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Shaker Heights High School
15911 Aldersyde Dr
Shaker Heights, OH 44120
(216) 295-4200
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public | 9-12
County: Cuyahoga


  School Head OfficialYear
Dr. Michael D. Griffith2012
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
6/4/2011otherShaker Heights High School has more AP classes (23) and foreign languages (6) than any other public school in Cuyahoga county. In addition, the school is the only public school in the county with the rigorous International Baccalaureate Programme.
2/2/2011studentthis school sucks. i just moved here from out of state and was exited to go here because everyone was telling me how amazing the school is, but it;s not. most teachers (or at least the ones i have) don't care they ether yell wt you because the class isn't doing very well or just give up. the students are ether in lower level classes and don't seem to care or in AP classes and are overwhelmed with everything they have to do (4hr of home work plus 5 hr of extracurricular activities) and think there life will end if they don't get at least a 4.0 and there is not much mixing of the two. they pride themselves on the variety of classes but it is not that good. at my old school i was exited to go to school but here i hate it. so don't make the same mistake i did and think this school is awesome; because if you have ever lived outside the are you will see just how bad it is.
10/13/2010parentWe love this school. It offers a wide variety of courses at many levels. The music department is like none other. The student body reflects the real world with so much diversity. You won't find too many schools like this. It serves everyone.
3/23/2010studentI really love the Extracurricular activities at this school. Some teachers though seem to care about the students while others don't. A lot of teachers are nice teachers but don't always teach well. I really like the Theatre Program is amazing! I don't really enjoy the student body. I've been to other schools and have seen better students.
9/18/2009parentThey care about the students and their education while providing all the avenues for success, all the student has to do is show up and do their part toward gaining a great education. There has been many famous successful people who are Shaker graduates and I am proud that my child is a part of the Shaker Heights School System.
9/17/2009parentWhat's not to like ? Dedicated, experienced, award winning teachers, who are responsive to individual learning styles, individualized curriculum, 6+ foreign languages, 25 or so AP/IB classes (that the majority of students actually do take), nationally recognized fine arts programs, sports and clubs galore, leading National Merit/Achievement and Ivy League placement in the state (public or private), and a widely diverse and multifaceted student body. It's amazing, and a source of great pride for the community.
6/7/2009parentMy three children have gotten an excellent education at this school. Sure, taxes are high but in our minds there is no place like Shaker. It prepares students for the real world with all types of pressures, situations and people. The administration is aware of problems. But what school doesn't have them? Keep doing what your doing, Shaker. We are pleased!
6/6/2009studentI can honestly say that shaker heights high school, being a stundent, is a great school for a kid to go to. The teachers are very engaging and make what your learning fun to learn. If the kids are overwhelmed with work in almost every situation they can talk to the teachers about it. As long as the kid seems to care about their education and is willing to try the teachers, assistant principals, and counselors will work with you. They have even made it so you have constant access to all of your grade at any time online. There are so many advantages to going to shaker heights high school. 1)It has a booming arts department 2)the teachers actually care enough to help you get the work in on time. 3) the staff, teachers and counselors alike, work with your situation, no matter how crazy they are. etc (wont let me type more)
1/30/2009parentThis school is underwhelmingly rediculous, I was walking through the hallways and I saw people who were depressed and overwhelmed with work. Also people were wearing their pants below the waistline!!!! On top of this the teachers are not engaging, and they contribute to Shaker's under-achievement in the past years on state tests. Furthermore I would strongly suggest you never!!!! move to shaker you pay rediculous taxes for a atrocious school system that does not listen to its students' needs.
6/24/2008parentshaker is one of the most distinguished schools in the united states. there is no other school as racially, economically and culterally diverse which has a comprable number of natl merit scholars, college attendance at major quality universities. to compare shaker with lily white suburban schools is a joke, half of the shaker students are racial minorities, many of the others are from diverse culteral and religious groups, yet this school produces winners. there is no other school in the usa that can produce students as ready to cope with the realities of our society as well as shaker, yes there are white suburban schools that have better statistics, but their students do not know about or understand the complexities of our society, they have not dealt with the issues of the inner city. Shaker also introduces inner city kids to the affluent society of doctors, lawyers, sports team owners.
