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Triangle Day School
4911 Neal Rd
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 383-8800
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private | K-8
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Mark Borkowski2006
7/7/2012parentWe are so happy at TDS. This is my daughters 6th year there. The teachers are very professional, the administration is is helpful, and the families are great. I highly recommend TDS to anyone looking for a rigorous education in a warm and loving environment.
6/24/2012parent 2 3 4 5 The school is not the same school we enrolled in. Some of the teachers have a problem bullying the students and not realizing how much it hurts their self esteem. The leadership is lacking but they are in the process of searching for a new head of school Many families have voiced complaints and hopefully new leadership will help.
9/29/2011parentI have 4 children at TDS and my wife and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of education, the school's leadership, and the availability of the teachers. This has truly been the best decision we could have ever made for our children.
7/6/2011parentBefore we decided on TDS we toured several schools without regard to price. When we walked in the school we felt at home. The faculty were very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. The kids we interacted with were friendly and confident. We knew that TDS was the school for our kid and in the two years she has been attending she has thrived. The past two summers she has attended camps at another larger independent school and she, on her own, asked the teacher for more difficult homework! TDS addresses the whole child through academics and character building. If you have not toured the school do yourself and your children a favor and do it.
7/6/2011parentMy children are very happy at TDS. We feel like the staff listen to our input and makes every attempt to address any concerns or needs we may have. I love the small class sizes and the ability to feel you can make a difference in this setting.
1/26/2011parentMy 3 children (1 now in HS) have been enrolled in this school for many years. I have seen a lot of growth over this time. The facilities have grown as has the Curriculum. Dedicated teachers and staff work to foster a community feeling and to teach the individual child. Every child has their own set of strengths and challenges; our teachers work hard to provide for the needs of each child. Lower Schools classes 'buddy' with other LS classes. Middle School kids participate in "Crossroads" to partner with Lower School kids. We have a very high participation rate in our MS sports. There is a before school walking program for kids to add some extra movement to their day. Our PA sponsors Wellness Seminars for parents on topics like Internet Security and Healthy Body Image. Our after school program includes enrichment instructors. There are so many opportunities available to be involved at Triangle Day School. Many new parents share statements like 'My child has blossomed here! I wish we had started here earlier!" As a parent, you just need to say 'Yes!'
8/22/2010teacherThere are some enrollment issues at TDS but that has nothing to do with the awesome teachers and great environment the school has. I hope this school holds strong through the tough times in the last few years. It truly is a magical place to work with students!
8/17/2010teacherThis is a wonderful school community with teachers, students, and parents who are invested in its success. Students work to build understanding, not just accumulate facts. Teachers are encouraged to combine traditional and more progressive approaches to meet the needs of the students. As a teacher, I feel that the administration respects my point of view and listens to my ideas. With the new leadership, enrollment is growing, and the school is headed in a very positive direction.
7/14/2010parentThis school does have a nice faculty and staff - no one can argue with that. Classes here are TOO small with lots of enrollment troubles -- can be difficult for kids to find social circle (for example, some classes may have only 4 girls, etc). A lot of people wonder if this school will survive much longer. It seems to be on very shakey ground.
5/11/2010otherThe teachers here are fantastic and caring. They are supportive and have taught the children far more than just the academics. I appreciate the professionalism and the training of the teachers and staff, too. What a great school in too many ways to mention here.
5/11/2010otherThere are so many things I like about TDS...but I think what stands out the most is the sense of community. Everyone seems to care about each other and is willing to help out even when not necessary. I am totally satisfied with the quality of education that takes place here. Wouldn't go anywhere else!
5/11/2010teacherI loved working here and was sad to go. The school has so many things right - they are professional but personal - they have high standards but make them attainable for the students through one on one support and quality group teaching - they welcome fresh and new teaching ideas but don't lose the quality of time tested strategies. An overall well balanced school that educates the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of each child.
3/3/2009teacherOne of the best schools to work in ever! I was a teacher at TDS for four years and could not have been happier. Every experiences has been compared to the one at TDS. My colleagues were caring individuals who poured their hearts into their classrooms. We worked together as a team to create an environment that was loving and educational for each student. The parents are supportive of their children and the faculty. I am deeply sadden though that the current head does not value the opinions or knowledge of the faculty. He seems to make decisions about the school without knowing what the history of this special place is about. He is also driving out the best teachers he could find because they want respect from him. Hopefully this will change and TDS will once again be the special place it has been for the entire
10/30/2007parentThis is our 6th year at Triangle Day School. We currently have two children there in the lower school. One of my favorite things about the school is the family feeling you get when you are there. The older kids know the younger kids and the faculty knows each child by name. The school is challenging yet help is there if you need it. My children have thrived there. The school really helps children become self confident in all areas of their lives. The parental involvement is huge and contributes to that family feeling. We have had great years there and look forward to being in the middle school next year.
