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School Profile

Frank L Wiley Middle School
2181 Miramar Blvd
University Heights, OH 44118
(216) 371-7270
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public | 6-8
County: Cuyahoga


  School Head OfficialYear
Ms. Octavia A. Reid2011
  Students Getting Free LunchYear
2/5/2012otherHi, I am a student at Wiley Middle School. I am gifted so I am also in the Middle School Scholars Program( also known as MSSP).Wiley is a stricked school that is also kinda fun~6th grader of 2012 Written: February 5, 2012
2/27/2011parentStudents are allowed to run around hasseling everyone..I was completely appolled when one female student tried to fight me for telling her she couldn't bully one of my son's friend. I ended up having to home school my son, the classes were so wild he wasn't learning just being held back by people who didn't want to learn.
1/22/2011otherHi I am a student of Wiley and I am gifted which means I go to M.S.S.P (Middle School Scholars Program) which gives me an opportunity to learn about law, a creative way of thinking, and much more. I feel everyone is taking part in the school and I love it and I thing it is awesome.
10/8/2009studentI am a sixth grader here and some make it out to be a really bad school, but I love it. I've met some great people here. The teachers are helpful and really care about the students. Problems are always around at any school, and we have them here, but they're always dealt with and fixed. The test scores don't speak for the school. I can't think of a better place to be.
1/5/2007studentWiley Middle School is a great school. I've been there since sixth grade; I am now in the eighth grade. The teachers are very nice and encourage everyone to try their best. We also have a ninth period study hall at the end of the day so students can ask their teacher for help on homework and review. Every single morning, we have an announcement that begins: 'Wiley Middle School is a place of learning. As a student here I must strive to do my very best. I must identify my goals for the future and focus my thinking on those goals.' In the end, it tells students to: 'be the very best me I can be!'
11/30/2006parentMy daughter has attended Wiley since the 6th grade. The academic programs are adequate, extracurricular activities are varied. The most disturbing part is the social skills of students that attend Wiley, it is no place for the timid, shy, or well mannered child to thrive in. Your child needs to be fearless, confident, and very assertive to survive the social life, otherwise I suggest you find another school.
5/24/2006parentBoth of my children have attended Wiley; we have found the teachers to be caring and willing to go the extra mile. The student body is diverse in terms of both race and socio-economic groups; most of the children are lovely but you may have to gain their trust. The instrumental music program is quite good; I have no experience with the vocal music but the choir has a nice reputation. I am very glad to have sent my kids here. I wish that the school and the community were more closely involved; the PTA has put its emphasis on sponsoring community events in order to address this issue.
2/22/2006parentWilley Middle School is not organized. Every year Wiley implements new programs. The teaching staff and the admisntrative staff donnot have a full understanding of these porgrams. This confuses the students as well as the parents.The students are not encouraged to do better, but are instructed to think they are not capable of succeeding. Overall I think its like breaking in a horse, first you must break its spirit.

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