4/9/2008parentYou must be an aware, active parent at this school. There is no code of conduct or uniform discipline policy, just assistant principals making it up as they go along. Suspensions are a big favorite, even for minor first offenses. Be vigilant as it may have to be you who's in the principal's/superintendent's office complaining. Advocate not just for your kid, do it for all the kids -- some really need it! There are some great teachers, but strong community/parental involvement is needed.
2/16/2008parentI love this school. My three children received the best education in the world here. All kids should go to this public school. (One of my children spent their 11th year at a private school and HATED it). Plus it didn't have great education. Send your kids here!
2/15/2008parentThis school is by far my favorite and I strongly suggest that you send your child here. After sending my child to an all girls private high school for the beginning of 9th grade, I came to this school, the best in the country. When she transferred to here she made friends quickly and received a great education. Now she is going to Kent State University and is excelling because of what she learned at Shaker!
1/26/2008parentShaker Schools are over rated. Having raised 4 children in Shaker Heights and having our first 2 attend Shaker I can relate to some of the negative comments found here. Shaker Schools were deemed to not meeting AYP by the State Board of Education for their lack of helping poorer students. Even though we paid the outrageous taxes for this school district our last 2 children attended private schools, but the financial burden it placed on our family was well worth it.
9/22/2007parentThis is an awesome school! When we relocated here from out of state, the PTO and counselor really went the extra mile helping us settle in. There is no exclusivity at this school, new students can fit just right in. I really think the school draws its strengths from its diversity and is very sensitive about not bullying. It is a large school, more city than suburban, and has strong links to Cleveland itself (some of the students come from Cleveland), Case university, etc. There are too many AP courses and extracurricular activities to mention, all in a beautiful garden city environment. Students do have to work, parents can't just leave it up to the school, but the opportunities (band, orchestra, theater, overseas trips) are amazing.
5/17/2007parentSchool should choose AP courses and teachers carefully; it causes harm to both students grade and scjhools score too. High school teachers do not communicate with parents or students so well; middle school is still not so good especially in science and math areas. Elementary system up to 6th grade is wonderful.
1/29/2007parentShaker Heights High has its strengths: it can boast about its national honor students, getting accolades in the Wall Street Journal for its ability to crack the Ivy League, and achievements of its diverse student body. Yet there is still a reason why people leave Shaker for the schools further east. The reason is political correctness and the old story of the kids of average ability falling through the cracks (yes the honors kids and learning disadvantaged are taken care of). Music is strong, drama isn't great, the parents are very competitive, often to the detriment of the majority. There is a high-priced white-tie gala that many parents cannot afford to attend. Choose your kids' schools wisely.
4/23/2006parentAs a parent to a 10th grader I am absolutely thrilled w/ the education my son is receiving. He has access to numerous AP classes, as well as interesting and challenging electives. Extra-curricular activities is also an important part of the school and there are many sports, arts and other programs available to students w/ broad interests. Finally, PTO and sports boosters are strong supporters of all student activities, both educational and recreational.
3/25/2006former studentThis school is an excellent preparation for success in college and beyond as its diverse student body yet high standards of academic acheivement make it a unique public school environment.
3/6/2006former studentGreat school, I attended for 4 years. The teachers were very helpful and friendly and the courses offered were varied.
2/20/2006parentThe Advanced Placement program is excellent for high achieving children. Music and art programs are excellent. Theatre arts is very strong. Science is ok, but is largely built on very motivated students working outside of school framework.
2/14/2006former studentShaker has a great high school with an excellent AP program, outstanding arts programs, good sports teams and tons of extracurricular activities. Parents are involved in the functioning of the school, and most of the teachers are excellent. Shaker is a 'known quantity' throughout the country, and has been one of the top schools in the nation for years.
8/22/2005former studentWith no doubt on a purely academic level Shaker offers an excellent, college level education with many different choices available. However, despite what others may say about the school environment being open, accepting, and desegregated, this is far from the truth. I'm the first to say Shaker prepares you for SAT tests, but it doesn't prepare you for the real world.
