well as the parents desires for their child. This could be hard to do when the curriculum is already set and the the desire for the teacher is to teach each child how to follow a particular curriculum set in place for the group, yet a parent wish for their child to be treated with extra special attention in a "normal" classroom setting. I've seen this as a volunteer. When parents don't spend time reinforcing what the school/teacher is trying to teach and their child falls behind, they blame the teachers. Not fair. Parents are not showing enough interest in the classrooms/schools and want the schools/classrooms to deliver geniuses. Parents, show up for more than to complaine on a teacher and maybe you'll see positive changes in the school/teacher/students. Help the teachers and the schools by showing up!!
5/11/2010parentMoved last year and transferred my daughter into this school. Since she has been here i had noticed a slight drop in her grades and when i started volunteering i notice an extreme lack of discipline. Teachers yelling at students students doing almost anything they wanted, very chaotic. I have since transferred her into a private school and seen a huge improvement .
4/19/2010parentThe teachers and Principal at Spring Valley Elementary School really care about our children and them understanding their academic studies. They have the best learning activities for the kids such as in school museums, field trips, family nights, Parent Volunteer Day, and etc to keep the kids and parents involved!

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