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Voyager Academy
101 Hock Parc Lane
Durham, NC 27704
(919) 433-3301
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charter | K-12
County: Durham


  School Head OfficialYear
Carl Forsyth2012
3/10/2012parentGreat school, we are very happy !!! Best of all our son loves going to school, that says a lot about it !!!!!! We love our teachers dedication.
1/10/2012otherHello, my name is Idara and I go to this school. Now they are building a elementary school and the grades next year are going to be K-12. This is an AWESOME School to.
11/14/2011parentFinding this school was a God-send, allowing us to escape the nightmare of the Durham Public School system. We have three boys at Voyager, and they have attended various stretches of grades from 4 - 9 so far. Teachers are excellent. Admin seems to be always on mission. Downers: Transportation (no buses; no attempt at organizing rides). Insane middle school car line arrangement and design. "Business management" theme is a bit self-limiting: specifically limits student exploration more deeply into science and arts. No band or music outside of playing recorder or paid courses in guitar or rock band. The only administrative issue has been the pervasive assumption that parents are so wired and so flexible, that an e-mail announcement sent the day before (or even the day of!) a required meeting is sufficient (this is most true in the athletics department, where required try-outs and changes in schedule are consistently very poorly advertised). Fortunately, low diversity (noted by others) is changing as more parents apply.
9/22/2010parentMy daughter has been at Voyager Academy since they opened their doors. I've been pleased with the parents, administration, and teachers. Is the school perfect? No. Is it better than the alternative in Durham? By far! To the parent that said there is not diversity, I beg to differ. It's not an all white school. This same parent mentioned there was no black history month. No true. My daughter has had to complete assignments on black history every year since being there. If you need more than that, then I'm glad you went back to DPS. As for the parent who lost their child during car line, I'm sorry to hear you were scared as any parent would be. However, that car line has been running for 4 years and they have it down to a science now. I'm just saying. I wouldn't trade VA for any school around here!!!
8/29/2010parentThis is our 3rd year at Voyager and my husband and I are absolutely thrilled that our daughters are a part of this wonderful community. We are an average family looking to provide our children with the best educational opportunities available in Durham and we have found it at Voyager. I feel like my children are in a safe and nurturing environment. Every school has it's own set of challenges but I feel like Voyager will continue to improve and strive to be the best!
8/26/2010parentOn 3rd day of school the staff "lost" my child. The car line didn't go well and there was no info given on Open House to address car line procedures. After giving an apology and explanation for my panic, I was told I was banned from campus and subject to arrest if I returned. There was no time limit put on this, just indefinitely. Also they threatened to take me to court for what I do not know. WE WILL NOT BE BACK TO VOYAGER ACADEMY!
8/8/2010parent My wife & I have been incredibly impressed with the efforts made by Voyager's staff to help our son who struggles academically. Our son has a learning disability and we were unsuccessful @ getting him much help through the Durham Public School he was @ the previous year. While he was in the DPS system we did everything we could think of and were promised many things that never happened - many of the actions taken seemed to be counter-productive. With that said, DPS staff's hands are "tied" in some situations due to policies, etc set by DPS administration. Our gifted daughter, who will be a Senior this year @ DSA, has thrived very well in Durham Public Schools but our son needed something more that we were not getting from DPS. PS - We are an average middle-class family, basic "nobodies", & not part of any Country Club.
8/3/2010parentIncredible school, and faculty. Refreshing to see so much parental involvement on a daily basis.
5/6/2010parentI will be so glad when my daughter gets out of this school. Nepotism reighs, country-club parents are catered to and gossip of students, parents and staff is never ending. If you aren't a part of 'the click' you don't belong and are looked down upon from their long noses. The administration doen't seem to run this school, rather the complaining parents. I have a concern of padded scores. Scores can be inflated but EOG's won't lie. We'll see how it turns out. There is no diversity, no Black History month. Be prepared to open your pocketbook or wallet. Everytime you trun around you will be asked for money, and I'm not talking nickle and dimes.I'm looking forward to returning to Durham Public Schools. Ensuring stability for our dauthter was the only reason we continued enrollment. Take a good hard look at this school before you decide to
8/25/2009parentAfter two years in Voyager, we are concerned with the lack of discipline. The teachers and administration do not enforce their own stated policies, particularly when it comes to bullying. The handbook lists specific disciplinary actions which will be taken to address undesirable behaviors such as 'obscenity' and bullying, but we (and other parents in our acquaintance) have noted the absence of enforcement. The administration seems more concerned with whether or not students' shirts have collars than if they are bullied. In short, they talk a good game about building character, but the glaring inconsistencies in their approach to discipline leaves a great deal to be desired.
10/20/2008studentVoyager Academy is the best school i think i have ever in my hole life .Yes where is a dress code but it is not that bad almost very friday we get to ware what we want to jeans and words on you'r shirt you have pe,music,art,computer and spanish that also lots of fun. you and pay money to get chic-fil-a very thursdaywe have spirt week .if i was you i would want to come to voyager!
8/3/2008parentI have a rising 8th grader, and we were previously at a Durham Public Middle School. I am so greatful for Voyager. My only complaint is that they do not go through High School. We have the BEST OF THE BEST teachers in North Carolina. My son went to Mangum for K-5 and I never thought I would find a school equal to that. Then Voyager kame along. I tell my friends that Voyager is an upper grade level(6-8) of Mangum. One Big family.
6/5/2008parentVoyager Academy provides a caring and nurturing enviroment for grades 4-8. I have 2 girls that are rising 5th and 7th grader. they had an awesome first year at Voyager. The staff and administration are committed and very approachable.
4/18/2008teacherI am a 6th and 7th grade teacher at Voyager Academy. I have taught for 14 years in the public school system, and this is by far the best school in which I have been privileged to work. Morale is high because of an excellent administration. Teachers are dedicated to helping the children learn all they can through projects and hands-on activities. Students are engaged and actively learning. Parents are happy and involved with the school. Who could ask for more?
3/9/2008parentMy daughter is in the 6 grade at Voyager. I am very happy with the direction that the school is going on. The principle and other staff members are just awesome. They really care about our children.

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