8/3/2005former studentThe level of education was extremely rigorous. Best school in the area, and one of the best in the country.
7/23/2005former studentI thank my parents everyday for choosing to move to Shaker and have me attend a liberal minded institution. After graduating from Shaker with Honors and going on to attend Miami University, I could always tell I was a step ahead of the rest. For one thing, kids I met in college had no experience or appreciation for diversity. Shaker did an excellent job of this. Secondly, the accelerated programs helped prepare me for college, beyong belief. I remember sitting in class freshman year (of college) thinking, 'wow, I really did go to a better a High School.' The Honors and AP Programs are the best in the state. Shaker parents and the PTA are strong and present in the schools. The athletics, music, theatre and art programs are some of the country's best. If you want to give your child a real world education, Shaker is the right place. -AML
5/3/2005studentI am a Shaker High Junior in Honors classes. The school is like a mini-college, there are so many options to choose from. This school is really diverse, and there are bright kids from many cultures. The schools are very safe, safety is the school's top priority. Mr. Griffith, the principle does a very decent job in maintaining the school's quality and he has made a lot of good decisions for the school. The teachers are of high quality (although they can be strict), students can expect to learn a lot from Shaker teachers. Extracurricular activies prevail in the school, there are over 25 extracurricular activies. The parents get reports 8 times a year and have conferences, parents have a loat of involement. Overall, the Shaker schools are perfect for those who wish to learn. I strongly recommend Shaker.
2/19/2005studentI am a current Freshman at Shaker and am blown away by the education I have already recieved. It has been an honor to be in the Shaker School District and will continue to enjoy it.
12/28/2004parentShaker is the most racially diverse school in Ohio! The teachers are great. The sports are fantastic. There isn't any self segergation between blacks and whites because the the school is about 50% of both race. Foreign language teachers are good. The community surroundeing the school is breathtakingly beautiful! I am a student at Northwestern University and I can honestly say that I would not be here today if it wasn't for Shaker Heights High School!
8/11/2004studentShaker is without a doubt, the number one school in the state of Ohio in regards to every aspect. Principal leadership is really strong. Unlike so many neighbooring high schools, Shaker was named as a 'top feeder school' for Americas most elite colleges including Harvard in the Wall Street Journal. In this 'compitition', Shaker was compared with the nations best prep and quacker schools. Diversity is strong and minority achievement is higher than any other school in the state. The school does have exchange students. The schools athletic system is also strong. Shaker is defiantly a parents dream school. Academics are stressed, but the graduation rate is 99.7%. The faculty is the best. Most students watch their teams beat their worst rivals, Cleveland Heights. It's like a Harvard-Yale game. Shaker is just great!
8/4/2004former studentI am an former student of SHHS, and I now attend Harvard University. I come from a family of tripletts. My twin brothers attend Princeton University, and Yale University. When I tell people about how Shaker led my siblings and I to prestigious universities, they don't laugh at me because they know that is what Shaker is all about. Prestige and academic excellence! I love Shaker, and generations of Smiths will attend the school!
8/26/2003otherI am a student at SHHS and I love it! The community of students is so diverse and accepting. We have wonderful teachers that lead challenging classes for every level. There are alot of extracurricular activites and something for everyone. Overall, Shaker is a wonderful experiance and I am so glad that I attend the high school.
8/19/2003former studentShaker Heights has earned its reputation for excellence and achievement. I am a Shaker Heights High School Alumni. I benefited from the academic and scholastic excellence from elementary through my high school and graduate years. My superior education--literally took me around the world!! Without a doubt, my entire Shaker Heights School District education and social awareness of multi-culturalism prepared me for employment opportunities and world travels which I in a great part can attribute to my education and heightened awareness through social involvement within the community, which is a big part of the Shaker Heights School District curriculum. The area is beautiful! A definite Must See! Again, our motto speaks for itself: 'A community is known by the Schools that it keeps.' So, true--I'm a living witness--Successful and Blessed!!

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