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The School For Creative Studies
5001 Red Mill Road
Durham, NC 27704
(919) 560-3535
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public | 6-7, 9
County: Durham


  Class SizeGradeYear
  School Head OfficialYear
Crystal Isom-Adu2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/4/2010parentThis school is awful. My child has been going to this school for 1 year and during ths year and I am doing my best to see the he never has to attend there again for then next school term. The teachers are awful, hardly any homework comes home, you can never get in touch with teachers. I have left message after message, email after email to no avail. To top everything off Lakeview school was housed there, and what don't the parents have any say in this matter? I really, hate this school, and will never recommend it to anyone I know.
5/25/2010parentI have removed my child from the school for the 2010-2011 school year because of the school's inabilty to retain teachers and because Lakeview School was housed on the site without parent knowledge or approval. I could not get any answer as to why that happened.
1/28/2010parentI do not recommend Chewning to any parent! That's just not a school to put any child in. I enrolled my daughter to Chewning and we have had bad experiences!! We were so happy once, she graduated 8th grade!!! Now, she goes to Kastral Heights and we love it
9/13/2009studentI Am A Eighth Grader! I Love Chewning I've Been There since the Sixth Grade! All of the teachers are well educated and know what there doing! They Might Be Strickt but thats what u want! And All Of The Students Are Taught and Leave The School With Great Respect! GO CARDINALS!
1/30/2009parentPretty sad school. I enrolled my son here on a Monday after transferring from out of state and after four days of classes he had received one small homework assignment from all of his classes after four days. I requested a copy of his books and was told it took a week for a student to receive their home copies. As to why it would take a week for one new student to get actual copies of the books they are using is beyond me. When I ask about why the schools state examination grades had fallen so drastically in the past 2-3 years I was simply told the state made the exam harder. Don't bs me. If it made the exam harder then good but teachers also are told what to expect from these exams and should prepare the students to pass them.
10/6/2006studentI am in the 7th grade and i goto Chewning (Go Cardinals Yay) and honestly I love the school the teachers are amazing and they are so cool. But mainly the teachers focus on doing their job so that the students get the best education that they possibly could get. And as for the elective teachers go they are all really cool and know how to make their students really be interrested in what they are learning (even in gym class!). And as for safety goes Chewning always has atleast two deputies in or around the school at all times. Chewning really is a wonderful and great school!! (Oh Yeah and the teachers really do understand any problems that they're students are having and will always help if they're asked or needed to! and all of the principals take part around the school every day!)
9/2/2004parentChewning could be a wonderful shcool if the principal, and staff would treat all childrens the same and stop the sterotyping against the kids. I know there are some bad kids in the schools, and some parents are hard to deal with but don't take it out on the kids, lets try to help the kids.
5/31/2004former studentThe year-round program was excellant! I absolutly loved it, however, could not imigine being in tradtional. They were not nearly as good!

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