10/25/2007parentWe have two children at Triangle Day School, (TDS) one in 3rd grade and one in 8th, so we have experience with both Upper and Lower Schools. We could not be happier with their entire educational experience. It is a small school and every child is known by name to all faculty and staff members. My oldest child attended public school prior to our enrolling her in TDS and had done well. However, at TDS she blossemed. She is involved in sports, drama, etc. She has never been happier. Both childen are challenged and nutured, a difficult balance to achieve, but TDS does it. Sending two children to private school is a stretch for us financially. Having two children who love going to school is priceless.
10/10/2006parentTDS offers a full and rich curriculum characterized by challenging academics, meaningful learning opportunities in specials (Spanish, Art, PE, Drama, Science Lab, and Technology) and an emphasis on the development of problem solving skills. Administration, faculty, and staff are genuinely interested in getting to know students and families. The school emphasizes respect for self and others. TDS offers an interesting and diverse selection of after-school activities.
10/6/2006parentOur son has had a great experience during his five years at TDS. They have done a great job balancing the needs of the individual student with the needs of the classroom. The school is strong academically with great teachers and there is a lot of parent involvement.
10/6/2006parentOur Favorite Triangle Day School Things: The buddy program with the older kids mentoring the younger ones, hot home made school lunches, 3 days of active gym per week, weekly Spanish from grade K, a specialized science teacher as well as a 'technology' teacher (aka... computers!). Specialized art and drama art. All in dedicated class rooms! We have been at Triangle Day School for 3 years. Notice I say 'we'. Actually our daughter is the student but I say 'we' because this is truely a family environment and a community. This school is without a doubt a hidden secret and the best balance of excellent scholastics and a warm loving enviroment. I can honestly say that my child absolutely loves school and learning. She loves her teachers and her class mates. She is nurtured and hugged as well as taught decipline and respect. Pros: Student Centered, Energetic Motivated Teachers
10/3/2006parentI think this is an absolutely awesome school. I am so pleased with it and confident that my child is getting a great education. The teachers are very involved and caring for the children.
5/4/2006parentMy son has attended Triangle Day School for 4 years and has had nothing but an incredible experience. From being appropriately challenged to having a great time. My involvement in the school has been meet with encouragement and enthusiam and further enhanced the community and family feeling that makes Triangle Day School so very special. I would highly recommend Triangle Day School.
5/4/2006parentOur daughter began attending TDS in middle school when we were looking for an affordable alternative to our public middle schools that didn't have a religious affiliation. The academic rigor has been outstanding, and we know she'll be well prepared for honors courses in high school. A side benefit -- but an important one to parents of middle school girls in particular -- is the cooperative spirit of the student body. There truly are no 'cliques' here; everyone is made to feel welcome! We look forward to having her sister enroll in a few years as well.
5/4/2006parentAll four of my children have attended this school. I currently have 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders as my oldest moved on to H.S. The exceptional academic program along with the warm community feel of the school have exceed our expectations. We would love to see more music offerings but have enjoyed the art, science, drama, technology, and foreign language enrichment immensely. TDS is more than a school, it is a family of learning and exploration.
5/4/2006parentWe have had 2 kids at TDS. One is currently in the 7th grade, and the other is a TDS 'alum.' The school offers an excellent curriculum, as well as extracurricular sports programs. It is one of the few private schools that also provides before and after-school care, demonstrating respect for families with working parents. Our older child was well-prepared for high school, both academically and socially, as the result of her years at TDS. The TDS faculty, administration, and families have developed a learning environment and culture that rival ANY private or public school in this state.
10/9/2005parentMy son, currently in 7th grade, has attended tds since 1st grade and we could not be happier. They challenge the student, regardless of their level, and are available each day for any questions. The faculty is fabulous, very committed and caring. Our only disappointment was that we did not find tds while our son was in kindergarten!
9/18/2005parentWe have had 4 kids attend Triangle Day School. The 4 kids have very different personalities and all have prospered from TDS. Triangle Day School is a great place - small enough that every teacher in the school knows all of the kids names but small enough where cliques don't form and there is no 'popular' group. The academics are rigorous, but the teachers will give any student the time and help necessary to succeed. Sports are fun and well attended. Kindergarteners and their families often attend Middle School basketball and volleyball games because 'their friends are on the team'. This is the way school was meant to be.
9/15/2005parentThis K-8 is the best value in the Triangle! A well-kept secret. The perfect balance of rigorous academics and individual attention to your child in a small, very nurturing environment.
9/15/2005parentTDS is great! As a parent I couldn t be happier. Everyday my son (3rd grade) looks forward to school and comes home happy. He is challenged academically and learning at the pace that works great for him. We receive an excellent value from TDS for the reasonable tuition that we pay. TDS is committed to the education of boys and girls by truly focusing on the unique attributes of each child and by creating a dynamic sense of community. TDS emphasizes responsibility and the never-ending reach for academic excellence. I understand that they recently scored in the 10% of private schools in the US. No other school in the Triangle can touch the combination of academic excellence and value.
9/15/2005parentTriangle Day School provides an excellent education that is truly focused on the individual student in a community that is top-notched. The students are exposed to a wide range of activities, cultures, subjects and experiences. The faculty is totally focused on making school and learning a wonderful experience for all kids.

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